It Is Only A Dime

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

This Iranian lady came in the other day and put a bunch of coins on the  counter to pay for a bar of chocolate.  I noticed one of the coins was a  foreign coin and worthless here.  I gave it back  to her and asked her why did she want to eat away my profit on this bar. I need to make a living and will go out of business if everyone pulled this  crap on me.  My profit is only pennies on each item.  She looked right at my face and said don't be so cheap, it is only a dime, besides, someone did it to me  so I did it to you. She gathered all her coins and returned the bar and walked  out. See what I have to put up with? Just to pay the rent and put food on the  table. 


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lotf dari

by khodeh Naghi (not verified) on

Baji jan
Shoma lotf dari, I am sorry I gave you the wrong impression: I am not a nasty person and I don't have an MBA either.
Just an Honest Naghi trying to help by presenting another view of the matter. That's all!

I wish you good fortune and rich customers


bajenaghe naghi

Dear Naghi Jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Yesterday when you replied to my blog I thought you were trying to be nasty with me but I was wrong. You are a very intelligent person I think. you probably are very educated probably with MBA in business or finance because I can see you know what you are talking about. I like to learn from people who know their business. Mersi. 


I have many stories and I will tell you all of them. But if I bend too much I will break. I do everything to keep my customers happy. But sometimes there are people who want to hurt you and you can not allow that. Not all my customers are bad. I can write about the Iranian woman who brings aashe reshte to me every time she cooks. The boy who banks my takings every day at 4 after his school, about a customer of mine who is a doctor and every now an then examines my chest and throat in the store free of charge. There are good people in this world and I know that. For these people I do everything. I give them anything they want. But non of those people who want to hurt me can get away. I kick them out and I don't want them back in my store. 


Iranian businessman

by khodeh naghi (not verified) on

Baji jan

Have you noticed how different running a business in Iran is versus the western countries?
Remember "bad az foroosh pass gerefteh nemishavad" signs all over the stores? remember the attitude they had when you asked them for help? or if you needed to just browse or check out a merchandise up close before buying it?

Well that is not the business philosophy in the west.
They say customer is always right, not because they are, but because you as the business owner need as many customers as you can get.
Sometimes they even sell an item with a very low profit margin, just to encourage the customers to stick around, come back, or put in a good word for them.

Drop the attitude bajenagh jan. Learn the new ways of doing business, you're not in Laleh-zaar anymore.