Mr. Chow

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

the other day i found a brown paper bag filled with $800 in twenty dollar bills and a receipt with the name of a shopping center printed on it and the name: chow on the bottom. I knew i needed to return the money and i set out to find the owner who i thought must be mr or mrs chow some where in that shopping center. when i got there i went shop by shop looking for the owner. i asked a lot of people if they knew who chow was. finally someone told me to go to a bakery shop on the second floor of the run down shopping strip.  there he was. mr chow smiled happily when i gave him the paper bag with $800 in it. but when i told him that there was $800 in there he started shouting and screaming at me in both english and chinese calling me thief since he had lost $820 and demanded where was his missing $20. i did not know what to say. i had not taken his money. he told me that he was going to call the police and then stepped off to the back office to make the call. I got up went  behind the counter took the brown bag and the money and walked out and left the shopping strip. I then took the money to the omaha food bank and gave it to them. i was so angry with mr chow that i nearly went back to beat the crap out of him and turn him into a shiny black man instead of a china man that he was. but to hell with mr chow. he was not worth it. some times no matter how hard you try to do good or be nice some people go out of their way to be a ass and kick you in the face.


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bajenaghe naghi

party pooper jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i can not agree with you more. legally i am in the wrong. morally i am in the wrong. socially i am in the wrong. if i am put in this situation again i will do exactly the same. if i have to pay for it i will. 

bajenaghe naghi

javaneh jan and sd jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

thank you for reading my post. i always first assume that the person i am dealing with is a nice and decent person. if later i find otherwise then his ass is for me to kick and teach him a lesson he never forgets. except i found mr. chow so stupid that i did not bother to do any thing about him. as to change, people can not change just like that. it will take years to change a trait if at all one can change to start with. if you believe to easily you always believe to easily if you are a sob you will always remain a sob. it is in you since you were born and god put it there to begin with.


not to be a party pooper

by party pooper (not verified) on

but you ARE aware that what you did was legally wrong. I know how you feel but technically once you returned the money to the rightful owner, and then you decided to give it away, you stole that money from him. You haven't got any idea what that money meant to him, do you? You're just made because he wasn't more grateful. Fine but what you did was more wrong.


so few of your kind left

by SD (not verified) on

Dear BN jaan,

Please don't change. Please...
There ar so few of your kind left in the world today.
So few decent and caring people who still believe in decency and honesty and care for the feelings and troubles of others.
What if Mr. C had been someone like me, a number of years back , when I lost my money - all that I had for the month, all that I had...I cried and cried... and someone, a wonderful lady, an angel in disguise returned it to me a few days later.
She had gone through so much to find me and just wanted to be sure I was the one who'd lost the envelope. I was 19, a shy student, and knew no one who I could borrow from at that time.
Oh how I remeber her face her bright blue eyes vividly even today. I pray that she is happy where ever she is today and always. I pray that she is happy the way she made me happy and lifted a heavy burden off my heart.

BN jaan please don't change.



Some ppl

by javaneh29 on

Bn jaan some ppl are unable to find gratitude  no matter what you do... why on earth would you take 20 dollars and go out of your way to give him back 800... the man is clearly quite stupid.

I hope this experience doesnt put you off being the kind and caring person you are.


bajenaghe naghi

thank you

by bajenaghe naghi on

hooshang and princess jan thanks for your comments.  ebi and irandokht jan being the beginning of the month and finding the money i was sure it belonged to some poor man or woman who had received this as his social security money and needed it to live on it for the whole month. i could not just forget about it and not at least try to find the owner. a lot of the people who come to my store live on around that amount of money for the whole month. they need it to pay rent and eat. i had to try to find the owner. i am sure you would have done the same not knowing at the time that it belonged to mr. chow.


I am with Ebi on this one!

by IRANdokht on

on second thought... 

I think you should go back and tell him you gave his money away, maybe he can use it as tax credit!




Dear BN,

by Princess on

I truly hope you just made up this story to illustrate a point, and that it did not REALLY happen to you. Otherwise, it would be an extremely disheartening story reflecting a low point of humanity. 

Happy 2009!


BN Jan

by Hooshang (not verified) on

Never ever do that for this people. They are Godless and money worshipers. I had the same experience with one of them but not as bad as yours. If I were you, I would have of spend it on lotto tickets.

ebi amirhosseini

Bajenaghe AZIZ !!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

You got what you deserved!.

This will be a good lesson for you dear!.


Ebi aka Haaji