FRENCHIES: Shervin Janani-Amouzgar, UMP Militant, Supports Nicholas Sarkozy's Re Election


FRENCHIES: Shervin Janani-Amouzgar, UMP Militant, Supports Nicholas Sarkozy's Re Election
by Darius Kadivar

Shervin Janani-Amouzgar of Persian Heritage is the French deputy delegate of the UMP (Union Pour Un Mouvement Populaire) the 13th district of Paris. (See Related Link)


Shervin Janani-Amouzgar Délégué jeunes Adjoint de la 13ème circonscription pour L’UMP Chargé de mission · Sep 15, 2011 to present · Paris, France (See Related Link)

(Note: Below Photo in composition is Copyright Shervin Janani-Amouzgar)


Shervin Janani-Amouzgar is from the southern city of Montpellier but lives in Paris and studied at the Université Paris 5 Descartes. 

He supports Presidential Candidate Nicholas Sarkozy. The French President is seriously challenged by Socialist Candidate François Hollande currently favored by most polls as the potential winner in the final runoff which will determine the next President Sunday 6th of May.


Sarkozy’s Speech at Villepinte which launched his official campaign:






Gathering of UMP youth activists with Nicholas Sarkozy:

Young UMP activists mobilize in support for Candidate Nicholas Sarkozy (BFM TV):

(NOTE : To Watch Double Click Here)    



Nathalis Kosciusko Morizet with UMP youth:

Minister and member of Sarkozy’s Campaign team for 2012 Presidential elections



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Facing election shipwreck, Sarkozy 'friends' rise up

by Darius Kadivar on

Facing election shipwreck, Sarkozy 'friends' rise up (France 24)


As conservative leaders in France contemplate a likely defeat in parliamentary elections in June, some among them have rallied around an unlikely figure: defeated former president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Friends of Nicolas Sarkozy Association was formally established in Paris on Wednesday, fuelling ongoing speculation about the uncertain future of France’s political right. Sarkozy, who lost the May 6 presidential runoff to Socialist rival François Hollande, repeated before and after the vote that he would quit politics if he was defeated.

According to a statement prepared for the press, the mission of the new organisation includes being “vigilant to the way the [Sarkozy] record while in office is represented in public discourse,” and “upholding the ideas and values that he defended during his mandate.”

Brice Hortefeux, a former interior minister under Sarkozy and the head of the new group, told reporters that the former president’s friends would gather in a congenial spirit, and that they did not intend to weigh in on UMP party politics. 

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Sarkozy to Obama : "We Will Win, You and Me together"

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Darius Kadivar

Sarkozy seems to have dominated Presidential Debate

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France's political classes are convinced that Hollande will win ...


by Benedict Brogan



France's political classes are convinced that Hollande will win. Could Nicolas Sarkozy upset them?



Charles Jaigu, Le Figaro's Elysee correspondent, has a theory that the French election could turn out to be like the 1992 general election, with Nicolas Sarkozy cast as John Major. Like Mr Major in '92, Mr Sarkozy has been written off in favour of the pale pink socialist alternative. But that is in part because Mr Hollande has been good at cultivating the largely left-wing journalist classes. By this theory, reality on the ground could trump wishful thinking by the metropolitan elites. But even Sarko supporters admit that the hostility to him is strong enough to deter support and galvanise opponents if it looks like he might make it. Everyone here expects Francois Hollande will win, but there the political classes are working out which permutation of 'ifs' can confound the predictions and keep Mr Sarkozy in office.

This morning's polls have the gap at about five points, but the rate of closing is too slow to change things in time. Mr Hollande is losing about half a point a day. The maths say that each point is worth about 350,000 votes, so – ballpark – Mr Sarkozy needs to find an additional million supporters before Sunday. There is talk of the 22pc who are undecided, but they may choose to remain so, or to vote for Mr Hollande. The betting then remains on Mr Hollande – though unlike in Britain, there is no political gambling here, nor a culture of studying the numbers and challenging assumptions. Instead they just let politicians speak interminably on the TV channels. If Mr Sarkozy knocks Mr Hollande off his stride and comes from behind to win, it will be an epic upset.


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French rivals in feisty TV debate

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French rivals in feisty TV debate (bbc, VIDEO)


French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his challenger Francois Hollande have traded insults in their only TV debate of the election campaign.



i like sarkozy to win!

by mousa67 on

and my car's bumper sticker says:

i love israel. next to a beautiful flag of israel.


neocons, pro-likud want Sarkozy to win


Too bad... he is going to lose! :D

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Sarkozy's Defeat would be a victory for IRI

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Sarkozy's Defeat Might be a Victory for Iran « Commentary Magazine

Though the EU push for negotiations with Iran may be a doubtful strategy, it must be conceded that, although Tehran may intend to use the P5+1 talks to run out the clock, Sarkozy’s approach to the issue has been largely exemplary in his devotion to ensuring the nuclear threat is ended by any agreement. As Karon points out, without Sarkozy, the dynamic within the EU will change for the worse:

Sarkozy has been the leading voice of skepticism over negotiations among Western leaders, and he has taken the lead in pressing both the Obama administration and European governments to adopt the sanctions targeting Iran’s energy exports and banking sector that have had a painful impact on the Iranian economy. Britain supports France’s zero-enrichment demand, but hasn’t been quite as activist in promoting it. London is also more likely, analysts say, to go along with the consensus if Western powers can fashion an interim deal that offers concrete progress in reinforcing barriers to Iran using its nuclear program to create weapons, even if that leaves the issue of Iran’s ongoing enrichment to 3.5 percent unresolved for now. A nuclear compromise involving steps to diminish the danger of weaponization in the near term, but which leaves Iran with the capacity to enrich uranium and at the same time eases international pressure on Tehran, is precisely what the Israelis fear right now. And Sarkozy, while rejecting Israel’s threat to take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, could be more willing to push back against a compromise on the enrichment issue than Hollande would be.

Sarkozy’s departure would come at a crucial time in the talks. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s obvious interest in making the dispute disappear without an Iranian surrender needs to be balanced by strong opposition from France.

All this means the May 6 French runoff may be just as important for Israel, the United States and Iran as it is for France.

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Profile: Nicolas Sarkozy

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Profile: Nicolas Sarkozy (bbc)


Admirers see Nicolas Sarkozy as dynamic and decisive but he now faces the very real prospect of becoming the first French leader not to be re-elected for a second term since Valery Giscard d'Estaing in 1981.