In memory of Khosrow aka Hamoon

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 با صدای خسرو شکیبایی " Sedaye paye aab "


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Dear Varjavand

by ebi amirhosseini on

thanks for info.You can check all about Sohrab Sepehri poems on this site:


best wishes


  Dear Ebi, Nice poem.

by varjavand on


Dear Ebi, Nice poem. Thanks, for posting it. I used to recite, and still like, modern Farsi poems.Is the ending of the clip the ending of the poem? It seems to me it was cut abruptly. By the way, I received your email, sorry for not being able to respond to it promptly. The only copy I have is a paper copy of that writing and I have no scanner to scan and attach it to an email. I have made lots of changes to English version and about to submit the second installment Best Wishes, Varjavand