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Farsi=Tajiki=Dari ( زبان فارسی فراتر از اندیشه و مرزها)


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Farsi <> Tajiki <> Dari

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Dear Ebi

Your statement that these three dialects of Persian are the same is misleading and highly generalized. This is like suggesting that Spanish=Italian=Portuguese which is not true. You may only say this about the academic and artistic versions of these three dialects (Farsi, Dari and Tajiki) but in their modern and spoken states they are widely different. There are not only significant differences in their use of different vocabularies for the same thing or the same concept, there are also a number of important grammatical differences such the position of noune and adjective in Dari compared to Farsi. You are obviously taking a puritanic and more likely a romantic view in suggesting that these three dialects are the same. In practical terms there are significant differences particularly between Farsi and Dari that cannot be ignored.

With respect