Bahrain - Iran

ebi amirhosseini
by ebi amirhosseini

 A big loss for Iran,Bahrain wins 4 - 2.


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Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Loved your post.

You sure take football seriously. I have never been a fan of football and you won't see me inside a stadium dead or alive.I was just baiting you as I always do. Devil's advocate, if you will. So, relax.

I come from Almukharqa district - it is referred to affectionately as mahaliya ajama - so there, we are Arabs to Iranians and ajam to Arabs. 

In 1969 I visited Shiraz and overhead the hotelier refer to us as Arabo.

I left Bahrain 23 years ago but I have been back many time. I do get lost in the new highways. They love their concrete buildings.

Still, we won the game. Keep practicing.

May be one day we will have our own country and football will not be a national pass time, if I have anything to do with it.

Cheers brother. I still love Iran and all Iranians.

Ahmed from Bahrain

maziar 58

ya akhi !

by maziar 58 on

1) how many bahreini played on that team ? not the nimkat

2 ) why just one soccer victory have to bring you guys false um alvatania pride ?

3 ) wasn't the last trip by dick cheney (bringing special msg.)  to the last king ; either you're with us or SADDAM is coming ....

followed by his heart attack the next day ??!!!

I remember every time you'd asked a Bahraini about separation vote they replied: in sha ala,udeh (god willing,will...) yallah EMSHI



by ThePope on

"Now pay attention to what I say"
I did!
I payed close attention to what you said and I came to the conclusion that you're just like the rest of the arabs who not only don't know shit about the region, but also know nothing about their own 'country'(masalan)...!!

Aaghaa-ye Ahmad from Bahrain(!), you can't even recognize estaad al'bahrain al'vatani; Bahrain's main football stadium in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, in you own 'country' Ba'd oomadi vaaseh maa kori bekhooni???!!!
Khoobi?!!  ;-)

Jamesh kon baabaa joon, kheily vaaseh to o amsaal-e to arab (yaa neemcheh-arab) zood-e keh baraa-ye football-e Iran kori bekhoonid.

"where are the football loving Iranians?"
That small crowd that you see in estaadium-e Melli-e Bahrain, in Manama,  are Iranians; "football loving Iranians" cheering for Team-Melli; one of the oldest, strongest, most successful & respected national team of AFC.
Still, even if this "practice" was in Iran, there would not be more spectators either, simply because "football loving Iranians" don't waste time with weak/2nd class teams who still have a l o n g way to go before "they learn how to kick ball" & play nice "loving football"...  

Now, the question is; where are the wannabee Bahraini football fans? Aren't they supposed to come cheer for,,, & boost the morale of "Al'Ahmar" for the WC qualifying playoff....? Or maybe, shotor savari is still more important to them than to see their 'national' team make it to WC for once?

Anyways, good luck to Bahrain & their quest for first time ever qualification to WC,,, maa Irooni-haa keh mesleh baziaa bakheel neesteem...

BTW, you also said:
"US 5th Fleet with real nukes moored just outside my window"
How could you claim the above when you can't even recognize your own city (country)??!   -are you sure? Maybe you should go to your window and double check your whereabouts...  ;-)

Ahmed from Bahrain

Note: Where are the spectators?

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

From the ad banners, I make a wild guess this match was played in Iran. OK, we are barely one million people with 50% Indian workers who have as much interest in football as I have in crochet netting. And, if this match was in Iran then where are the football loving Iranians?

Another guess, this game was played at night. So, Iranian team must have been full of iftar ab-ghost, whereas Bahrainis being away from home, were not fasting.

Call it an unfair advantage.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Ahmed from Bahrain

Listen up you guys

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Now pay attention to what I say.

Bajenaghe, mioone khudemoon bashe, there was a time where we, Bahrainis used to dream about the Shah coming to save us one day; now you dream on.

Presumably you live in A'amrika and Bahrain has a new king, not to mention US 5th Fleet with real nukes moored just outside my window, and Iran belongs to Mullahs who somehow are infatuated with Arab language and culture of some 1400 old.

Still, we have learnt to kick balls better than you.


Ahmed from Bahrain

bajenaghe naghi

Ebi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

that is a terrible news. But doesn't bahrain belong to Iran? ;-)