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David ET
by David ET

Dylan Ratigan! You are my hero today. At last someone is saying what I have been saying for years. Dylan Ratigan was exactly on the mark with these words: "America is being extracted" and Obama is not doing what a good president should have done about it. As for US congress , there is no hope for them.

Riots and anarchy in London can be a preview of what might come if things continue to do down the path that it has been going for the past 10+ years.

EVERYONE must hear these words:


My past Blogs on the subject:

2008: The new world order "The next rounds of these shift will be served by increase in taxes as well as possible bail outs to be formulated by the soon to be democrat US president."

March 2009 : Mr. Obama: "Tear down this WALL" ! ""this policy of borrowing billions more to maintain a wasteful failed economic system (in its head a flawed Federal Reserve Board that should not have existed to begin with), will only lengthen the painful suffering of millions of people resulting in the eventual collapse of dollar."

Obanomics: Print Green and spend ! : "Stay Tuned for the rest of "THE PLAN" to unfold : The collapse of the dollar"

Our trillion fixes : ".might as well we too enjoy the whatever left over of this borrowed green hoping that its left over's trickle on us while the same elite on top suck up most of it"

July 2009 Mr. President: Told you so! :"I continue to claim that the current (same old) approach will not "change" the outcome but will only delay it , just to be faced with even worse."


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David ET

مدیریت هرکی‌ هرکی‌ در iranian.com

David ET

I was asked by few over the past two months why I no longer participate in Iranian.com

The reason has a long history but the end of it was when Iranian.com (specifically Jahanshah Javid) without any adherence to own terms of use as well as common internet norms, the cover of blog being too short or news related. deleted a blog of mine that questioned hypocrisy of NIAC.

This was not the first time that such approach of "I do as I wish without regard to common standards where management subscribe to no rules but to own preference or favoritism implemented. This attitude in fact is the underlying problem of many of in position of power that leads to dictatorships of one kind or another as a whole. I had experienced such Harki harki policy from days of posting for Stop Child Execution Organization to my own posts.

I value my limited time and devote it to where I see most efficient and productive, and chose to condone sites or those who do not practice what they preach. Therefore after enough years of putting up with favoritisms , discriminations and non-compliance to own and internet terms, I chose to completely walk away iranian.com and devote my time to other resources.

Thank you for your interests and inquiries. I have met many wonderful people on this site and look forward to continue our mutually respectful exchanges and coorporations and I am very thankful for that.

Hoping for an Iran and iranian's where we fully adhere to equality, rules and justice away from favoritisms and non-favoritisms regardless of our organizational, social and political status and with best wishes for Iranian.com and its management.


 It used to be that a

by vildemose on

 It used to be that a sworn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution was the only promise required to become president. But that no longer seems to be enough for a growing number of Republican interest groups, who are demanding that presidential candidates sign pledges shackling them to the corners of conservative ideology. Many candidates are going along, and each pledge they sign undermines the basic principle of democratic government built on compromise and negotiation...


"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx


 I just read that before

by vildemose on

 I just read that before clicking on your blog. You are right, everyone must read Ratigan's criticism of both parties.  Republicans want to run the government to the ground (per Grover Norquist)  and the democrats are only interested in reelection.

Grover Norquist' view on government.  There are a bunch of republicans who have signed a pledge officially to do exactly that.

 Views on government

Norquist favors dramatically reducing the size of the government.[12] He has been noted for his widely quoted quip: "I don't want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub."[


"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx

Anahid Hojjati

"People being entertained", that is a good one

by Anahid Hojjati on


 David, I like where you wrote:"The problem with America is that, the people have turned their destiny in to the hands of the few while being entertained. " I came to US in 1983 and I can see how this being entertained has been taken to new levels. Even tragedies like OJ 's saga were instances for people to be totally entertained about. It was sad to observe even intelligent people spend hours following OJ's trial, Then there are reality shows. Talk shows don't discuss important subjects , sitcoms have become more stupid, on and on.


The mentality is wrong

by hirre on

The american mentality is wrong. You can not except to live in a country where the prices will always stay low, the salaries high, and no responsibility against the rest of the planet and so on... Each american uses many times more energy than the average human on the planet. Energy comes from resources and resources will run out. It's america that is the leech (a democratical imperialistic leech) and when there is no more blood to suck the shit will hit the fan. Live moderate and live long, live like americans and you will soon find yourself in trouble.

What you will see in the future is a natural process of the US government enforcing more restrictions on the people and companies in order to manage the future energy and resource crises along with the US dept... People and companies will need to change their behaviour, not only in the US, but also in the rest of the world in order to "survive"... The "glory days" of the past is long gone, the dinner is finished, the bill has arrived...

The world was "on sale" for america (that is why it got so rich, same goes to britain aswell), but now it has to find itself as an equal member of planet earth. This process will continue for all empires, china is next...

Also I'm tired of hearing of this "holy constitution" which especially right-winged americans love to refer to at any time they get upset, like it's some kind of unique document from God. Get over it, rules change, the constitution would be written differently if it was written today, e.g. they would exclude the part about using guns for defence which obviously has gone wrong...

The losers in history are the ones who will not accept change...


Thanks for sharing David.

by ham1328 on

This is a great video, truly, everyone should watch it.

David ET

Amerika for sale

by David ET on

Anahid: You are most welcome.


America does not need socialism (in your words "collective system" ). In fact it is the government and politicians who have got it to the mess that it is in. 

Americans do not need to "pay more taxes"! They are paying too much already!

The probelm with America is not the opportunity to progress (in your words become "rich") . The problem is that the opportunities are being taken away from "the people" .

The problem with America is that its consitution is being walked all over by the same ones who are supposed to implement it.

The problem with America is that a non-constitutial entity of group of bankers under the name of "Federal Reserve System" has been controlling the economic freedom that was intended in the constitution.

The problem with America is that "The People" and independents no longer have a voice and they are misrepresneted by two corrupt to the bone parties of Democrats and Republicans.

The problem with America is its imperialism that does not serve its people and in fact costs its people and taxpayers billions only to fill the pocket of few.

The problem with America is that, the people have turned their destiny in to the hands of the few while being entertained.

The problem with America is that it has been for sale for some time and it "is being extracted" by billions of dollars everyday. 

The problem with America does not fit in this short commentary. 


The problem with America...

by hirre on

The problem with America is that when a leader actually wants to do the right stuff for the people he is being hunted by different institutions, companies and so on who want to keep the power for themselves... In reality the private sector dominates the american political system. As long it is like that, the people will always suffer, and the leaders will always be ridiculed and changed whenever seen fit.

On the other hand, american people aren't willing to give more power to the system, thus the situation becomes status-quo. The key is, if you want equality and a strong social system with free education, heath care and so on you have to give more power to the system and pay more tax. But if you want to have the opportunity to become extremly rich or have a lot of freedom with the little money you already make in general, then the private sector must have the most power...

It's a matter of choice for the american people, an individualistic system where the rewards can reach the sky, or a collective system where no one can say I didn't have money to go to college or fix my damaged knee and so on...

I believe the american people have nothing to compare with, thus the corporations create a scenario where they display all social reforms as threats to "freedom" or "communist actions".

In reality the comparison should be done on the individual level. E.g. in my case I was thinking of moving to america to work for 1-3 years and then move back again. So I asked my american friend what kind of salary I should have in e.g. more popular cities in california to have the exact (or similar) living situation that I have now in Sweden. He did a good calculation for me which really shocked me.

What he actually showed was that if you calculate how much you need to spend on everything in america: tax, insurance, loans, cars, school, kindergarden, monthly saving, vacation days etc etc you really need to have what is considered a high income in america along with a generous employer. This can be compared to an average income in e.g. Sweden. So to have the same living standards in america as people have in Sweden you have to have a high income, which is not necessary in Sweden... It's these sorts of facts that the average american never sees and therefore they still buy the myth that they are more "free" than e.g. other nations... If you are financially squeezed, you are not free, no matter what they tell you in the media...

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks David for posting this important video

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks for sharing this video.