Why western media is relatively silent regarding New York demonstrations?

by didani

 One article in New York Post , NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor , and Ynetnews, and that is it?!

 Nothing in Huffingtopost (where Nico Pitney was blogging min by min in June):


BBC? none,


Guardian of London? none,



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90+% of Americans

by Cost-of-Progress on

don't know where Iran is let alone what's happening now. This is in spite of the fact that for the last 30 years Iran has been in the news (negatively, of course) more or less constantly.

Americans spends a good bit of time discussing (amrikayee) football games at work and listening to sports analysis on the radio and do not have the time or the interest to follow other countries' affairs - nor do they care! They leave it to their military to "take care" of problem spots, if and when needed.

We, the people of Iran (inside and outside) need to force change for the better ourselves. Unless, of course, there's something in it for the world powers in which case....you'll get another.......... "revolution".

For that reason, the task is monumental.


We have to learn to rely on

by jamshid on

We have to learn to rely on our own selves. Forget about the foreign media. It looks like news of the NY protests traveled to Iran fast, and people are talking about it in there. This gives those in Iran hope and one more delgarmi to strive on with their goals.

THAT'S what count most, not BBC.


maybe it's 'cause the media

by liberation08 on

maybe it's 'cause the media knows that the protests are of minor importance. a few thousand people is not very many

those who hope for regime change in the near future are deluded. the islamic regime will last for much longer


گور باباشون


Don't ask me. I did my part; out of my time and out my pocket. Ask the flag seller in L.A. who promissed pie in the sky.