Sucking up or Respect ?!

Sucking up or Respect ?!
by ebi amirhosseini

 Apart from that,I cannot understand why hand-kissing is practiced not only among  Moslems,but widely popular among followers of other religions as well ( with the exception of Bahais).I bet you have seen poeple kissing hands of Ayatollahs & Priests.

All said,I want you to look at the picture ;in which Homayoon Shajarian is kissing the hands of his dad after performing a solo concert.To be honest with you ,I didn't find kissing hand in this case disgusting;but rather respectful!.Since to me he is appreciating his dad for all he has learnt from him & a hand kiss here is worth thousands of words!.

We all owe a lot of our success  to both our parents & regardless of the type of relationship each of us has had with his/her dad,they are as important in who we are as our mothers.

From thousands  miles away from my dad,I respectfully kiss both his  hands for all he has taught me & sacrifices he's made for his children.I hope I can do the same for my son. 




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ebi amirhosseini

Dear Tahirih

by ebi amirhosseini on

Exactly my point.One of the most progressive points about Bahai Faith I learnt from my Bahai friends;not to kiss the hand of a clergy man,since we are all equal.


No matter what,you & other Bahai friends are always welcome to comment on any of my blogs about anything you like.

Best Wishes


I am a Bahai , but I kiss my mother's hands.

by Tahirih on

I am talking about my religion in this blog since you mentioned that in Bahai faith hand kissing is forbidden,which is true. Dear Ebi, there is hand kissing and then there is hand kissing!

When I kiss my mothers hand it is not in public and there is no material gain from it. I kiss hands that raised me and did all those things for me , it is an act of showing humility and love to her.

 But kissing a clergy's hand or a dignitary's hand means that you are elevating their level to yours and it is forbidden in Bahai faith , since in the  God's view we are all equal, and no one should elevate him/her over another.

most regards,



بوسیدن در


بوسیدن در فرهنگ ما

"بوسیدن مرد و زن خارج از این مقوله است"


وقتی‌ بچه بودیم یاد گرفتیم چیز‌های مورد "احترام" رو ببوسیم و به چشم بگزاریم.

ضریح، مهر سجاده، قران (دیوان حافظ  و شاه نامه در خانواده ما)، نان، دستی‌ که بما چیزی یاد داد ، بهترین دوستمان، بزرگ تر‌ها پیشانی کوچک تر‌ها رو،دست پیش کسوت‌ها رو و......

فقط به نشانه احترام، قدر دانی‌ از منزلت کسی‌ یا چیزی.

عکس گویای این واقیعت است ابی جان.  


ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

Samsam & Bajenagh,thnx.



Humble and respectful gesture

by IRANdokht on

I loved the picture Ebi!

Being a fan of Ostad Shajarian and having seen them both in concert, I can see why he is showing respect by kissing his hand. I agree with you. Showing your father how grateful you are for him being an essential part of your life and your success, by a simple gesture of kissing his hand is just beautiful. 


bajenaghe naghi

ebi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

you are right. it is a sign of respect to kiss some body's hand and so on but you know i personally like to kiss the cheecks of the person i am thanking unless the person is not khodi and is more fromal and then i would kiss the hand but i still prefer the cheeks because the cheeks are more sanitary to kiss then the hands which you are not certain where they have been just before you kiss them if you know what i mean. ;-) 


God bless your Dad Ebi !!

by samsam1111 on

& well said