Desi Jaan,Happy Birthday !!


Desi Jaan,Happy Birthday !!
by ebi amirhosseini

 ای صبا گر بگذری بر ساحل رود ارس


بوسه زن بر خاک آن وادی و مشکین کن نفس


منزل سلمی که بادش هر دم از ما صد سلام


پرصدای ساربانان بینی و بانگ جرس


محمل جانان ببوس آن گه به زاری عرضه دار


کز فراقت سوختم ای مهربان فریاد رس


من که قول ناصحان را خواندمی قول رباب


 گوشمالی دیدم از هجران که اینم پند بس


عشرت شبگیر کن می نوش کاندر راه عشق


شب روان را آشنایی‌هاست با میر عسس


عشقبازی کار بازی نیست ای دل سر بباز


زان که گوی عشق نتوان زد به چوگان هوس


دل به رغبت می‌سپارد جان به چشم مست یار


گر چه هشیاران ندادند اختیار خود به کس


طوطیان در شکرستان کامرانی می‌کنند


و از تحسر دست بر سر می‌زند مسکین مگس


نام حافظ گر برآید بر زبان کلک دوست


از جناب حضرت شاهم بس است این ملتمس















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Red Wine


Red Wine

دوست عزيز.تولدت مبارك...اين هم كادوي تولد شما.




Dear Desi

by Souri on

I wish you a very happy Birth Day and a year full of joy and happiness and success.

bajenaghe naghi

Desi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

Happy birthday and i wish you a beautiful day and a year filled with health and happyness. 


This Is Your Lucky Day!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

I got the whole song, now!




by Killjoy (not verified) on

I must've forgotten to add the invitation letter.


Happy Birthday!

by Killjoy (not verified) on


I received this invitation to go to Italy and can't make it. Anyone interested?

Even if not, go ahead and enjoy the music!

Darius Kadivar

HAppy BD Desi

by Darius Kadivar on

Seems we were born the same month but you also share that priveladge with Steven Spielberg who was born on the SAME DAY as you ;0)


Happy Birthday to you two then ;0)

Azarin Sadegh

Happy B-DAY!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Happy Birthday Dear Desi!

Sorry for my late comment! But you can imagine the traffic in a rainy day in LA!...still, I'm happy that it isn't midnight yet..:-) I wish you lots of patience and passion, lots of joy, "salamati" and "khoshi"!

Have a great vacation and don't go online!



Ebi Jaan-Who wrote this

by desi on

Ebi Jaan-Who wrote this beautiful poem?  And where do you find these clips?  Gilakis dancing and an organic peste farm in Torbate H.  Guilan has a tourism board?  I can just see a bunch of Rashtis organizing tour groups LOL.  Both sides represented.  I love it.

AW jaan-Where have you been?  I'm going to arrange for us all to meet up at the pub in the new year I promise.

Prez jaan-remember I'm vazeere jang.  I'm not giving up my post. 

Irandokht jaan-I'm leaving at the ass crack of dawn and I can't find my wetsuit.  My husband is trying to cram every last golf club in to a traveling bag.  My kid still has a croop cough and sounds like a seal.

Your messages made my night.  Now I know I'll have a good vacation.

Thank you!!!!!! 

American Wife

Happy Birthday!

by American Wife on

To a cool chick.  Sorry I missed it as well.  Hopefully we can celebrate with a drink in the new pub soon!



Happy Birthday...

by President e Mahboob (not verified) on

Desi Jaan!!!

Hajj Ebi Vazir Mohtaram e Sabt e Ahval, very thoughtful as usual!


Happy Birthday Desi!!!!

by IRANdokht on

I hope you had a nice birthday and enjoying your vacation right now!

Wishing you a whole year of happy moments, health, laughter, love and success!

I had to change the song oops! Here's my favorite new band singing in gilaki for you

Hope the little devil gets better soon, enjoy yourself! come back soon we need our vazeer-e-jang ;-)

and here's a nice dance too