Meeting With Doozakhian !

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Performed at DC concert July 20, 2008. Charkh-e Nilufari & Sarzamin-e Bikaran Founded in 2005 by Saied Jafarzadeh also known as Parvaz Homay, The Mastan Group has become one of the most prominent - traditional Persian music ensembles from Iran. Only in his 20's, Homay is part of a very special group of Musicians who writes his own lyrics, composes, sings, produces and mixes his music in Iran. His ensemble consists of eight highly proficient Iranian musicians. These young spiritual and talented Artists transmit their message of truth and unity through novel lyrics and music. They achieve this by refreshing the traditional and folkloric music and introducing a groundbreaking interpretation of classical Persian music and poetry. Following the paths of the greatest Sufi masters Rumi and Hafez, the Mastan Group encourages its audiences to live consciously. They share the universal idea of striving for a creative life by flourishing love and peace from within.


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Meeting With Doozakhiam DVD

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Do you know that this DVD is now available for purchase from or



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bajenaghe naghi

ebi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

 great videos. very aseel and lovely. 


bah bah

by IRANdokht on

towbehara beshkanid amad baharan...

that's absolutely the most beautiful song I can listen to it 100 times in a row  :0) 

These guys lyrics are unbelievable!

I am a big fan 

Thank you my friend