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by bajenaghe naghi

today dilip sri veriveraji came to my store. he is the neighborhood guru teaching tm which is a place where people go and do meditation. he is from india and whenever i listen to him i get seasick because he contineously moves his head from side to side when he talks. he was here to buy some onion potato chips and heard david bitch about his personal and financial problems.  with a very high pitch voice that only indians can produce he told us about a book he had read once about a man who limped when he walked.  People who knew him asked him why he was limping.  he told them that he had a small pebble in his right shoes that was causing him much discomfort and pain.  he kept moving the pebble around in his shoes away from the fleshy parts to between his toes.  but soon the offending stone would reappear and hurt him even more.  The writer went on wondering why the man never thought of stopping for a moment and removing the pebble from his shoes.  dilip said  that in life many of us act like this man.  we go on enduring our pains and putting up with a lot of negativity but do nothing about solving them.  he told david to try to grow up and face his problems squarely and deal with them as an adult and in a decisive way.  he also told him to enrole in his tm class which will help improve his mind. 

maryam has started talking to me on the phone but has not been to the store yet. naaz mikoneh digeh ghorboonesh beram. 


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nazy jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

your story made me laugh as a funny joke but after laughing i thought about it and what this man did makes so much sense. your mind and body needs release from pain somehow and this mans only control of the bad situation was to wear a tight shoes and then release the pain at night. 

as for your advise about talking to someone before getting into trouble i must say that it is very difficult to forcast when you are going to get into trouble since you don't plan it but you only know you are in big trouble when you are neck deep in you know what. but i will try to be more sensitive next time.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Bajenagh

by Nazy Kaviani on

I'm so glad Maryam is talking to you again. Please don't blow it this time. When faced with complicated issues, such as the one from your last blog, please seek some advice before doing and saying anything you might regret!

Your story about the shoe reminded me of a joke my friend Professor Lotfi Zadeh once told me (I wrote about it here). I paste it here for you to read.

"..a Russian runs into his friend. His friend is walking awkwardly and obviously in pain. He asks him why he is walking that way and his friend says: “It’s because my shoes are too tight.” The first man asks why his friend wouldn’t consider wearing shoes in his own size. He says: “Well, you see, recently I went bankrupt. Then my wife died. My son is a gangster now and my daughter is a prostitute. The only joy and relief I feel in my life is when I go home and take off these tight shoes.”