PRESIDENCY ON SCREEN: Anthony Hopkins in Oliver Stone's "NIXON"


PRESIDENCY ON SCREEN: Anthony Hopkins in Oliver Stone's "NIXON"
by Darius Kadivar

A biographical story of former U.S. president Richard Milhous Nixon, from his days as a young boy to his eventual presidency which ended in shame.

Nixon (1995) directed by Oliver Stone and starring Anthony Hopkins,

Joan Allen and Powers Boothe

Original Theatrical Trailer :


Director Oliver Stone's exploration of former president Richard Nixon's strict Quaker upbringing, his nascent political strivings in law school, and his strangely self-effacing courtship of his wife, Pat. The contradictions in his character are revealed early, in the vicious campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas and the oddly masochistic Checkers speech. His defeat at the hands of the hated and envied John F.Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election, followed by the loss of the 1962 California gubernatorial race, seem to signal the end of his career. Yet,although wholly lacking in charisma, Nixon remains a brilliant political operator, seizing the opportunity provided by the backlash against the antiwar movement to take the presidency in 1968. It is only when safely in office,running far ahead in the polls for the 1972 presidential election, that his growing paranoia comes to full flower, triggering the Watergate scandal.



Miscellaneous scenes / Interviews on Film

Oliver Stone on Richard Nixon:

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Nixon Runs as California Governor Race 1962 :

Anthony Hopkins plays Richard Nixon in this famous Oliver Stone picture. This scene is based upon Nixon's failed pursuit of the governorship in California.

Nixon Being Pressed to Run for President:

Scene in which Tricky Dick is being pressed to run for President by some Texas businessmen


Nixon and Pat:

"Do you ever think ofdeath, Dick?":

Scene depicting an uneasy agreement between President Richard Nixon and CIA director Richard Helms.



Opening Up The Whole "Bay Of Pigs" Thing :

Scenes from Oliver Stone's movies JFK and Nixon explaining Nixon's code speak of the Kennedy assassination. Haldeman wrote in his book "The Ends of Power" that Nixon would always refer to the assassination as the "Bay of Pigs".



Nixon at the Lincoln Memorial:

Nixon (Anthony Hopkins) visits the Lincoln Memorial in Oliver Stone's Nixon 

On His Knees: In private Nixon Cries and asks Kissinger to pray with him:


Praise for Anthony Hopkins

Malcolm McDowell praise of Anthony Hopkins In NIXON:


Richard Nixon Greets Shah of Iran

Nixon Greets Shah of Iran :

Greetedby President Nixon The Shah of Iran makes an amazing speech on  "Revolutions" vs "Evolutions" in Middle East which echoes through time. (10/21/1969)


Elvis Meets Richard Nixon

Elvis Meets Nixon (For Real):

"The President and the King" - a Short Film by Seth Swirsky.
You ever hear about the day Elvis Presley unexpectedly flew to Washington, went to the White House and requested a meeting with President Richard Nixon? Now see what it actually looked like using the 26 photographs taken that morning by White House photographer, Oliver Atkins.
The film also features a rare interview with Jerry Schilling, one of the main men in Elvis Presley's 'Memphis Mafia', who was in the oval office that day!

Elvis meets Nixon (Satire):

Scene from the TV film "Elvis Meets Nixon,"starring Rick Peters as Elvis Presley and Bob Gunton as Richard M. Nixon.




Richard Nixon

Eisenhower on Nixon - JFKCampaign Spot:

1960 JFK campaign spot featuring footage of Eisenhower speaking about Vice President Nixon's White House experience at a press conference.

Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate, 1960:

On September 26, 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon stood before an audience of 70 million Americans—two-thirds of the nation's adult population—in the first nationally televised Presidential debate. This first of four debates held before the end of October gave a vast national audience the opportunity to see and compare the two candidates, and ushered in a new age of Presidential politics. 

Film footage © John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

Richard Nixon plays his Piano Concerto #1:

Nixon's Wins Presidency - acceptance speech (1968 election) :

Nixon In China :

Richard Nixon's 1972 trip to China showing some of his negotiation preparations and tactics; taken from the 2006 BBC documentary "The War of the World" by Niall Ferguson

Richard Nixon - "I'm not a crook" (November 17, 1973):

Walter Cronkite announces President Nixon's resignation 1974 :



Richard Nixon resigns - August 8, 1974:

Nixon Farewell Speech to Whitehouse Staff (A Remarkable Speech actually):

Ford Pardons Nixon - September 8,1974 :


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Nixon's 'hatchet man' Colson dies

by Darius Kadivar on

Nixon's 'hatchet man' Colson dies (bbc)


Charles Colson, an adviser to President Richard Nixon who was involved in the Watergate scandal and later became an evangelical preacher, has died aged 80.

He was known as the "hatchet man" for Mr Nixon and served seven months in jail for his role in discrediting a political opponent.

Later, he started a prison ministry and campaigned for penal reform.