Seven deadly sins of Gandhi!

Dainasur and amu maad agha
by Dainasur and amu maad agha

Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in modern social and political activism, considered these traits to be the most spiritually perilous to humanity.

Wealth without Work

Pleasure without Conscience

Science without Humanity

Knowledge without Character

Politics without Principle

Commerce without Morality

Worship without Sacrifice


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Darius Kadivar

Birdie Num Num ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Movie without a Set ...


"Peter Sellers Gets Fired!"

A as Abbas

It really gets to me!

by A as Abbas on

Why is it always 7, 10, or 12?  Why can it not be 8, 11, or 13?  It is discrimination against some of the other numbers, you know.

Thank you Faramarz for making the list into 8.

Here are some more:

Working without cognition (example, me, and others, at work)
Conscience without comprehension (example, basijies)
Humanity without awareness (example, too many to name)
Character without insight (example, Khomeini, he was a real character!)
Wisdom without expertise (example, Ayatollahs, well, some people look up to them as being wise)
Morality without substance (example, daily bombardments from IRIB)
Worship without mercy (example, religious crusaders)


One more Deadly Sin

by Faramarz on



Being called Mohandes without going to engineering school