ROYAL FORUM: The Pain in the Reign in Spain


ROYAL FORUM: The Pain in the Reign in Spain
by Darius Kadivar

An Unauthorized Biography on Spain's Princess Letizia has created stir and discomfort in Spanish Royalist Circles whilst embolding Spain's Republican Front. Under the Ironic Title of "Letizia Ortiz: A Republican in the Court of King Juan Carlos The First" authored by Isidre Cunill, the book suggests that Letizia Ortiz a former journalist turned Princess was a Rebel in her youth, smoking Hashish, modeling naked for Artist Friends and to top it all even had an abortion ( considered a crime at odds with Spain's Catholic Tradition).

Spanish TV taking a shot at an embarrasing "Marylin Monroe" like incident for the Princess of Asturia ;0)


True or False in it's allegations this publication comes amidst rumors of a certain hostility between Spain's Infant Princess' Elena and Christina and Crown Princess Letizia whose eldest Daughter Princess Leonor is not entirely recognized as heir to the Spanish throne because of the prevailing obsolete Salic Laws ( abandoned in most North European Monarchies ) which privaledges the so called "Blue Blood" of Royal figureheads as a pre-requisite condition of succession.

Letizia Ortiz at the time when she was Spainish TV's Prime Time Journalist:

Given that Letizia was not born into royalty, the debate over her status as well as that of her offsprings have absurdly surged in certain political and media circles. The Result is that this controversy has emboldened the Spanish Republican Front ( which also encompasses certain Seperatists factions such as the Basques or Catalan Minortities) in it's critics of the Spanish Royal Institutions all the more that they have never quite digested the fact that Spain has been a Constitutional Monarchy and a perfectly democratic state for more than 3 decades thanks to the enlightened behavior of it's current and ever popular yet ageing King Juan Carlos.

Will that still be the case in a Post Juan Carlos Spain ? ...

Are the rumors of existing and unsurmountable tensions between Letizia and the Infante Princess' prove as estranged as was the case for Princess Diana in her relationship with the British Royal Family ?

Or will the Letizia's controversy be exploited to exagerated proportions by the Press and Republican Opposition in the years to come so as to undermine the Royal institution which is not as solidly rooted as is the case in Great Britain.

Only Time will say ...

What is certain however is that seeing to a smooth and undisputed succession to King Juan Carlos' constructive reign will be one of the Spanish Constitutional Monarchy's greatest challenge in the years to come. One whose success or failure will irreversible impact Spain's democratic stability on the long run. A Political stability earned at the expense of great sacrifices but also strongly indepted to a great sovereign's political vision.

Viva España, Viva El Rey !!

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Viva España, Viva El Rey !!


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