ROYAL FORUM: Zahra Rahnavard Monarchist Muslim? ;0)


ROYAL FORUM: Zahra Rahnavard Monarchist Muslim? ;0)
by Darius Kadivar

IRI Academic Vahid Jalili expresses criticism for the way in which Zahra Rahnavard conducted her interviews aimed at proving the elections of 2009 Iranian elections were rigged and fraudulent. Zahra Rahnavard and the Green Movement main argument was that the elections were rigged due to the tribal vote, and that the Lor and Azari ethnic groups within Iran vote for the candidate of their ethnicity. Jalili argues this mentality belongs to Monarchist Muslims, out of touch with how Iran's demographics have changed, in particular the shift towards an Islamic Republic. Jalili argues this argument is irrelevant and outdated, and does not correspond with how Iranians vote and have voted in the past. He puts forward criticism of Mir-Hossein Mousavi for calling her the most intellectual woman in Iran. Zahra Rahnavard says the tribal vote is the reason she believes the elections were rigged. More than half a year after the elections, she and her followers have been unable to prove any instance of rigging. (Transcript of clip as posted on youtube clip):

Imam jome of Tehran In Front of Reza shah Tomb for 50th Anniversary of Pahlavi Dynasty ( 1355/1977):

Part I:

Part II:





Miscellaneous Debates on IRI Tv on the Subject of the Pahlavi Monarchy and Revolution





Iranian Intellectual and Journalist Sadegh Ziba Kallam speaks highly about Reza Shah's Achievement on IRI TV (March 2010):

Another interesting Take on the same topic from the view point of an Intellectual Bijan Abdolkarimi in Iran today and his take on the differences between the British Glorious Revolution (of 1688 and the British Restoration) which led to a Parliamentary System as opposed to the French Secular Revolution of 1789:

Blogger Potkin Azarmehr in London about the hanging of Rahmanipour and Alizamani in Iran - 28 Jan 2010:


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Ey baba.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 why can't you folks just ignore the attire for a second, and instead listen to what she says and does. Then you might accept her as another iranian activist fighting for human rights of Iranian people, albeit from a different ideological platform as yours.

I respect and support any iranian, specially any Iranian woman who speaks out against the fascist islamist regime so publically, specially from inside Iran, knowing the obvious risks attached to this kind of opposition. I do not allow her ideology or religion, let alone her attire to be an influencing factor here!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


About Zahra Rahnavard

by jasonrobardas on

   She may not be the most important intellectual in Iran , but she is definitely the most awfully  dressed woman there . She uses 100 yards of ugly fabric to wrap herself in . Ironicaly , she claims to care for women's freedom and liberation . All you have to do , look at the way she dresses  and you will know how reactionary ( Ertejaee) she is .  It is all struggle for power on the top .


باز هم رهنورد




آن شنیدم زهره ای زهرا بشد

النسا را او بخواند و در لچک پیچیده شد

او پذیرفت مسلک شمشیر و خون

او که احمق بود..احمق تر بشد






خانم رهنورد یعنی همان زهره ای که زهرا شد

اگر دورو و ظاهر ساز نباشد

احمقیست درجه ۲