She Doesn't Let Me Relax

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

As some of you who know me are aware, I've just started dating this wonderful and beautiful woman who I will call maryam jan. I don't want to go into too much detail but every time I want to sit or lie down and relax maryan jan asks me what I am thinking about. It also happens just after making love. I am lying there trying to get my breath back, getting some oxygen into my tired body that I am asked the same question: what are you thinking about? The problem is that she doesn't believe me when I say I am thinking about nothing. I am very good at thinking about nothing. What does she thing I am thinking about? Don't women also think about nothing? don't they do that? I wish she wouldn't keep asking me that question.


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Woman, You are dating man like me,

by Kababi on

You are dating man like me, you just don't know it.  Plus, I did not ask you to date me, did I? Trust me, I never had and never will have any trouble dating women. I never heard from single women that I am a Bigot. All of them consider me a kind and nice guy. They know my intention within first few dates.

This is the way, I approach the dating. Out of all my dates, there are 10% worth of second date. Out of 10%, there are 10% go to 3rd date and so forth.  At the end, there is one person is standing.

However, I keep in touch with every single women that I date. It takes a lot time. But you never know, people intend to change as time pass.  

I really don't get it, how some guys are thining about marriage on first date? This is a disaster at the best.

Sorry to mention it, but if they look bad. They won't even make it to first date. I know, people always say  "it is important to look at women beyond thier look. " I  refer to look as resume, if you have a bad resume, you won't even get the interview in first place.

However, in my opinion, even bad looking female have way of improving thier look.

My point of view is, some people don't know, on when and where to move from phase of short term to long term relationship. .

This is not disrespect of women in anyway or form. It is the way, I am. And Trust me, I have dated successful women, indepentend one, the one living with thier parents, Student, and no education.

The rule is the rule. It has worked for me for long time. I don't see a reason to change them



Do this my friend

by Majid on

Tell her you need  an hour and a half silence to up load this wonderful and out of this world moment !

THAT for sure gets you peace and quiet, at least for 1-1/2 hours.......

Write back and let me know if I can help more!.......LOL



kababi, if you are the last man on earth ,I do not want you!

by woman (not verified) on

just read your comment ,who wants a man like you ,a bigot and male chauvinist ,grow up!!!


As Sienfield once said, Show is about nothing

by Kababi on

BN, If you figure female out, you know something that 3 Billion men don't know.

You will have a problem, if she starts to ask you, "Baby, do you love me?" or " One of my friend is getting married and she is really excited"

Keep it at "Nothing", you will be ok. Or as my cousin told me once, if you want a woman to not looking at you as future husband. You should make things nasty at early stage. You should ask her, have you ever been with another woman or etc? It is funny, But it totaly works. I have tried many times and always off the hook in term of long term relationship stuff.

They will imediatly eliminate you from future husband category.

Then "Kharet Az Pole Migzareh"



Nothing is everything

by kiakam on

 Nothingness is important. Stillness is essential to our health and a healthy relationship. Then when we speak from our hearts we are communicating effectively... It's okay not to speak at times, it's okay to have no thoughts whatsoever...silence is bliss :)  



This guy's a genius

by impressed (not verified) on

Thank you ek for sharing this video!

real fun to watch and accurate too.


I don't get the big deal

by Abarmard on

If this little thing bothers you, I suggest remaining single. It's really not that big of a deal. Learn to communicate. Makes you happier.


Nothing box

by ek (not verified) on

the following clip may help:


I don't know why women

by Maryam's Friend (not verified) on

I don't know why women insist to know what men are thinking! In bed or out, they just don't think as deeply as women do. Don't beat a dead horse, ladies!

As for Mr. Bajenagh here, he appears as though he doesn't ever think, period! It will be a long time before this writer grows on me, to be sure! Maryam Jan needs to get out of that bed and move on! The lights are on but ain't nobody home!



by maryam jan (not verified) on

Azizeh deleh Maryam jan :-)

vaghti hichi nemigi, vaghti saaket mimoonio bero ber divaro negah mikoni, vaghti harchi migam javab nemidi khob maloomeh man konjkav misham mikham bedoonam cheteh, narahati, ghamo ghosseh dari, kari az dasteh man bar miyad...

Be gholeh Souri khanoom, migam shayad dari be khahar-zaneh Naghi fekr mikoni... (akh ashkam daroomad bekhoda)

Enghadr aziat nakon, be jayeh inkeh biay inja ba adamayeh gharibeh dardodel koni, biya yeh kalameh ham ba man harf bezan, bazi vaghta yeh zang behem bezan, yeh email bedeh begoo "hello", bekhoda az in blog neveshtan kamtar vaght mibareh.

Hamisheh man bayad ba to sareh sohbato baz konam? man bayad negaraneh to basham? tazeh vaghti ham mikhay javab bedi faghat migi "nothing"...

Maryam-eh del-shekasteh


take viagra

by Alborzi (not verified) on

There was this interesting saying in Iran, One summer night when everyone was sleeping on the poshteboon, this woman kept complaining about tooth ache. Her complaints was causing all the neighbors not to be able to sleep. Every one had a recommendation, from asprin to ghand and .... Finally this neighbor said why don't you bokon her. That did it and she became quiet. Of course then all the women had toothache. Viagra or Cialis might be the solution for you, let us know if it works.

bajenaghe naghi

Dear irandokht jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I would not do that if i was married. I divorced 2 years ago. 



by Souri on

This is exactly what BN is thinking about when he says: Nothing :-) lol


that was a big confession BN

by IRANdokht on

Does khahar-zaneh Naghi know that you're dating?!!