life lesson #63

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

Life lesson number 63: do not form an openion of the situation from the things you think you see.  do not judge a book by its cover. do not get into a fight just because the other guy looks tiny. It was a busy week last week and I have been edgy. so the other day when maryam and me were driving and this guy suddenly crossed the lane and turned in front of me i got really pissed so i too speeded and went in front of him to look at him first. he was a tiny guy with his head just visible from the side window and i could see he was stretching his stupid neck so he could see in front of him. now that i could see the guy is tiny i decided to teach him a lesson in driving and courtessy. so i speeded again and turned in front of his car and came out screaming at him for being so blind and stupid. then his car door opened and he literarly crawled out little by little. by the time all of him was out i realized that i was in deep trouble. I have no idea where he was hiding all seven feet of his body in that car but he was huge and he was ready to kill me and eat me for lunch.  when maryam saw my face looking so scared she ran out of car carrying two bars of chocolate and with a big smile she offered the man both the bars and apologized one hundred times. he took the chocolates and crawled back into his car and again nearly disappeard with only his top of head visible from the outside and drove off. I told maryam she should not have apologized and stopped me from killing that bastard. she looked at me and said she did not want to see me on a electric chair for killing a innocent man. she is so cute when she tries to be diplomatic.


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I did read Nazi's story

by Majid on

So what??'re stuck now!......LOL

you shuda thunk it before hand, a lil bit too late, doncha think?...Sorry oops!

Nobody should be allowed to cut you off and get away with it unpunished....LOL

Ok....OK....I'm just jokin here, Aaight?

bajenaghe naghi

majid jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

that was a very good story and your advise was very good. that is exactly why i don't have a gun in my shop because i am afraid it to be used against myself or my maryam. i prefer to use a sharp knife to open up the guys belly and take out his jigar o gholve blood or no blood. 

American Wife


by American Wife on

Please read Nazy's comment about drivers.... (under her comment entitled "Great Story")

Nazy... you may have inadvertently improved my marriage by 100%....:-)

Princess... I agree with you!  We need to catch







من یه رفیق داشتم تو ایران که از فرط لاغری مثل ماکارونی ۱۲ بود،.......جوجه !

تو ماشینش یه دسته کلنگ گذاشته بود که انتهاش رو میخ کوبیده بود و سر میخ‌ها زده بودند بیرون واسه جر دادن و خون آلود کردن  طرف ! احیا نا" اگر کسی‌ پیچید جلوش!

من بهش می‌گفتم :آخه میل بافتنی! یه چیزی بذار تو ماشینت که اگر از دستت گرفتن و خودتو باهاش زدن طاقت خوردنش رو داشته باشی‌! یه چیزی مثل ترکه بید  ! لا مصب این دسته کلنگ از خودت کلفت تره، به جوونی‌ خودت رحم کن ! 



bajenaghe naghi

princess jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

that is very kind of you. it is always nice to hear from people who read your stuff, whether good or bad comments. don't tell me you missed my first 62 life lessons! i'll ask maryam to contact you.;-)



by Princess on

How come we only get to hear life lesson #63? What happened to the other 62??

... and welcome back! long time no see, well, you might've never seen me, but I have been a fan for a while now.

bajenaghe naghi

shah rajab jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

mersi . I sure will do that. 


Nazy jan: my astonishment !

by Souri on

I tell them to consider what type a husband a man makes in direct relationship with how he drives..."

I am so surprised ! This is my own reasoning . I thought I had invented it,
myself !! I always say : You live your life exactly the way you drive a
car. But me, I generalize it to everybody. 

For example, people who change constantly the line, people who double other cars without looking at the back, the one who always drive over the lines...etc.
These sing speaks a lot about the driver's general attitude.

Thanks for sharing your idea with me :D)



well said

by shah rajab (not verified) on

bajenagh jaan - damet garm!

Next time that your blood pressure tries to drive you nuts, 3 times sing our national Persian anthem: to my nuts!

bajenaghe naghi

mehdi-palang jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

maryam is too cool to be true. she says hello to you. thank you for reading my blog.



by Mehdi-Palang on

BN jan, what a funny story!  I love your life lessons, keep 'em coming. 

 PS: Maryam sounds like she is a really cool person!

bajenaghe naghi

redwine jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

thank you, but my life lessons can not be compared to your lovely writings which I always enjoy reading.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Dear Sir .


Is nice to read your 'Life lesson' . Thank you . 

bajenaghe naghi

nazy jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

good to see you on this side of the wall where the mortals live :-) but to be serious, gooshe shaytoon kar, marry chieh? there are three words starting with m that i feel comfortable with one is mary, one is money, and one is modesty. 

I think i need to keep mary as far away from you as possible.:-)

Nazy Kaviani

Great story!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Bajenagh:

Ha Ha! That was a funny story! Your Maryam is a keeper if you ask me.

On a more serious note, I would like to share something with you. When my female friends ask my opinion about whom to marry, I tell them to consider what type a husband a man makes in direct relationship with how he drives. If he is a driver sitting next to whom gives a woman peace of mind and joy, good conversation and laughter, he will be an excellent husband to have. If sitting next to him in a car, the woman constantly has to worry about his road rage, his flipping fingers and profanities at other drivers, and his generally reckless driving habits, he would make a terrible husband.

Please don't do that number again and before Maryam has had a chance to meet me and to receive this advice directly from me, for heaven's sakes marry her!

bajenaghe naghi

american wife jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

your story is very funny. may be he was a cop with a big gun. 

maryam is awesome and says hello to you.  

American Wife

very very funny.

by American Wife on

I loved this.

Something a little similar.  Husband and I were driving down Harbor Boulevard... guy in a little wussy yellow car cut us off... we pulled up next to him at the light... glaring viciously.  Took off again and husband was still pissed... decided to teach him a lesson too.  So he raced around him.  Pulled up to the next light.  More vicious glaring.  Then this guy (in his little wussy yellow beep-beep of a car) rolled his window down and says to us in this bad ass tone...."Listen, I'm the last guy in the world you want to fuck with".  Light turned green and he put putted away.  We looked at each other and laughed until we got home. 

Maryam sounds awesome...:-)

bajenaghe naghi

ebi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

your chocolates are very special. no bars for my dear friend ebi. 

ebi amirhosseini

BN Aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

You were lucky!.Maryam saved your ....!.

By the way,welcome back.I hope the choclate bars were not from the box you promised me?!.