Can you trust CNN's reporting on Iran?


Can you trust CNN's reporting on Iran?
by CIM

Q: Is CNN’s reporting biased against Iran?


A:  One of the ancient structures of Rome is its Coliseum.  There are stone maps on the walls of the amphitheater that include the name Persian Gulf (“Golfo Persico”) showing that for about 2,000 years (if not longer) the name for the body of water has been the Persian Gulf.  News is not about taking sides – it’s about reporting facts.  CNN producer Mike Mount used the name ‘Arabian Gulf.’  There are only two possible conclusions one can draw: (1) CNN has  trouble finding literate producers that are capable of researching simple historical facts or (2) CNN’s reporting is biased.


Q:  What can I do to fix this?


A:  You just did it.  When the public learns that CNN cannot (or will not) factually report something as basic as the correct name of a body of water whose name is older than all of the countries that are trying to tinker with it, viewers will turn away from CNN and seek alternate sources of information.  What CNN is telling its viewers is that it is not a reliable company. This means that CNN should expect a drop in viewership and a reduction in advertising revenue.  You can also get on social media like Twitter and Facebook and let the public and CNN know how silly CNN looks by sharing this article; The more people that read it means the more effective you have been.  And each time you see a product advertised on CNN make a mental note not to buy whatever it is you see advertised until CNN dedicates itself to accurately reporting basic facts. (Remember: Reporting basic facts is their job - it’s what makes them relevant - and if they cannot do that, their company cannot deliver value to the public. A news company that corrects factual errors increases its value.)  People don’t want to turn on a news program and come out dumber than prior to watching it.  For example, if CNN reported the name of the Eiffel Tower as the Arabian Tower or the Gulf of Mexico as the Arabian Gulf, I would not want my child to see their programs.  (Who wants their kid to end up as a dunce?)  You can also demand a correction from CNN at this link.  But whatever you do, don’t stress over it: A cable news company doesn’t have the authority to change historic names - they can only make themselves irrelevant and drive people to companies that provide an accurate and honest service.


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Thank you for your article

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It is well-written and worth reading.

Mohammad Ala

Thank you.

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Thanks for the map.  The issue has become political and has nothing to do with historical facts.  I have written many articles about Persian Gulf.  Here is the latest one