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bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

my store is open to every one to come in and browse and stay and talk or buy any thing they want. but i have some rules and i expect any one who enters my store to behave according to those rules. it is my store and i set the rules. when i go to some other persons store i observe his rules. period. i feel the same when people come to my house as guests. i hate it when they start telling me how to run my house and life how to decorate and how to cook or when to eat or drink or talk and when to go to bed and all the other zahre maars. it is my house and if they don't like it guest or not they can get the hell out my house.  we are also guests in this site. we pay not a cent and we should not act like little brats and be rude to our hosts who work very hard to provide a place for us to meet and say what ever we feel like.


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Shoma sarvari.

by KouroshS (not verified) on

And that my friend is all i am suggesting.


bajenaghe naghi

kouroshs jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

man koochikam shoma ostod hasseen.

occasional advice given in a polite and proper manner to some one who has taken a great chance and has made a small enterprise into a large and a very successful one as jj has done is ok but to tell him repeatedly how to run his business is not ok and i am sure you and all the other reasonable people will agree with this premise. 


BN jann

by KouroshS (not verified) on


YOu are making all these good and wonderful points regarding how a buisness or a site should focus on its marketting strategies in order to stay in buisness, and then Boom!!! You come out against getting constructive and friendly advice? would you not want your people, who come to you, have a minor say, in the most friendly of ways? Must you always ask for advice or suugestions when you are ready or should you constantly encourage people to make recommendations, no matter what. You are confusing being told what to do, with nice and workable suggestions.

If you are not doing it right,, of course, you will eventually and gradually go out of buisness, so how about some sincere pointers ahead of time to avert the disaster? :)


Business advice...

by Ajam (not verified) on

Thanks for your explanations dear BN, I did not look at it from the business point of view. It starts to mkes sense to me now!

bajenaghe naghi

it all boils down to

by bajenaghe naghi on

the fact that this site is a free site and is owned and operated by jj and he is advised by some people whom he has chosen to give him advice. they are probably experts in their fields (technical and managerial). any successful business man whether it is a grocery store or a internet enterprise seeks to get advice from those he or she deems to have expert knowledge. 

ajam jan, whether you are running a grocery store or internet site as a owner you must have a idea who your market is and who your customers are and what the heck they want you to provide them with. if you are successful in doing that you stay in business and if you are blind to their needs you are going to go out of business and some one else who has a keener and sharper mind and eye than you will fill the void. so my examples are different in surface but they are one and the same in business  fundementals.  

kourosh jan i do mind if some one comes to my store and give me advice. what right does he have to give me advice if he is not asked to do so. if he does not like the way i run my store, he can go to another store or open his own store. i feel that no one should be so arrogant to give unsolicitated advice. if i want advice i will ask for it. if i am doing my job incorrectly then i will pay the price and will go out of business. 


Dear BN

by Souri on

I feel your frustration when it comes tho the people who come into your house and try to teach you how you should live or drink or drive your life. I do feel the same way. I hate it, and if I may, I'd say this is typically Iranian :O)) sorry, I know we shouldn't generalize people....

Now, regarding your frustration about how the users treat the editor, JJ I don't share your view, for the reason below :

JJ brought us a site with the motto "Nothing is sacred" which he interpret as a full freedom of speech. That is great, I accord it to you. I am very grateful to him for this and I'm sure all other users are grateful too.

Now, when it comes to the definition of the term "freedom of speech" it happens difficulties. Many of us have difference of view and perception of this term, with JJ and some other people here.

According to JJ "Freedom of speech does not exclude hate speech" which I don't agree fully (maybe I do agree but with some nuances as to HOW is that hate speech)....regardless of what I think about that, for the same reason that JJ himself, believe that "freedom of speech does not exclude hate speech" and the reason that he value and encourage "freedom of speech"...then I am sure that he can take all sort of comment and objection to his views and his way of running the site. In the other word : He has enough thick skin to handle this.

Personally, I admire his tolerance, but also I don't see rudeness in the comments addressed to him (with the exclusion of a very few ones who are always intentionally rude to every body) but even if this would happened, I see it in the context of JJ's own view of the freedom of speech, so we should not worry about that too much.

As says the old proverb : Yek souzan be khodet bezan, yek javaldouz be digaran.......



False analogy!

by Ajam (not verified) on

I wonder what maintaing an online public forum could have in common with running a grocery sore! There are fundamental deifferences between exchanges of ideas and rhetorics, and the underlying complexities in that realation, and buying a pack of somke or a bag of chips!

An online forum's intertwining realtions with complex issues such as free speech vs. censorship -- which BTW are open for debate -- can not be found in modes of operating a store!


Good analogy bn jaan

by javaneh29 on

I think your analogy is fine.  In a way without us all JJ has nothing. Just as if you have no one around you or no customers in your shop, it is of less value and without so much meaning.

But I think JJ is well able to make decisions in the best interest of the site as we are all in the best position to decide how we conduct oursleves ... hopefully with some dignity. Sometimes we all need a nudge.

Let us hope that our community here on i.com continues to appreciate what we have, so that we can move ever forward and  persue and evolve into something to be valued by all.



Dear BN,

by Princess on

I understand your frustation, and partly agree with you.

But the point is, you as the host or the owner of the shop have to clarify what your rules are, so that there is no ambiguity about them. When those rules are not followed you have every right to kick people out.

I give JJ credit for communicating to us that no bad-mouthing of indiviual site users is tolerated. Thank goodneess, as a result we now hardly see the kinds of comments that used to be filled with ugly swear words and absolutely no content.

But his other criteria for deletion or inclusion still remain unclear. However, I agree with most of other comments here; still this the better than anything we've EVER had, and I think we should give JJ a lot of credit for it.

I am very glad to see that you decided to write this blog to communicte to the community and JJ that we are not all criticizing JJ. And on my part I want to thank JJ as well for creating this special platform.

That's my two cents.


Dear KouroshS

by Zion on

You know what the word "some" means in English and where it is used?



by KouroshS (not verified) on

You are in the wrong blog dear. here, Let me make it easier for you and give you the directions:

You need to go.. to.. www.bash-iranian and arabs.com
That is where you need to be.

JJ IS the rightful owner of this site and his rules are the final say in all matters, However that does not take away our rights to come up with decent and constructive suggestions, to help him run the site, does it?


Do you really get offended if a customer or a guest who walks in to your store or home, would give you advice or maybe suggestions as to how you can improve certain aspects of your buisness or things to do to make your home look better? Let's be honest here now.


بابا چتونه

بابا طاهر عریان (not verified)

مثل اینکی پس یقیه جی جی رو گرفتن مد روز شده . ازهر دو تا بلاگ یکیش شده شکایت و شکوه. اخه قربونتوت مگه ارث باباتو نو خورده. روزی که کامنت رو به این سایت اضافه کرد و ازادی کامل بود و هر چی دلتون میخواست مینوشتین هی شکایت میکردین که چرا جلوش رو ول کردی . وقتی جلوش رو گرفت حالا دبه در اوردین که چرا بگیر و ببنده. این بنده خدا به کدوم ساز شما باید برقصه. اخه معرفت هم خوب چیزیه. من شرط میبندم این پرت و پلاهایی که خیلی از این مدعیان محترم مینویسند در هیچ جای دیگر خریداری ندارد. تازه باید کلاتون هم بندازین هوا .



by Zion on

So is it an Iranian trait to use any opportunity to say praise to power as well? It's very common among Arabs, but it seems some Iranians have it too. Interesting.


BN jan

by IRANdokht on

You should celerbrate my friend, it's not every day we agree on something ;-) 

If your finger hadn't hit G instead of B, I would too :0) 



You Said it Bajenag Jaan!

by Khar on

Little common sense goes a long way!  Thanks for your thoughts!

PS. Mr. Kadivar thanks for the Aphrodisiacs! ;o))

bajenaghe naghi

darius jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

when it comes to being gettle man you are even truer gentle man than most of the guys i know even more than myself. as for oysters i must tell you i love them and my women have always told me to eat a lot of them so i become strong like samson and hercule.

bajenaghe naghi

irandokht jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i am glad you agree with me on this one. i think i am going to open the bottle and celegrate ;-)

bajenaghe naghi

ebi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

if i am more clam down and relax i will be a dead man :-)

bajenaghe naghi

derakhshandeh jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i hope he has a very thick skin to protect him.


che loos baziya

by kandoo (not verified) on

hala jj lazem dareh yeki azash defa koneh.jj aint a child gorboonet beram va vakil o vasi ham nekhad.go take care of your baghali ,BN.ziyadam shologhesh nakon chizi nashodeh hala.agha jj lawyer khast to davtalab sho.adiós Amigo

Darius Kadivar

bajenaghe Jaan Try some Oysters ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Cheers my Friend you are a True Gentleman !

Try some Oysters its good for the nerves ... just don't cut yourself this time with your recipe book ;0)

Bon Appetit !


you're right BN

by IRANdokht on

People have a tendency to take things for granted especially the ones that cost them nothing! look at this website: instead of appreciating it as a gathering place that is entertaining and educational especially for so many of us living away from other Iranians, some people keep criticizing it, badmouthing it, polluting it and then feeling better about themselves, all the while they are destroying a good thing that they had without having to work for it!!!  

I totally get you! 


ebi amirhosseini

Bajenaghe AZIZ !!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Calm down dear ! it is not good for your.....?!

When you're cool,then let me know,so I leave a comment about your blog.

Till then!.



Ebi aka Haaji


Bajenagh naghi

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

This isn't JJ's website anymore, just like your store isn't your's, it belongs to the bank or your landlord. You are just the tenant ;-)

Take it easy. No one is bothering JJ! He enjoys this stuff. Why are you trying to deny him this enjoyment?