The Sopranos!

ebi amirhosseini
by ebi amirhosseini

1-David Chase / JJ :creator,producer,executive producer,script writer.......

2- Tony Soprano / Ebi :The unofficial boss,always trying to bring peace to all the parties involved,a ruthless killer who still loves to act as though he is in his 20s,a true food lover,always trying to convince his kids that everything good has come to America from his old country!.

3-Christopher / Rosie : He is present everwhere,in most of the scenes,favoured by the creator,so his character was never killed & has a love & hate relationship with the creator,tries everything he can from acting to script writing to leave his mafia life;but at the end he is still a mafiaso.

4-Uncle junior / IRI agent :He supposedly is the real Boss,but in reality he is considered dead by T's crew , out of frustration he always tries a new plot to get back his power,but since he is old,sick;all his efforts are in vain.

5-Paulie / Samsam : An overzeloused believer in T,always ready to support him,ruthless,partying most of the time,loves trying new girls all the time.

6-Dr Melfi / Darius kadivar :sexy,veloptious,T has feelings for her,but she just keeps doing her job & keeping the relationship at a professional level,if T's crew find out about her than her life would be in serious danger,in course of time her intellect & education surpass T's brutal charachter .


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Rosie Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

tnx.I like to decifer what poeple write in my own way!


Back in  in Iran( when I was in college ) for nearly 4 years I had a page in a daily morning paper .The page was called "Gozaaresh / Report ",where 5 days a week I would write about social subjects & once in a while a lousy satirical one !!.It didn't get anywhere.

best wishes



by Souri on

"the things that have gone on and go on in the scriptroom that you don't see.."

Could you please explain us those things ? The intrigue always kill me !

If "those things" are personal and only between the creator and you and your personal relationship, of course I won't ask you to explain, I don't even want to know them, because "personal" means "personal" for me and I do respect it a lot !

However, if there is something about the site and the "what's happening in the scriptroom", I'd like to be inform of that.

I believe those matter should be more "public" than "personal", if not, you wouldn't evocate them here in public.

Thanks a lot, Rosie jan

Rosie T.

Ebi, my darling. I see you are taking lessons in

by Rosie T. on

self-conscious inter-Website satire from Maz and me. 

You are very astute.  Even though we never had that phone conversation because I didn't call you.  I see you've read between the lines.  You are one of the few people who reads me carefully enough to read between the lines.  It is not rocket science but a simple question of attention.

I have just informed the creator that today I have submitted MY LAST NEWS FEED and am about to submit MY LAST BLOG. And in a day or two, MY LAST ARTICLE. (And I don't know if it will be published. Have you noticed I am rarely featured anymore?) And after that I will be leaving the series.  Not permanentlyI hope but it's up to the creator. He has to decide.

the things that have gone on and go on in the scriptroom that you don't see...

I never watched the Sopranos but I read about the last episode. It seems it was left completely open whether the main character would be killed or not.

At least that is my understanding.


PS You got one thing wrong.  I love the creator with all my heart and soul.  It is he who has a love/hate relationship with me.