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Via Chris Davis
by Via Chris Davis

I have studied the work tactic of the neo-cons for quite some time, and the case of NIAC has popped up several times due to the immense resources the neo-cons and the Israel lobby have undertaken to destroy this group.

I am in the process of writing a larger article, due to my identification the real identity of Fred and a few others on this forum who constantly attack NIAC and propagate a pro-Israeli agenda. Without revealing too much, I have also identified the New York based PR firm that pays and trains "Fred." 

in the process of writing this article, I have reached out to a few people, including Dr. Trita Parsi. Having spoken to him just a few days ago in Washington, it is clear to me that he never attended any conference in Tehran. In fact, his quote in the New York Times is very dismissive of the idea of holding such conferences.

But it is a perfect case of how the neo-con machine works. They take a piece of information, take it out of context, add a lot of innuendo and lies to it, then they blast it out via 10-15 different paid bloggers and by that, they work to slowly but surely discredit and destroy any organization that stands in their way. 

For instance, it is clear from the NIAC website that Elaheh Enssani served on the NIAC board 2006-2007. Darius Kadivar, however, on this forum, makes the claim that NIAC removed her from their board the minute this "controversy" occurred.

Kadivar, a self-described monarchist, whose idol Pahlavi has long collaborated with the neo-cons and the Israel lobby, uses a technique the neo-cons call "referenced half-truth".

It is very effective. You state a half-truth, such as "Ensanni served on the NIAC board but was kicked off as soon as the controversy occurred". It is a half truth. Ensani did serve on the board, but she hasn't been on the board for 3 years now. Only half the statement is true - the most important part is a lie.

But you then add a reference - in this case a link.

The reference gives the impression that the statement is backed up with facts. 99% of readers won't click on the link. And the 1% who do, will usually not pick up the part that isn't true. As a result, the vast majority of readers will be left with the impression that Kadivar - who clearly knows that he is lying - is speaking the truth and has evidence to back himself up. 

Now, i am not saying that Kadivar works for the same firm in New York as Fred does. But if one looks at the traffic he creates on, it is clear that he spends a significant amount of time here. Either he is unemployed or he does get some indirect compensation for his involvement in the neo-con machinery. 

I am not very familiar with the community of Iranian-Americans, but I know that these techniques are extremely effective in the Arab community due to their propensity to believe in conspiracy theories. 

Iranian-Americans would be wise to keep their eyes open to ensure they aren't fooled by the the neo-con propagandists on


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Eroonman wrote:

by Rosie. on

Me? I'm just the son-of-a-poor-camel-herder

It seems your dad herded your camel well. Follows you with devotion.

Samer Srouji


by Samer Srouji on


Damn right!! 

You know what I say, every man for himself! I have bought a plot of land down there in Ecuador, land is still reasonable, and going to take refuge in the mountains for most of the year. This world is coming to no good!



A few observations...

by ggorgg on

1-Anyone in disagreement with Kadivars and Freds is immediately accused of being an agent of IRI. By a simple search of this site with a few related keywords you would come up with an Army of IRI agents identified by just Kadivar and Fred! If they are right then IRI is at least not as incompetent as Kadivar and Fred constantly claim! At the very least one side of their claims is not truthful, and any sane individual would see that its their accusations, not competency of IRI.

2-As this article points out, Kadivar and Fred are two of the most prolific posters on this site. I have a 9 to 5 job and even on the weekend I have a hard time keeping up with comments on two blogs. These guys are everywhere, at least till now. They may disappear after this article, but they must have either independent sources of income or be paid to post on this site. (or perhaps many clones of themselves!)

3-The idea that AIPAC or some other organization would hire people to act as its cyber warriors is not far fetched. For one thing, every country has special units for this. But in addition there are plenty of companies for hire that would do this kind of work. Have no doubt that there are agents doing precisely this sort of propaganda work. Here is just a sampling of the top hits on google for these companies:

I searched keywords "reputation", "saver",and "defend".


Mola Nasredeen

The real question

by Mola Nasredeen on

is what contribution the neo-cons and Israel Lobby have made to Iranian Americans?

Don't make no mistake if they succeed starting a war between United States and Iran we the Iranian Americans are going to be among the victims of this war. The previous commentator is stating his own opinion about Iranian Americans and his perception about us is absolutely wrong.

The following is what NIAC has done for Iranians. It's also posted on their website:

  • Spurred President Obama to condemn the Iranian government's brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators after Iran's disputed election, while refraining from endorsing any political faction.
  • Obtained an apology from Fox sportscasters for racially discriminatory remarks against NBA player Hamed Haddadi. 
  • Compelled a retraction from Rep. Jane Harman for her statement regarding the "separation" of Iran's ethnic groups. 
  • Elicited an apology from MSNBC's Don Imus for a derogatory comment about an Iranian airliner crash that killed 43 passengers.
  • Published the first-ever Census of the Iranian-American community.



You are absolutely right!

by eroonman on

You are not very familiar with the community of Iranian-Americans.

The assumption that there is a vast and organized conspiracy to blow NIAC's image, or that there is such a thing as Iranian Neo-Cons is greatly absurd.

Iranians aren't trusting enough of one another, to be organized. Even NIAC which as it's name might suggest to someone as naively gullible as you, a mere American who does not know how to "Chooneh" (look it up, I'm too bored to explain it to you), is not in fact the:

NATIONAL (NIAC is based only in DC with 0 presence outside it)

IRANIAN-AMERICAN (This is a loose term not substantiated by ANY demographics, most Iranians abhor the term and the concept of "hyphenated Iranian" is a common point of disdain)

COUNCIL (I don't even know what this means. If it suggests a group of wise folks sitting atop a pile of roughshod rabble Iranians, then this is incorrect as well, if it is supposed to be some organized elected body, it isn't that either as NO NIAC election has EVER been conducted outside it's barbed fences, meaning the general public has never voted on any NIAC issue, including it's very conception)

So as I hope you are getting, NIAC isn't any sort of legally elected representative body, having ANYTHING to do with the MAJORITY of Iranians in the US.

Please also now apply this same explanation to EVERY SINGLE SELF-PROCLAIMED IRANIAN ORGANIZATION you might run into in your romantic "Quest for Persia" (In DC this also means PAAIA). As of this writing, there is NOT ONE freely elected community organization
representing Iranians in the US. But there are many "organizations"
which you may now call them, CLUBS. 

NIAC is therefore nothing more than a CLUB. Paid membership and volunteers hang out, mostly shmooze, and occasionally espouse relatively good (and some bad) ideas about the greater Iranian-American experience without any authority or input from the community at large. So don't be deluded into thinking NIAC is some sort of authorized community organization. That's just it's branding talking. It merely intends to represent itself as one. Actually this is all mis-intended, because "Dr." (since when is it appropriate to refer to non MDs with PhDs as Dr?) Parsi has never in fact ever claimed this.

So, again, NIAC does NOT represent the majority of Iranians (nor their thoughts on stuff) in the US in ANY way. It is a private think tank, if you will, or as I like to think about it, a CLUB of well wishing intellectual thinkers, who think they know what needs to be done (not always right), and whose intentions albeit unauthorized by the community, are generally positive (I have never seen ANYTHING untoward the pragmatic betterment of both sides of the US-IRAN equation come out of NIAC's relatively BIG mouth).

Enssani (or as we affectionately call her "Insaney") is a well wishing , naive and innocently harmless volunteer. NOTHING MORE! Her volunteerism (she has never actually been asked by the community to serve) and self appointed largely self-service to the community is at best, akin to that of a kind village simpleton that everyone knows, but no one considers valid in the least. Her heart however and passion for Iran and Iranians is HUGE. But she is (and it pains me to write this since she'll read it) NO ONE. Her singing voice is physically fu**ing painful to tolerate, yet we always do whenever she picks up the mike impromptu, at any event that has any kind of working mike, and the tracest amounts of any tyoe of alcohol. And someone is always happy to clean up the shattered crystal when she's done, while another person calls the dog catcher to round up the strays gathered outside. Because that's what families do.

Darius Kadivar is too nice a guy to be on ANYONE's PAYROLL. He wishes he were! Again since you're used to the Bush administration and Cheney and Rove -style conspiracies and back-knife-stabbings and political intrigue, you're susceptible to drama. Plus, you are American and prone to heightened sexual and psychological excitement thrills. I only wish Iranians were as sexy as you portend them to be.

While Kadivar is most definitely pro-monarchy, he is keenly aware of the many pitfalls of the argument for a full restoration of it in the next phase of Iran's evolution, whatever that might be. He and the other pro-monarchists, aren't stupid. However, as is currently prevalent in over 30 of the most advanced and cultured and developed countries in the world today, a monarchy can actually co-exist with a democracy. Iranians although browner than you, aren't as 3rd-world quaint as you'd like us to be. We aren't one-dimensional, we can actually multi-task! Monarchy and Democracy isn't a mutually exclusive option that only the West can handle. In fact restoring the monarchy to Iran, with all of it's pomp, glory, and ceremony makes an entirely lot of sense for Iran, as this is the most logical common tradition in our gloried (now sullied) 2500+ year history and past.

Fred? I'm too tired of this now to evaluate Fred for you. You seem to have a line on him and I'll leave that disappointment for you to discover on your own. Just know that from the name choice alone, you will find he is nothing more than a, well...Fred.

Paid Neo-cons? Even for you to suggest it, isn't that technically an oxymoron? Because aren't neo-cons supposed to be the rich kind that we are to eat one day?

So, hopefully you can put down your own self-tailored cape for a second, and stop all this super-hero vs super-villain nonsense, and GET THIS.


So to sum up:

NIAC is nothing more than a badly run Kiwanis club that no one knows or cares about.

ENSSANI is that off-key Karioke singer you would normally ignore, if she wasn't so shrill.

KADIVAR is a Little Prince on a smaller moon with the slightest (almost cute) erection.

FRED is a near-sighted, overweight Robin Hood, with as expected, very poor aim.

Me? I'm just the son-of-a-poor-camel-herder with free (and mostly unobserved) internet access at work. I do however keep a large sponge and bucket with me at all times. Because it helps me clean up all the BullSh**t.


ari, mm

by humanbeing on

mm: thanks for the adriano cross reference. maybe if i get a borsalino and a cigarillo i'll forfeit the sunglasses and redo my avatar. expose my id a little more. but the current avatar is already a hommage to dk, and i won't give it up so quickly, not in the current climate on icom.

 ari: it is true dk's style has many voices. but the composition is unequivocally uniquely dk -- plato also had many voices and styles (see thesleff 'studies in the styleS of plato), as did lucian (this is the basis for bakhtin's analysis, which i didn't fully read, i prefer to read lucian himself) -- dk's style is instantly recognizable by a 'blindfolded' subject in a 'pepsi taste test' experiment. true, a bakhtinian multivoice. a stimlating carnaval. always with a grain of salt.

but dk is one, transparent user with his own voice(s) speak(s) with a solid integrity. just multidimensional (unlike some of us). i particularly like the clips. chacun a son gout.


Azarin Sadegh

by Fair on

Wonderfully said, bravo:)  I would like to add to VCD's complaint of a sinister tactic of "referenced half truths" by neocons.  There is another sinister tactic by supporters of IRI.  It is called DOWNRIGHT LYING AND LABELING OF PEOPLE.  They will make things up, lie through their teeth, shut down newspapers who challenge them, torture and imprison their editors if they are in Iran.  If someone on this website outside of Iran challenges them, they will also lie and label them AIPAC members.

The goal is to shut down any honest open debate among Iranians living in freedom.  Of course they will never realize this goal, because this is 2010 and it is the internet, this is not the Islamic Republic of Iran in the middle ages, no matter how hard they pretend otherwise.

Dariush Jan and others, I hope you keep posting.  I or others may not agree with some of your stances, but that is just fine and dandy.  Unlike these propagandists, you actually have something to contribute, and you are honest about who you are and what you stand for.  If all Iranians were like you, our country would not be in the akhound infested sewer that it is in now.



by MM on

Wiki has a long article on the history of neo-conservatism.  It turns out that, as VPK mentioned, in modern times, many neo-cons are Jewish.  For example, there is a site devoted to the list of Jewish neo-cons that got the US involved in the Iraq war (// 

You will recognize many of the neo-con names during Bush's presidency at the site, but may not have known that they were Jewish.  For example, you will recognize David Frum who coined the phrase "the axis of evil".  You may also wonder why Allan Dershowtiz's name (a Harvard law professor!) is there, but his contribution stems from articles in which torture was justified, which you know the rest of the fiasco, e.g., in detail: 

Dershowitz published an essay in the San Francisco Chronicle entitled “Want to Torture? Get a Warrant,” in which he advocates the issuance of warrants permitting the torture of terrorism suspects if there were an “absolute need to obtain immediate information in order to save lives”.

James Bamford, in his column for The Washington Post of September 8, 2002, reviews Dershowitz’s “idea of torture” and describes “[o]ne form of torture recommended by Dershowitz—‘the sterilized needle being shoved under the fingernails’” as “chillingly Nazi-like.””

“In his book Beyond Chutzpah, Norman Finkelstein” [who is Jewish] “comments: "It is hard to make out any difference between the policy Dershowitz advocates and the Nazi destruction of Lidice, for which he expresses abhorrence-except that Jews, not Germans, would be implementing it."

 You can read the rest at the website. Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, Scooter Libby, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Bryen, David Frum, Robert Kagan, David Wurmser, Dov Zakheim, Henry Kissenger, Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz, Elliot Abrams, Frederick Kagan, Donald Kagan, Alan Dershowtiz, Daniel Pipes, Eliot Cohen, Bill Kristol, Irving Kristol, Max Boot, James Schlesinger, Marc Grossman, Joshua Bolten.  


Yeah, VPK, I agree,

by Rosie. on

and it's so silly. I hate labels, especially when they're misused.

There have been a couple of people lately who have tried to throw me in the Islamist' so-called 'camp' just because I try to engage with the 'Islamist' so-called faction and they think I am no longer so passionately vocal enough about Regime change as I used to be.  It isn't true. I just think it's  better right now to try to engage the 'Islamists' in a very calm way, and ask more questions rather than rail and flail at the extreme ones. Or the less extreme ones who i never even railed at before. I figure maybe then I could sway someone or at least help foster less acrimonious discussions. They want me to express things exactly the way they do. Toe the line, as it were. But right now Iust don't find that helpful at all.

During the invasion of Gaza same from the other 'camp'. I was 'supposed to' rail and flail at the Zionists and their friends. If I wanted to know their perspective (especially their version of the historical narrative because after all, they knew facts I didn't know), I was questioned by some people about my allegiance.

I do have my allegiances, I guess I'm kind of like Bavafa, and this has caused a crisis of doubt for me in the sense that I just don't know where we should go from here. And I think that's why some of the other Greens have fallen a bit silent btw.

Well, I try to do what I think is right. How anyone could call Ben or especally DK a Neoon AIPAC warmonger, I just don't get it.  

So silly but so dangerous too.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You point out correctly that since I oppose bombing of Iran I am not called a Neocon. This even though I am pretty throughly opposed to IRI or IRR. 

However AIPAC is used more widely. Specially supporters of IRI use AIPAC for anyone who is not obsessedwith bashing Israel. In particular since I don't get worked up over Gaza I have been called AIPAC member. Plus I have also suggested Israel may be a potential ally for Iran. Now that has definitely put me in the AIPAC camp for sure :-)



by Rosie. on

weeel, VPK's reply is a bit misleading. It means a certain type of person who opposes the 'IRR'. Keep reading. You'll see. For sure it means anyone who advocates any kind of bombing. But that's only from the point of view of those who don't oppose 'revolution' so-called but rather 'evolution'. And not all of them, only a certain type of person. Subsets, as it were. I highly doubt VPK's been accused much of being a neocon.

Neocons here are also referred to at times as 'warmongers'.

You'll see. If you stay long enough.

Oh and btw I'm the one who called the place 'a latter day cyber Tangiers', if you recall. Facetiously, of course.


If you want to know the real definition of  Neocon, google. Then you can accuse people of misusing the term. It'll be fun.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


In many contexts NeoCon is used for right wing Jew. However there are definitely NeoCons who are not Jews. I do agree that many people use NeoCon to specifically refer to *any* Jews. Those tend to be either Islamists or White Supermasists like the ones on  

Same for AIPAC except that AIPAC is for any Jew who is pro Israel.

On IC NeoCon or AIPAC means anyone who opposes the Islamic Rapist regime.


What does the term "neocon" mean?

by waldo on

Is it a code word for JEW without  having to say JEW? Or is AIPAC code for JEW? Or are they both codes for JEW?


There is no "Chris Davis" blogger

by Khers on

I write this one in English to "Chris Davis" can read it.  He says he is a blogger and a writer.  I searched the name on the internet and did not find anything by him.  The only "Chris Davis" blogger is this one:


which is obvious is not him.  And this one from Texas Rangers baseball team:


I think that there is no such person and he is just a creation of certain people.  It is very funny that people like Mr. Q or Mr. Mola Nasredeen who always look for conspiracies never "bothered" to check who this guy is, and are following him 100%.  Unless, of course, they know what is happening.

This is the Google result for Chris Davis and blog search:


And this is the result for "Via Chris Davis" search:


The only blog under that name is on

if I am wrong, may be Mr. Davis can tell us how and post a link to his blogs.   

Mola Nasredeen

"Who are you?"

by Mola Nasredeen on

murmured Harate shotor.


Question to Irano-Americans

by Rea on

Who is C. Davis, anyway ?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


How dare people boycott DK's links to the 60's movies :-)  I will watch them 20 times each just to make up for it. Then I will force my family to watch them for good measure. I even ordered "The Persians" from Amazon France even though I don't speak more than a dozen French words. Just to realize it was region 2 and did not play on my DVD player. Then I had to in deep desperation watch it in my Windoze which plays anything fit or unfit. It was pretty good.


I am highly offended that I was not mentioned in the list of to be "exposed". But then I am not much for being exposed. I like my veil. 

Take Care,



VPK, no. It hasn't hurt NIAC

by Rosie. on

There are 1501 hits on this blog as I write. The vast majority of the readership is still sitting stunned by the staggering enormity of the revelations. After a couple of days, when they've had time to digest it all, they will spring into action.

There will be a boycott of Kadivar's links to cheesey '60's movies.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

NIAC should

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

disown this guy. It is hurting them and bringing bad publicity. Obviously the ham handed attempt by Via Chris has failed big. I urge NIAC to post an article publicly distancing itself from Via Chris Davis.


Chris the problem with you

by Escape on

  Goes back to Bush and American politics doesn't it? You're an apologist and a useful itiot.You lost that choice years and years ago now to avoid the war and duck your head in the sand.Maybe Gore would have but I doubt t,I am sure he would have ran the war underground.Saddam would have gotten assasinated years ago and we would have had plenty of undercovers picking off Taliban leaders,including dropping bombs in Afghanistan from bases in the Middle East.You would not have known what was going on over there.So what is the difference? There is none but your 'Neocon' game,we're all American's and we will all defend this country regardless of any politic's..Anyway,Your fellow Americans did not agree with you and even RE-ELECTED Bush after the invasion of BOTH Afghanistan and Iraq.,and they were not all 'Neocons' AIPAC etc.They were pissed off Americans with the balls to go do something about the jerks at war with the US in the Middle east.

You think without Bush the world would have been just fine,to leave Bin Laden,Saddam,the horrible decade ongoing mess in Iraq.Leave the Taliban,Ignore Al Qeada,Ignore the training camps,ignore Salman Pak,IGNORE TERRORISM,basically do nothing but sit and wait for more attacks on America.Shove your head in the sand to Islamofascist's and their war on America.Then you could have sat and blamed 'Neocons' for security issue while this Fascism terrrorism grew and grew..Well Chris lucky for America you lost buddy and I don't care who approves or doesn't.Bush and the 'Neocons' were the 'deciders' at the time.

Now,You've had time enough to get the f out of America now and/or try to change it.But you've failed and even Obama has realized the situation in the world is not the fantasy land democrats have imagined during the 'campaign' of disillusion...

You had wished to let the Islamist's do whatever they want,including attack America..And now you act as if you care about Iran.This is pure fakeness.If you care about Iran you would care about Islamic fundamentalist lunatics and their intolerant sharia..That includes the ones that torture and rape Iranian's and beat them when try to protest.What do you have to say about that Chris Via underground Bunker?

Go back to the cry baby's on Huff post and rejoin the crying festival where the root of ALL evil is Republicans.American useful itiot's are not much use in the Islamic world,they still hate you buddy,they still kill you,you're a infidel.No amount of butt kissing will change their minds except a deep study of Koranic verse and the proof you believe in it..I would have thought Nick Berg would have taught you that much long ago.It's time you woke up to Islam buddy.

I doubt Obama would start War with Iran but a realistic person would realize it's the same chance as it was with 'Neocon' Bush. Neocons have nothing to do with it,the threat to America does..And even with tanks rolling miles away conveintly,the AIPAC begged Bush the Grand Wizard of Neocons to push them a few thousand Kilometers further to Tehran and even he said a BIG NO. So stop the fear mongering man it's just sickening propaganda. We're pulling out of Iraq and centering on the Taliban which is becoming increasingly worse under Obama..


Way to go, Azarin Sadegh!

by pas-e-pardeh on

That's telling it like it is.  


DK is Cool

by Monda on

I didn't mean to dignify your blog VCD, by adding my hit and comment. But I'd like you to know: On many occasions I have learned from and been entertained by Darius Kadivar on various topics, most recently his links on Shahpour Bakhtiar, enlightening philosophers, many Western renditions of Iranian topics and heck his infinite stash of Danny Kay, TinTin and many of my favorites...

I don't read Fred much, since he's all about politics and I'm not? But other readers seem to know what exactly he's about. I respect that

What have I learned from you though?!  I'm not sure about your intention nor interested in your writing style, so I very much doubt I have ever learned anything positive from any of your noms de plume. (I still can't believe you've gotten so much undeserved attention for writing this!)


Dear Chris

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

A good look at today's first page of IC reveals the desperation and state of shock among those people whose names are mentioned in your blog. Blog after blog flatter fred & C. You Sir made them work hard, hopefully for the same pay. 

Good job

ram jams


To the American guy who bans my national flag

by benross on

It was first in Elahe blog that a link about her singing carrier was posted by ashegh. When I went to YouTube to watch that, I noticed a related video in which she introduced herself as a board member of NIAC. I posted the link to that video as well noting that it's not a good PR for NIAC!

So it was all my fault -if any- that I didn't pay attention to the date of that video. It never occurred to me. Because it wasn't such a revelation and surprise and out of my perception -and many- that a NIAC member would do such thing that Elahe did. And the only reason DK -among others- didn't initially pay attention to the date of the video was because it was nothing out of ordinary and what we expect from this NIAC flag hater bunch.

Now you were saying?...

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Your observation is valid about DK too when you state:

"Kadivar, a self-described monarchist, whose idol Pahlavi has long collaborated with the neo-cons and the Israel lobby, uses a technique the neo-cons call "referenced half-truth".

It is very effective. You state a half-truth, such as "Ensanni served on the NIAC board but was kicked off as soon as the controversy occurred". It is a half truth. Ensani did serve on the board, but she hasn't been on the board for 3 years now. Only half the statement is true - the most important part is a lie."

He would use everything at his disposal to put down NIAC and the great work they're doing for the Iranian Americans. He's no fool and he knows exactly what he's doing.  

Azarin Sadegh

Darius is the best on and the worst is...

by Azarin Sadegh on

to Via Chris

I think that Darius Kadivar represnts the best on and the worst is this...this blog and the same gang of people with multiple ids who can't stand poeple like Darius, someone with integrity who is honest about who he is and what he believes in. Someone who doesn't hide behind too many fake ids (but with the same recognizable voice.)

The worst of IC are people in disguise, people with a vague hidden agenda, pro-IRI agents who would gang up against anyone who doesn't agree with them, people afraid of losing their paychecks, people who don't care about the human right issues in Iran but they're ready to go fight in other middle eastern wars, people who think Ahmadinejad should keep challenging the US no matter the consequences for the ordinary Iranians, people who don't live in Iran and aren't even Moslems but don't mind to cover the Iranian women in chador and chaghchoors as long as they live and work happily in the safety of the land of "Sheitan Bozorg"...

There are too many of the same worst group, or even maybe just a handful of people. 

But as a simple reader and contributor, I would simply ignore the worst, and enjoy the best! So nerxt time I see your name on a blog, I would just skip it...there are already too many of you!    


Q, no. (and to The Publisher)

by Rosie. on

Q, you wrote:

Monarchists, just like FredCo, do see NIAC and "peace" oriented policies as unacceptable rivals. They flatly say that one cannot enter into any kind of "talk" with Iran, which of course is the neocon position which is pro-War by implication.

Darius is a proponent of passive resistance along the lines of Solidarity in Poland--workers' strikes, etc. He has written about it extensively. He is probably the most vocal supporter of this type of resistance, which is hardly warlike, which in fact is Reza Pahlavi's platform.It definitely was when Kadivar wrote the Solidarity blogs. So I really don't know where you're getting this generalization from.

 As I recall, DK also expressed a certain respect for Trita Parsi and said he would be nterested in debating him. And finally as I said below he was a staunch supporter of Karoubi.

If I'm wrong about anything I said above, I'm sure DK would correct me under normal circumstances except that he appears to be boycotting this blog, which I don't blame him for.


I have a question, Dear The Publisher. What if someone had a blog of this type written about them and that day they had a family emergency or an important work deadline and was unable to respond right away, perhaps didn't even check the site that day. Or even for a couple of hours. Would it be fair for say 500 people to read this before the person had the opportunity to defend themselves if they so chose? Would it be fair for that matter for 5 to read it? When they might not view it again?

I don't think blogs of this type should be allowed to remain posted, much less featured, until there is a time mutually agreed upon by writer and the person who is the subject of the blog for it to be posted. The blog should be immediately removed (however with the text copied, just in case the writer had not made a copy for themselves) as soon as The Publisher sees it, and the writer informed of the proper procedure. Of course the implementaton of such a fair procedure would require that The Publisher would have to do a bit of coordinating, requiring an investment of time.

A minimal investment.

Ari Siletz

Thanks MM

by Ari Siletz on

...for the reference. DK looks kooler though.


Too Many Multiple Personalities on This Site!

by Faramarz on


This is the time for Multiple Personality Disorder to step up and identify the true MPD's.

Meanwhile, please get the couch ready Fräulein!


Ari - DK's avatar is from a classic Adriano Celentano pose

by MM on

taken from //

Or, may be it is vice vesa?, but I like the pose and the hat.