Watch What You Eat

bajenaghe naghi
by bajenaghe naghi

I have this customer who has been shopping with us for a few months now. The other day she walked in and as usual picked up three or four large packages of chips and a few different types of cookies and chocolate bars. When she came to pay for her purchase, I looked into her eyes and told her that even though I needed her money, I was not going to sell the stuff to her. I told her that she should not be consuming all this crap with the condition she is in . If she has decided to kill herself, I am not going to be a part of it. She was very angry when she left the store empty handed. You see, this customer weighs at least three hundred pounds and eats all this crap as if there is no tomorrow. I can not take part in her quest to kill herself. She can buy the stuff somewhere else.


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bajenaghe naghi

You are all good people

by bajenaghe naghi on

I thought I was doing something good for someone. I should be more careful next time.  


I know for sure you had the

by AnonymousA (not verified) on

I know for sure you had the best interest of your customer in mind, but quite honestly I would be terribly offended and angry if a store owner told me what to eat or NOT, even if I was 500+ pounds!!
I would ask myself "Is he my husband/wife -or mother/father?"
Even if he was one of them, I still would hate it if they interfered in my business, and I WOULD NOT even GIVE "THEM" THAT PERMISSION! Am I not old enough to know my way in life - even if I am making a huge mistake? It would infuriate me.

So dear Bajenagh, even if you are doing this for your customer's own good and health, I suggest you do not do it.
Please Pardon me for interfering in your business, but I'm afraid you might end up with a lawsuit and attorneys to deal with.
I would hate to see that happen to you.

Inja amricast, nemisheh inkar ro kard, agar che to Iran ham nemisheh va beh mardom barmikhoreh va asabani mishan vali nemitoonan adamo beh dadgah bekeshoonan.

Caring for people is all very good and fine, but it has to be ones place to even suggest, let alone meddle with their life or habits.
This was my suggestion. I really hope you take it into consideration.

I care. Good luck.


a grocery store clerk with a mission?

by ex customer (not verified) on're going to lose your customers man!
Since when store clerks have the right to give health advice to their customers? Or maybe you are an ex-doctor from iran who couldn't get his us license :)
plus, stop the hypocrisy, since you are selling the junk

Ali P.

To:IRANdokht & BN

by Ali P. on


 I was going to say all that!

Now people are going to think Ali P. and IRANdokht are actually the same person!! :-)


BN: IRANdokht has a point. I appreciate a merchant caring for me, but if I choose to buy and smoke a cigarette, buy and eat an unhealthy snack, buy and look through an 'adult' magazine, or buy a lottory ticket, and the store owner refuses to sell me the product based on some subjective moral ground, I am insulted, and would probably not go back to that store.

Recommendations are great. By all means, 'nahy az monker' and 'amr beh ma'roof' . You have done your job as a responsible, caring human being, if you suggest people to do the right thing.  But just leave it at that : A friendly recommendation.

  I don't think YOU want anyone to actually make decisions for you; nor does anyone else.

Just something to bear in mind.


Ali P.


Dear BN

by IRANdokht on

I understand that you had good intentions and that's wonderful. What I am trying to say is that if you are not careful about how you approach this situation, then you can be blamed for signling her out.

For example: if a heavy man was buying all that food would have reacted the same way? or if someone is coughing and asks you for a pack of cigarette, would you refuse to sell it to them too?

Your good intentions are commendable as long as you show this very behavior towards everyone since she's one of your customers and not friend or family. If you only picked on her then it's considered an insult.

Besides all that, when you do feel compelled to give someone advice, please think that she's probably sick of hearing others give her advice, not only she has to hear it from her doctor, friends and family, but even the guy at the market is giving her advice on what to eat and how much. 

Overeating can have a lot of reasons and one of them is to find comfort. (that's why junk food is also known as comfort food)

Sometimes our very kind suggestion to a person who's heard it all and very frequently can be disturbing enough to cause them to look for comfort any which way they can. That's when our attempt to save the person can actually send them further in the wrong direction.

I just wanted you to see a couple of reasons why she could have left the store angry. Caring is great, but being sensitive to other people's feelings is very important too.


bajenaghe naghi

May be I am fozul

by bajenaghe naghi on

Thank you cyrus- and Abarmard and irandokht . 

Irandokht I understand what you are saying. This is a free country and any one can do any thing that is legal.  It is legal to eat chocolate and ice cream and smoke cigarettes.  The way I decided to do what i did was I told myself that it is OK to do all the above in moderate amounts. A little chocolate and a little chips will not kill you specially if you are thin but if you are very very heavy and you eat these things out of proportion and way to much, then someone who cares must speak out even if it hurts that person.  


Dear BN

by IRANdokht on

It's nice to care about people's well-being but you have to be careful not to give the wrong impression.

First: People are responsible for their own actions.

Second: If you want to feel responsible about everything that you sell, then open an organic food shop and don't sell fatty snacks, cigarettes or alcohol.

Please realize that to this lady, your objection to her snacks would become a personal insult if she sees you selling cigarettes to a smoker or candy to a kid or booze to a middle-aged man with gin blossoms on his face.

You either object to all of these people buying what's not good for them, or you are singling out the overweight lady and that's discrimination.

btw: your english is fine, and I think you should write longer blogs and elaborate on your views and feelings more.



Really great

by Abarmard on

That's called a responsible human.


you did the right thing

by cyrus- (not verified) on

I think when the word gets around , you will get more customers