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The fringes of Iranian society can be a lonely place, especially if you are a teenage girl with few resources to fall back on. Finding Home follows four girls striving to pull themselves out of the margins by attending a one-of-kind rehabilitation center in uptown Tehran. Forget about the Iran that youíve seen before. With a virtually invisible camera, the girls of Finding Home take us on a never-before-seen tour of the underclass of Iran with their brave and defiant stories: Samira struggles to overcome forced drug addition; Mitra harnesses abandonment into her creative writing; Sussan teeters on a dangerous ledge after years of sexual abuse; and Nazila burgeons out of her hatred with her blazing rap music. This groundbreaking documentary reflects a side of Iran few have access to or paid attention to: a society lost to its traditions with nothing meaningful to replace them and a group of courageous women working to instill a sense of empowerment and hope into the minds and lives of otherwise discarded teenage girls.

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Directed by Hamid Rahmanian; Produced by Melissa Hibbard
92 minutes, ©2008. Completion date: September 1, 2008

We need your help to finish this film!
Become a part of the new trend in independent filmmaking and get personally involved! Funding resources are scarce and it's getting more and more difficult for filmmakers to bring high quality content that doesn't bend to conventional notions of the news to a wide audience.

We are only months away from the first screening and need $30,000 to get this film out the door.† It seems like a lot of money but if everyone puts in something we can meet this goal in a matter of weeks!

Forget about current politics! Finding Home bypasses the rhetoric and brings the audience smack in the middle of real life for girls living in the fringes.† It tells the courageous stories of girls struggling to better their lives and shows how a group of strong-willed, dedicated social workers, psychologists and caregivers are facilitating that struggle.† Itís a story that needs to be told.

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Contributions of all sizes are appreciated

Your name and information will be stored in our donor's email list. We'll keep you updated on how the film is doing and where it's showing.

Finding Home Fan - Contributions of $100 or more
The extras-packed dvd, signed by the girls and director
Your name in the credits*
Finding Home Friend - Contributions of $500 or more
2 tickets to the theatrical screening of your choice
The extras-packed dvd
Your name in the credits*
Finding Home Supporter - Contribute $1,000 or more
A Pass to the screening and parties of the festival of your choice
2 tickets to the theatrical screening of your choice
The extras-packed dvd
Your name in the credits*
If you would like to get involved in a more substantive way please contact me directly at

*Film credit possible only if you contribute before May 20, 2008
What will the funds be used for?
The funds raised during this campaign will be used to complete the post production of the film including: original music score, sound edit and mix, color correction and upgrade to high definition.

How will this film impact the girls of Omid?
Already we have commitments from an American television network to insure national coverage.  Aside from prestigious festival and theatrical screenings and international television broadcasts here’s what you will be contributing to:

A percentage of the profits from DVD sales will go directly to the center and into a fund for the girls in the film to help insure that they have the support to maintain their independence and self-sufficiency.
This film will be used by the Omid-e-Mehr Center for fundraising purposes for the center
We are commissioning articles to be written about the issues addressed in the film by some of the most important activists in Iran
The dvd will be subtitled into other languages including French, German, Arabic, and Spanish to reach a wider audience.
Podcasts of conferences, interviews and Q&As will be made available online
We’re pairing up with international organizations involved in women's rights and empowerment as part of the outreach of this film.
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