Aminollah Rashidi, Sheydaaye Zamaanam !!

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He has been the student of  Mousa Ma'rufi (father of Javad Ma'rufi), Mehdi Forough & learned to play the Tar in the presence of Hasan Naghshpour and Masoud Ma'arefi. He also learned carpet designing and calligraphy from  Ali Akbar Sana'ti when he was a student of Shahpour elementary school and Pahlavi highschool in Kashan. After graduation, Rashidi continued carpet designing with  Mohammad Dabir al Sanaayeh and Naghshpour until he was able to design a Persian rug by himself.

He was one of prominent  composers and singers in Tehran central radio station from 1949 to 1965 continuously. He composed more than 120 songs with cooperation of such Iranian Maestroes as Habibollah Badie, Parviz Yahaghi, Homayoun Khorram, Abbas Shahpouri, Anoushiravan Rohani, Reza Yavari .

In addition to self-composed songs, he sang numbers of songs composed by  Mousa Ma'rufi, Hossein Yahaghi, Ali Tajvidi, Homayoun Khorram, Shahpour Niakan, and Abbas Zandi live at Tehran Radio Station (no record of them available).


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he makes singing look so easy. i enjoyed the video.