Fuzul Baashis Are Everywhere

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi
This Iranian gentleman with a suit and tie walks in the other day and once he finds out I am also Iranian he suddenly becomes khodemooni and asks me all kinds of personal questions then he tells me to turn off my radio which always plays jazz and put some Iranian music on. Why should I do that? his answer was: because aaghaye mohtaram shoma irani hastid. I said please leave my store and when you open your own shop you can play all the iranian music you want. What am I to do with fuzuls like this? Why some Iranians are so polite when they are dealing with Americans and once they know you are Iranian they change 180 degrees and become a pain as if you owe them something (agha takhfif bede dige maa irooni hastim) just because they are from the same country?


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