the meadow


the meadow
by buna

once upon a time my cousin susan and i were driving from the bay area in california to olympia washington state and we stopped for the night at a motel 6 in grants pass oregon. we had room 112 by the pool and i went out to sit for a smoke. there was a girl, maybe 21 years old, sitting near by and when i sat down she looked at me and said "do you want me to draw you a picture?" and i said "are you a drawer?" and she said "i'm talking to my boyfriend!" and i realized she had an I-phone in the crook of her neck. then her boyfriend got jealous of who she was talking to "some dewed sitting here.. what dude.. who is he... just some random stranger etc ... they started arguing....and then she really looked at me and asked "DO you want me to draw something for you, i will?" and i said "sure! i miss my dog. draw me a picture of my dog" and she said "where is your dog?" and i said "she is with my friends in the czech republic. they live in a house on a hill. the house has a balcony and little windows. on one side of the hill is a meadow and on the other is a forest. they already have three dogs." (she is listening to her angry boyfriend. i can kinda hear him yelling. she is saying"mmmhmmm, mmmm hmm why are you arguing?" to him on the fone but looking and listening to me. i go on) "they have three kids; the oldest is a girl with straight brown hair and freckles, and then two boys small and smaller. the mom and dad have dreadlocks. the dad is all dirty and the mom wears beautiful hippy clothes."

then a fone rings and she takes out a cell fone and starts texting. susan comes out from the room and says hello and we all are talking. the girl is drawing, talking to her boyfriend and calming him down in a real nice way, texting something on another fone and talking to us. susan and i mention multitasking.

this reminded me of a story my father used to tell about me. "once when you were 12" he said "i told you to go do your homework. you were gone a while and i heard noise from your room. i opened your door and looked in and saw that you were sitting at your desk. the teevee was on. so was the radio tuned to a baseball game. you had your little forty five record player and it was playing too. you were playing solitaire and your books were closed on the table. i scolded you 'what are you doing?!' and you said your homework and you gave me your homework all finished. i asked what the score was and you said cards 7, cubs 3 bottom of the eight. i asked what song was playing u said "steppenwolf, born to be wild". i asked what was happening on the program and you said "the beaver got in trouble for stealing a cookie" i said you didnt put the red ten on the black jack and you said it was a different kind of solitaire. ....."

i dont remember what his moral for the story was and neither do i know the moral for this one.

so i went to get a drink from the motel 6 office soda machine and when i got back susan showed me the drawing the girl had given her. it was all there! everything i told her; the right number of dogs and people, the details! i had only said it once and that was when she was having two other conversations. the only question she had asked was "what is a meadow?"

i said "its a hill like children draw with grass and some flowers"


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Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

The moral of this story is the story itself, enjoyed reading it, thanks.


Did she draw the shadow too?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred