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ebi amirhosseini
by ebi amirhosseini

Writers on this site have their own reasons & priorities for writing either in Farsi or English & here I am not going to get into its pros & cons.I simply try to share with you how I feel, not what I ask everbody to do!

We as Iranians,have an obligation toward our culture & language,regardless of our political,religious,social..... differences. If we claim to love Iran,wearing a " FERAVAHAR " necklace or tatoo it on our bodies,campaign for preserving the name " PERSIAN " in " Persian Gulf ",find pure Persian names for our newborns,write about the plight of religious / ethnic minorites in Iran, & .........they are all very good deeds.But , I beleive we can do more by preserving our language for ourselves & our children.I know a lot of poeple on this site,have been born out of Iran & is very difficult for them to read & write in Farsi, but at the same time many others can . The site is called Iranian.com; but if you take a good look at it,everyday that passes, you see less and less posts in Farsi ( including mine ).Definitely there are a lot of good reasons for it,including technical ones. Just remember,if you review our history,we were invaded many times,but we never lost our language;either the invadors were Mecodonians , Arabs or.....

Aryo-Barzan, Babak-Khorramdin , Afshin , Abumoslem Khorasani , Amir kabir , Ghaem Magham Farahani, and many others did a lot of good for Iran,but which one of them had an everlasting effect ; comparing to Ferdowsi & for that matter Hafez !? I believe none!.

What Ferdowsi did for Iranians is beyond imagination! we are the only nation on earth that after the Arab invasion,kept our language identity & only changed our religion.Egyptians with nearly 7000 years of civilization ( more than 5000 years of it before Islam ),speak Arabic! so do many others like,Syrians,Iraqis,......

To make a long story short,what do you think ? can we do something on this site to preserve Farsi?

Just a thought; nothing less , nothing more !.VIVA IRAN, VIVA FARSI.

بسی رنج بردم در این سال سی

عجم زنده کردم بدین پارسی


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فارسي را پاس بداريم

Siboo (not verified)

Dear ebi,
Our language is like our calender. You see most of the world has a different calender as we do. We have Friday as our weekend but they have Saturday and Sundays.But did anyone ever talked about changing our calender?!!!
Another word, German or French people are well know of being prejudice about their language which compare to the population who talk Farsi, are very small. So how come we always want to change ourselves, our language, our names,.... because of others!!!.
I do not know if we start writing in Farsi, then how many people can read it, but we can try and get some feedback and see how many Iranian.com viewers are really care about reading only in English. Then maybe somebody like me who has a pour English writing, can write in her/his language, Farsi much better and maybe we will see more comments and articles than now. Because sometimes when you can not write very good in English, you hesitate, so most of your stories will remain not told!.
Let's think like Ferdousi and Hafez and see what we can do more to make Iran and Iranian honored.

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Dear Mr Amirhosseini

by Samavar on

Thank you for you civilized and educational response to my otherwise critical comment. You are a true Persian and a scholar.

 With best wishes


ebi amirhosseini

Samavar Jaan !

by ebi amirhosseini on

دوست نادیده،سماور جان!

با سلام

با سپاس بیکران از بذل توجه ادیبانه شما.

لازم میدانم چند خط، حتی با دانش ناقصم در این زمینه بنویسم :

1-در موارد شماره 1 و 2 ، عین نظرات شما را در نوشته‌ام داده ام،پس هردو یک نظر را داریم.

2-دوستان عزیز دیگری نظر به تغییر خط فارسی دادند، نه بنده ،که نقد کوتاهی برایشان نوشتم.

3-در مورد روایتی که از "رضا شاه"، نقل فرمودید; آن را در دوران دانشجویی از استادم "  دکتر مهرداد بهار"، فرزند " ملک الشعرا بهار" شنیدم،بحث در باره تغییر خط فارسی بود. ایشان دلیل آنرا  چیز دیگری میدانستند که در جای خود،  بحث دارد.دلیل آن هر چه بوده است،ایرانیان برنده آن بوده اند.

4- بنده شخصا" بحث فارسی یا پرشین را فقط و فقط در حوزه اهل فن آن یعنی،اساتید زبان شناس ، فارسی زبانی چون : دکتر یارشاطر،دکتر حق شناس، دکتر باطنی،دکتر صادقی،دکتر آموزگار،دکتر صفوی، و ............... میدانم.

5- عبارت " Persian Language " در حوزه ایران شناسی، بیشتر به صورت " Persian Languages "مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرد، که شامل گستره وسیعی از زبانهای ایرانی باستان و میانه از جمله : سغدی، مانوی،فارسی باستان، فارسی میانه / پهلوی، آسی و ....... میشود.

6-لازم میدانم در ختم کلام خود خاطره‌ای را در تا"یید گفته شما و خودم نقل کنم :

در حدود هجده سال قبل در قصر موزه " توپکاپی" در ترکیه، یک راهنمای محلی در پاسخ  یک گردشگر اروپایی در مورد نوشته سر در بخشی از کاخ، به او جواب داد:  این نوشته " شعری به زبان عربی " است !! با اشاره به او که " بنده هم به قولی اهل بخیه " هستم، برای او و سایرین توضیح دادم که این شعر به زبان فارسی است و آن را برای آنها ترجمه کردم، با این توضیح اضافی که، زبان فارسی در دوره‌ای طولانی زبان " دربار، مکاتبات ، شعر و نثر" شبه قاره هند و امپراتوری عثمانی بوده است.

روده درازی بنده را ببخشید، به امید روزی که با شما یک چایی قند پهلو نوش جان کنیم.!

پاینده ایران.


سوری عزیز ،نرم افزار جالبی را برای تایپ به زبان فارسی در بلاگ خود( مبدل ) گذاشته است.



Farsi or Persian?

by Samavar on

Mr Amirhosseini

Is it not odd that you object to Reza Shah's decree that changed Persia to Iran and yet you say Farsi instead of Persian?!

 Next, suggeting to adopt an extinct alphabet, such as Pahlavi, or even a modern one for that matter, such as Persic (promoted by Esmaeel Nouri Ala) to replace the existing alphabet is just a pipe dream. For two reasons it is impossible to do it:

  1. No credible scholar of Persian language and literature would approve of this change because it destroys, as it did in Turkey, the ethymological structure of the language. Almost every single word has its ethymological history hidden in the way it is written as well as in the way it is spoken.  By writing a word in a different alphabet, its link to its past variations is lost. It is like analysing a historic event without reference to its backround. A linguist will not accept that.
  2. The cultural links are lost too. The Turks cannot read the texts that were written in their former alphabet before seventy years ago and the job of rewriting such texts in a new alphabet is a massive and costly project. Only a dictatorship of the nature of Ataturk's can force this upon its people.

To his credit,when Reza Shah was asked of his opinion about changing the alphabet like done in Turkey, he replied: "What can I then say to Saadi and Hafez for ruining the script of their mastepieces?"

I agree with you that Iranian.com should do much more in encouraging and publishing quality works of literary nature in Persian (or Farsi as Ebi would prefer).  But this is Jahanshah Javid's personal property and he can do with it what he likes, as simple as this.

 ps - I can't write in Persian as I my computer has no Persian word processor.

ebi amirhosseini

FYI ( Dear Samsam111,Redwine) !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Our present alphabet , Arabic  & Hebrew,all have the same historical root,which is Aramaic.

Did the Turks,get rid of their Mullahs when Ataturk changed their alphabet,definitely not!.This is not an academic solution,and has no support for it among real Iranologists.See what happened by a non-academic decision by Reza shah,asking the international communty of the time to call our country " Iran ", instead of " Persia"; you have Persian cat not Iranian cat,Persian carpet not Iranian carpet,Persian miniature not Iranian miniature,Persian art not Iranian art,Persian caligraphy not Iranian caligraphy,and so on.


best wishes

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Agree with Mr Samsam . is good just to write in 'farsi' not english and etc ... but who cares ... is just important our religion and bla bla bla ,we forgot our real target which is doing something for Iran ... isn't it ?!


Alphabet! the solution is changing the Arabic Alphabeth

by samsam1111 on

We should change it & We will one day .It,s already being done on internet chats primitivly by using English alphabet for Farsi words.

We all owe this to Ferdowsi to finish his grand project.We can use our own homegrown Semi Aramic pahlavi Alphabeth here:


or Latin.


Which ever You choose this forced tool of occupation "Alefbayeh nekbat" must end.

The current Alphabeth is the most imminent threat to our national Identity.It,s through this virus that brand new words of mullahs Arabic dream keeps floating in Farsi.more than 2000 new Arabic words since 1979.


ps* JJ should import Pahlavi font as an option to write on this site...If you want I,ll provide you with the file.