I'm Improving My English

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

As many of you are aware, my English is not very good and I make a lot of mistakes.  But I keep  writing no matter what.  I think to give up should be a sin. We should have perseverance in what  we love to do. I work all day in the store and when it is quiet, I write. I also do one more thing.  Every day I try to learn one new word. This is difficult to do since the only way to really learn the new  word is to keep using it and to bring it into you everyday vocabulary. I just want to say that I am working  on my English so I can write better and to convey my thoughts in a clear  and lucid (new word) style.


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Observer, what in the world

by AnonymousA (not verified) on

Observer, what in the world is the matter with you?
You know a grain of humanity goes a long way!
I find it very hard to believe people like you can actually live with yourselves, let alone other people!
Kindly....get a life!


No need to be bitter

by observer (not verified) on

Told you - must improve your style. You have used "I" seven times in a four-line paragraph!!! Thank you, save the reply for another admirer - hopefully in a better style :0)

bajenaghe naghi

Dear observer jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

There is a joke that goes like this: The wife gave her husband two ties. So he puts one of them on and walks to the living room. The wife turns to him and says, "why didn't you wear the other one, didn't you like it"?


To learn anything, specially a language, it takes time. It take practice and it need to be tackled from all directions.  I can not talk about Ali P, but I am trying to improve myself and spend time to learn. I learn my new language, I learn the grammar, I learn new words, and I try very hard to keep away from negative and bitter people like you who has nothing to offer but criticism and negativity. I will not answer you no matter what you decide to tell me. My time is too valuable to get involved with people who have nothing nice to say.








Vocab is for the Verbose

by observer (not verified) on

What you and your friend Ali P need most, is style and correct grammar (or as Ali P spells it "grammer"). Otherwise, flaunting your newly acquired vocab list in a brief blog is a tad gaudy!
My advice: spend longer hours at the store.

bajenaghe naghi

Dear MN jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Yek melyoon tashakkor. Your beautiful letter effected me so deeply that I could not help myself crying. You are a very kind and generous person. I am a no body trying to make a living and I also try to make some good for people I meet every day. 

bajenaghe naghi

Dear Majid jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I have never seen anything like this before. I am amazed how the human brain works. Thank you for directing me to this wonder. 


Jenab-e bajenagh-e naghi-e

by MN (not verified) on

Jenab-e bajenagh-e naghi-e aziz,

You must have been almost perfectly fluent in English before you went in to private business(your store)!

If you are not teasing us....and are
telling the truth - which you seem to be doing - then,
aghaye besyar aziz, I for one, as a meber of this world of ours, am VERY PROUD OF "YOU"!
Keep up the great effort... further success is at your doorstep!


Dear bajenagh

by Majid on

Click on my name and go to  "my account page" under recent contributions, click on this blog entry by me:

                "CAN YOU READ THIS"

Good luck on your effort .

bajenaghe naghi

Dear Naghi Jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

yek melyoon tashakkor. Vali bejane bacheham every day I learn a new word. and I write them down and practice them and practice them until i am blue in the face. It is hard work, but I love words and i am hungry to learn as many as possible. But I don't get chance to use them. That is the problem. For the first time I used some in my letter to Ali P. I have no idea if I have used them correctly or not. I am proud of being a baghal. It pays for the rent and the food and that is all I need. 


bajenaghe naghi

Dear Ali jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

You are great! You have made my day for being an assiduous friend, and for not being reticent and so gracefully and with redolent words have assuaged my fears of inferior English abilities. 


I really appreciate your kindness  and coming from a great writer as yourself it is nothing less than an honor. 


maro gerefti haa

by khodeh naghi (not verified) on

Baji jan
Even if we were not bajenagh, I would have still known you are not a common baghal as you try to pretend.
Perseverance, convey, lucid... bad migeh I am learning! baba eyval!

savaado nemisheh be in raahati ghayem kard ;-) Honestly

Ali P.

Now don't push it...

by Ali P. on

I had to go and look up "lucid" in the dictionary! :-)

"Deeplom-beh-baalaa" gharaar shod nazanee haa, ostaad...



Ali P.

P.S. I always read your blog ; very entertaining. Sometimes, I find one or two minor grammer or spelling mistakes, but today, it was perfect !  Keep up the good work.