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The owner of the house two doors down where I live keeps watering his lawn and plants three times a day, every day! So when I passed his house and saw the copious amounts of water pouring out of his industrial size hose I respectfully reminded him of the water shortage situation and asked him if he would consider to water his greens only once a day. He started to tell me about his philosophy of life that he believes in living only for today, and since there is enough water today he will use it and if the water stops tomorrow then he too will stop watering his plants. I thought to myself what an ignorant and a selfish sob this guy is! if everyone thought and acted this way we all be in crap up to our necks and no water to wash ourselves with.


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Dear K Nassery jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I want to thank you for reading and writing about my blog. I wish no one any harm. I am not rude to anyone and I apologize once I think I have upset anyone. I write what happens to me or what I think about. That is all. Some people like what I write and some do not. And then there are some with hidden agenda and anger and hate and want to stop me writing all together. These people are probably the same people who bitch and complain and  demand more freedom of speech in their country. Why don't they start this from themselves first? I never made anyone read what I write. 

May god shine lots of golden sun rays at your direction and keep you dry and warm. You were the only one who had the wisdom and took the time to say what is in YOUR heart. Thank you. 

K Nassery

Actually, this is interesting.

by K Nassery on

The story is enlightening because it shows how Humans look at life.  One man cares for his garden, yet not for the society as a whole.  Another places himself in charge of Earth Watch. 

The reaction of commenters were interesting too.  I think that the blogs are open to many topics and there are no police to monitor...other than JJ...  and his friends.  If you aren't interested in the thoughts of one another or...go out and water your plants. 

Anyway...  I liked reading this blog and the comments.  I think I learn a lot about people from this site.  It rains every single day here in Illinois.  If you want to live in a green place, please come here and live with us.



Funny you keep coming back

by Funny (not verified) on

even though it's so "boring." That says more about your character than that of the blogger.


Police jan

by khodeh Naghi (not verified) on

You know I love you man...

But don't take this ex-bajenagheh maa away for crimes against blogging... if he doesn't tend to his grocery shop, my sister-in-law and the kids would be left hungry and may end up becoming yours truly's problem!



More Sigh!

by Chert-o-Pert Police (not verified) on

Nice play on my chosen username. But I'm not chert-o-pert and you know it! You get mad because you don't like hearing what I say!

I doubt you are just a passerby reader of this site! You seem too experienced with blogging here to be new. That's your choice and none of my business (not in my job description as the Chert-o-Pert Police). I can, however, detect and report chert-o-pert when I see it. Don't preach. And work on getting a bit more exciting and likeable. For starters, if you are somebody's bajenagh, it means you are married, so please don't boast about some other woman sleeping with you (and in the process of boasting, belittling her because she has a brain and expects you to have one, too). It bores and disgusts us to read this. If you divorced her like you said, name yourself Ex-Bajenaghe Naghi, so we start respecting you more. No, you can't send me away just because I don't like you. I'll be giving you more advice. You really need it.

bajenaghe naghi

Dear Chertopert jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I am not trying to teach or preach anything to anyone or tell people what to do.  I have been reading this site and I see so many smart people here and I feel very humble. I can not teach these people anything they do not already know. But I can learn alot from them. What I try to write is what is on my mind and I am sorry you find it not intersting. That is OK. You must be very smart and think what I write is not intersting. You can skip my blog next time. I write because I enjoy writing and that is all. I keep writing even if no one reads what I write or until Jahanshah deletes what I write. I never tried to be obsene or immoral. If I do please excuse me I do not mean to be that all. 



by Chert-o-pert Police (not verified) on

I'm trying really hard to see if you start becoming interesting or not. Unfortunately so far it looks like the answer is "not!"

From what you have written and your comments, you are no garden of roses when it comes to morality and standards of behavior yourself! So stop preaching to others about what they should do. More importantly, stop telling us about it! Sorry, this is getting boring fast.