DIAMOND JUBILEE ALBUM: Shah, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret at Ascot (1972)


DIAMOND JUBILEE ALBUM: Shah, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret at Ascot (1972)
by Darius Kadivar

The Shah of Iran and Queen Elizabeth II head the cost of well dressed dignitaries at the Royal Ascot, the British horse race done up as costume drama. Press Photo Archives 

(Source: persianrealm.com

Footage Regarding Ascot Race Starts @ 3:31 :


Miscellaneous footage from Persepolis Celebrations, Concord Flight and Ascots Race


The Queen at the races:

The Queen, the Queen Mother and Prince Philip at the races in Epsom in 1991. They are with an entourage including the late Lord Porchester, Earl of Carnarvon, Michael Oswald and Sir Robert Fellowes.
(From the 1992 documentary "Elizabeth R")

Persian War 1970 Champion Hurdle:


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Bien fait mon cher ami

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La salutation de soixantième anniversaire de Londres à vous et votre maman de reine,   Anglo 

Darius Kadivar

Happy Jubilee anglophile jan

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Yes I have seen it too ... I think it is available in a better resolution. Will post in the future If I find it.


Will be watching the Jubilee on TV today with our favorite French Royal Correspondent Stephan Bern on second Channel too ;0)

Bought myself a memorabilia of the Queen's Jubilee yesterday and preparing Champaign and Canapés to celebrate with my own Queen Mum: My French mother ;0)


Cheers Buddy and keep us posted on the events from your perspective in London.