The Real 'Cost-of-Progress': Hate, Violence, and Unfairness


The Real 'Cost-of-Progress': Hate, Violence, and Unfairness
by CIM

Dear Cost-of-Progress, 

You have our full and unconditional support to throw away your Nazi-Inspired-&-Designed-Computer if it makes you happy.  But before you take the trip to the garbage bin: Keep your computer around for at least a little while so you can use it to urge the owners and operators of to explain why they permit individuals such yourself to utilize hate speech, insults, and baseless innuendos -- in what the site evidences is a period of many years -- while systematically bans, blocks, and censors others, as in the most recent cases of the User-IDs "All-Iranians" and "anglophile."*

And please keep your computer-gear around long enough to see what Misters Said Amin and Jahanshah Javid ( have to say about one of the practices this website employs, which is to permit users whose opinions or faith it does not welcome to be: (1) falsely labelled as being 'agents of the government of Iran' and (2) to be subject to threats of reprisal and threats of violence after it falsely allows them be placed in the category of 'agent.' 

  • [STEP 1] "by Anonymous Observer on Fri Jul 06, 2012 09:10 PM PDT  CIM- I will agree to your interview request under the following conditions:1) You must pay me an interview fee of $150,000.00.  Cash.  All in crisp $100.00 bills.  And no funny money.  I know what your IR bosses are up to."

  • [STEP 2] ”by Arash Kamangir on Thu May 24, 2012 10:01 AM PDT Haven’t we got some brave iranians to beat the hell out of him so scum sepahis like him don’t think USA is IR.”  

I will respectfully await their written response here on my Chinese made Apple computer so the people responsible for this website can explain why its owners, operators, managers, and inside players should not be categorized as members of a hate group that achieve their goals through broadcasting violent threats and threats of unlawful reprisal while consistently making individuals of certain ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds their personal 'whipping boys.'  Fortunately, I have the unconditional ability to purchase Apple products, however, websites that evidence a pattern of broadcasting defamatory racial and ethnic stereotypes  engender societal hatred towards others who may not find it as easy to have the full-range of life opportunities I do. So, I hope you support me in asking these questions of Mr. Said Amin and Mr. Jahanshah Javid and their support staff, who presently have the luxury on anonymity.        Respectfully yours,  Center for Independent Media

* P.S.

  • "by anglophile on Dear CIM ... Yes I am the one who was banned and thanks to the support shown ... I am back on track. I thank you again for your supportive comment."  

You are most welcome Anglophile. And if the occasion arises please be certain to remind people that we didn't have a litmus test as to what political positions you take in relation to Iranian politics, or your faith; we only insisted you were treated fairly according to uniform, consistent, and fairly applied rules.  


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Oh......Ala joon

by Cost-of-Progress on

Just because you wear a tie in youre picture does not make you PROGRESSive. 

I criticized you a few times and you're pissed at me. Understandable, but I have grown up enough to know that you and those like you are the real reason behind the cesspool that has become of Iran these days.

Speaking of the Islamist regime, I know you think everything is honky dory over there, so we know where you stand! You wouldn't happen to be that "Capt'n Ahab" now, would you?

Besides, who asked for your input?

Mohammad Ala

See who is lecturing who? LOL

by Mohammad Ala on

Who is lecturing who on hate and hypocrisy!! 

 Leave?  If one does not like something on IC, your solution is to leave?  Then you keep criticizing IRI?  C-o-P, do not leave, just grow up (mentally).



I was gonna ignore you, but

by Cost-of-Progress on

a dedicated blog just for me? nice.

Dude, you are the poster "boy" for hypocrisy calling others' posts hate speech when that is all you do here. The very fact that you are still posting (after who knows how many different usernames) is a testament to this site's tolerence for nonsense.

It is obvious that I hit a raw nurve in my reference to your relentless ranting and hate speech on this site. If you don't like it here, why don't you just do yourself a favor and leave?

Oh, and stop using that Nazi-inspired computer.

Enough time spent on you. Be gone now.