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Zoroastrianism is believed to have made strong impacts on the eschatological beliefs of other religions, mainly the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism). However, both primal and later Zoroastrianism borrowed ideas from other belief systems, and each hold some degree of syncretism. The most important texts in the religion is the Avesta, which is written in Avestan, a language formerly spoken throughout the population in the Achaemenid Dynasty.

According to Zoroaster, there is only one Creator and supreme force that rules over all the creations, Ahura Mazda. Under Ahura Mazda, there are lesser divinities such as the Yazatas, and the Amesha Spentas which are all created by Ahura Mazda. As well, there are two governing forces which control the good and bad events that happen in this world. These two concepts are asha and druj. On an inscription in Iran, Darius the Great mentions druj as the force that is attempting to disrupt his kingdom, and dethrone him, which he believed was appointed by Ahura Mazda.


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Yes you are right, but I am

by alimostofi on

Yes you are right, but I am talking about the first recent revelation. The original stories are from the ancient times, that are much much older than the times of the 18th Century BC Zoroaster. Many Zoroasters have existed throughout times, ever since the last ice age of 15000 years ago.

Here are some things normal Good Iranians do not know. Zoroaster itself is a description of a person that is enlightened. Zend-Avesta means the meaning of law. Iranians' thoughts in these realms were vast and they never thought themselves as Zoroastrians per se. The name Iran itself means "a noble place", and the Greeks themselves even to this day, refer to cultured and sophisticated people using the word "Parseh". Parseh is the old name of Takhteh Jamshid. Ask any Greek, it is true. So these old words remain for a reason, even after all these years of loss and destruction. Takhteh Jamshid refers to Jamshid or Yima who by the way is living under Iran and has preserved the ancient culture against the ill fortunes above land. Sounds crazy? Read the Vendidad.

The Iran that people refer to in the Sassanian times had lost a lot of its past and Ardeshir Babakan and many other tried to bring it back. But at that time very few were allowed to look at the cosmological and more universal concepts.

There many extra-terrestrial, yes stuff like Stargate, aliens, and time travel that embody the old literature (Vendidad) of what is wrongly referred to by Mary Boyce as Pagan Zoroastrians, if you view Zoroastrianism as a monotheistic ideology, which it had become ironically in its later Sassanian times.

Zoroastrianism is part and parcel of the whole Indo-European literature, such as the early stories of Rig Veda. I have touched on just a bit here.

There is more to all this ....

Ali Mostofi





by capt_ayhab on

So beautifully put.

Love it



Thank you

by benross on

Thanks Ebi. Thanks Darius.

What a wonderful band Googoosh had. Anybody knows who is the classical guitarist (and other members of the group for that matter)? 

ebi amirhosseini

Ali mostofi,don't distort the facts...

by ebi amirhosseini on

you claim:

 "The term Zoroastrianism is made by non-Iranian religious scholars, about non-religious thoughts. The Zend-Avesta was actually rewritten by Zoroaster after it was lost. The old stories of our Ancients were handed down to Zoroaster of the 18th Century BC."


The use of the expression Zend-Avesta to refer to the Avesta in general is a misunderstanding of the phrase Zand-i-Avesta (which literally means "interpretation of the Avesta").

The word Zend or Zand, literally meaning "interpretation", refers to late Middle Persian language paraphrases of / commentaries on the individual Avestan books: they could be compared with the Jewish Targums.

Ashu Zaedosht was already dead for centuries,when Middle Persian  Zend-Avesta was written.


Ebi aka Haaji


Pure and only maths

by alimostofi on

I have just read all the comments, and must admit that the Bahais are here in true force.

There is actually one very simple Astrological reason for all the myths and legends in what we now call Zoroastrianism.

The term Zoroastrianism is made by non-Iranian religious scholars, about non-religious thoughts. The Zend-Avesta was actually rewritten by Zoroaster after it was lost. The old stories of our Ancients were handed down to Zoroaster of the 18th Century BC.

At that time we were entering the Age of Aries. If you know anything about the Precession of Equinoxes you would know that all this discussion of Sayaoshants or Saviours which attracts the like of Bahais, is related to the Age of Aquarius we are in or entering. The Age of Pisces that began with Jesus of Nazareth as we know was foretold by Jamasp the great Astrologer and the delineations attracted the three wise men.

All these cycles are mathematical and have nothing to do with spiritual forces. We Iranians and our Ancients used maths to measure stellar entities for at least 15 thousand years. Religious people embarassingly wrote different stories and have made dogmas out of all this.

Thank goodness that we now know better and can think clearly.

Ali Mostofi



Darius Kadivar

Thank You Ebi Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Interesting as always.

Googoosh Zartosht:


Sepaas !




Jimsbund, you need to read a bit more history

by Q on

Are you aware that Egypt was a Christian country before Islam?


thanks Ebi jan

by Mehman on

 for the valuable info you have provided on this ancient culture of IRan.


ب. مهمان

ازدواج کیکاوس و سودابه




فروتنی ايرانيان باستان




 فروتنی ايرانيان باستان در خودداری از داد و فرياد در باره دين و فرهنگشان بر این است که چون سیاست جهان داری هخامنشیان یر پایه ی ارج به دين و فرهنگ مردم و بيگانه تباران دیگر بود، آن ها در نشان دادن آگاهی(توده اي) ملی خودداری می کردند و آگاهی ملی در ایرانیان به راستی با اشکانیان آغاز می گردد و نیز از همین هنگام است که درفش کاویانی درفش ملی و نام ایران نام دستوری و رسمی این سرزمین می گردد. اين خاموشي ايرانيان باستان در باره فرهنگشان فروتنی انان را مينماياند که  کنشيار اين شد که فرهنگ و دينشان را همچون ديگران با زور شمشير به گلويه ديگران فرو نبرند.ن



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Ebi jan, thanks for sharing this!

by Princess on

Zarathustra introduced the concept of duality to the (spiritual) world, by emphasizing the separation between Good and Evil. Yet there is no 'good' without 'evil', and vice versa. Good and evil are two sides of the same coin.

The other issue with Zoroatrianism is that it conforms to a thought system which places the forces of good and evil in the cosmos rather than in human beings. That is why the followers of Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic religions believe in an 'almighty' god outside themselves, as opposed to looking for Him/Her inside themselves.

In other words, evidence for the influence of Zoroastrianism on Abrahamic religions is strong, but in my humble opinion that is partly why they are all misguided. 


First it was Islam

by Allahu_Abha on

Now it is Bahaism.

Many Zoroastrians converetd to Bahaism in the last 100 years. Is it that Baha more beautiful than zartosht!!!


Zoroastrinity saved Iran

by jimzbund on

Otherwise we would have dissolved into Arab-Islam  pot like the Egyptians, Babyloniansand etc.

thanks for sharing it Ebi. 


Manoucher Avaznia

There are serious doubts

by Manoucher Avaznia on

There are serious doubts that Iran had an official religion at the time ot the Hakhaamanshees.  There is still more serious doubts that Zartoshteegarees has been an official religion of state before the Sasaanee Era (that is the time of Shapoor I).  Even at that time it seems that officialdom of Christianity in the Roman Empire (main rival of the Saasaanee Empire) had played a significant role in adopting a similar policy by Iranian kings.

According to Zartoshtee rite, the dead cannot be burried in the eath, water, or be burnt as all those elements were sacred.  At the time of Hakhaamanshee we have the tumbs of many of their kings either in rocks or in plains while there is no tumb from Sasaanee kings who practiced Zatoshteegaree. 

Despite Mithraism (Mitraee Keesh), Zartoshtees were not allowed to drink that Hakhamaneshee courts were famous for that.  Sacrificing animals for religious purposes are not permisable among Zatoshtees while it has been a common practice at the time of Hakhaamanshees. 

Conclusion is that even if Zatoshteegaree existed at that time, it was not an official religion of state, however the name Ahooraa Mazdaa and respect for fire was a common practice among Hakhaamaneshees as Ahooraa has been the great god and not the only god in those days.  We know that Korosh conveyed that he was a representative of Mardook after he captured Babylon than a representative of Ahoora.

Zartoshtee dualism, perhaps, solves some problems about the sources of good and evil from ethical point of view, but it has serious contradictions with the unity of the universe that can stem from one single will only; and good and evil are relative concepts in human society as they do not exist on their own.

Moreover, Zatosht has been looked upon as a great reformer of Irdo-Iranian beliefs of his ancesters than a bringer of a new religion through revelation as monothestic religions  tend to believe.  



Zoroastrian Prophecy :year 1260 AH or 1844 AD ?

by faryarm on

I came across this hitorical analysis about the year 1260 AH or 1844 AD .


Could Boyce have overlooked the following?

Zoroastrianism Predicts 1844 for its Hushidar Door of Wisdom in terms of the religion of the Arabian, written long before the appearance of Islam:

When 1,260 years have elapsed from the religion of the Arabian.¼‌Hushidar will appear and the Iranians will kill him.[10] This decodes as the AD 622–1844 Muslim Era (AH 1–1260), and the

Bab as Hushidar or Door of Wisdom

A thousand two hundred and some years…from the inception of the religion of the Arabian and the overthrow of the kingdom of Iran and the degradation of the followers of My religion, a descendent of the Iranian kings will be raised up as a Prophet.[11]

This decodes as 1250 Muslim years from the AD 650 (AH 30) defeat of Persia’s last Zoroastrian king Yazdigird to Baha’u’llah’s AD1863 (AH 1280) proclamation as his descendent

• In three separate Dispensations, the sun must…be brought to a standstill.

In the first Dispensation…for ten days; in the second for twice that time; in the third for no less than one whole month. For the Muhammadan Dispensation…each day is reckoned as one century…from the setting of the Star of the Imamate to…the Báb [decoding from the AH 260 or AD873 disappearance of the Twelfth Imam to 1844].

The second Dispensation…inaugurated by the Báb…in the year 1260 A.H.…was brought to a close in the year 1280 A.H [decoding as twice ten days of years].

The third Dispensation—the Revelation proclaimed by Baha’u’llah whose duration hath been fixed for a period of one whole month, which is the maximum time taken by the sun to pass through a sign of the Zodiac [decoding as a whole 2147–year zodiac age].[12]


‫ابی جان،


سپاس، بسیار ‫‫مستفیض شدم، به امید روزی که ما ایرانیان باز مشعل معرفت و دانش را در این دنیا بدست بگیریم.

ebi amirhosseini

In the Zoroastrian scheme

by ebi amirhosseini on

In the Zoroastrian scheme of salvation-history, which spans a "world-year" of 12,000 years (evidently inherited from Babylonian cosmology), Zoroaster appears in the cosmic year 9000. In good Indo-European tradition, Zoroaster, according to the Younger Avesta and passages in Middle Persian texts, foretells the coming of three saviours, who appear in successive millennia after him.There is, apparently, a symmetry between these three future saviours and Zoroaster's three historical sons. The last of these saviours is Astvat-ereta, the true Saoshyant, whom later Zoroastrian tradition has associated with the advent of Sháh Bahrám Varjávand. As Mary Boyce states: "the future hope of ordinary people seems to have been fixed on the coming of the one Sócyant, who will be mightily helped, it is believed, by Vahrám, the yazad of Victory at the end of the 10th millennium (i.e. the present one)." It is now around 3,000 years after Zoroaster, according to the best estimates of when Zoroaster lived. As Boyce implies, the appearance of Sháh Bahrám is either imminent, or overdue.

 He, who, after his glorious victory, returns Zoroastrianism to its rightful place as the dominant tradition of Persia. One of the texts in which Sháh Bahrám Varjávand appears is as follows:



When may it be that a courier comes from India,
(And says) that: "The Shah Vahram from the family of the Kays has come,
That there are a thousand elephants, upon their heads are elephant keepers,
That he holds the raised standard in the manner of the Husravs,
That the advance-guard is led by the army chiefs!"
An intelligent man should be made (our) clever interpreter,
Who may go and speak to the Indians:
Namely, "What have we seen from the hand of the Arabs!
For the unique people they ruined the Religion and killed the kings .
We are from the Aryan (stock), they are like the Dívs;
And they hold the Religion [as nothing], eat the bread like dogs.
They have taken away the sovereignty from the Husravs,
Not by skill, nor by manliness, but by
They have taken it away (and) made mockery and scorn
They have taken away by force from men
(Their) wives and wealth, sweet places, parks and gardens.
Capitation-tax they have imposed, they have bestowed it upon (their own) chieftains;
, they have demanded a heavy tribute.
Consider how much evil that Druz has cast upon this world,
So that nothing worse than that --?-- world!"
"From us shall come that Shah Vahram,
The Glorious , from the family of the Kays.
We will bring vengeance on the Arabs,
As Rotastahm brought vengeance --?-- on the (whole) world.
Their mosques will we cast down, we will set up fires,
(Their) idol-temples we will dig down and blot them out from the world,
So that 'nihil' shall be the miscreations of the Druz
From this world."

The prophecies of the Persian messiah, Shah Bahram Varjavand, are clearly modelled on the legendary Persian warlord Bahram chubin, whose stunning victory over the Turks in 589 CE saved the Persian empire from extinction.

Ebi aka Haaji

ebi amirhosseini

Dear friends....

by ebi amirhosseini on

Sepaas for your comments.

Ebi aka Haaji


The Eternal Glory, the Timeless Spirit of Zoroaster.

by faryarm on

Than you Ebi Jaan

The Story of the three (Zoroastrian) wise men following a Star to the Holy Land to find new born Child who was to become The Christ is a fascinating one; its also confirming for me and a proof that Revelation from God has been a progressive process; that the followers of Zoroaster were "connected" and inspired by the same timeless guiding spirit.


SKIP to Minute 5:17 for the Three Wise Men- it starts With Title PERSIA

It is not a coincidence that every religion awaits a renewal and promises of a New appearance, and eventual trasformation of the planet to a common peaceful homeland.

Promises of return that point to a particular time and place, which amazingly places them in the general vicinity of Iran.

If one is to ignore all the self serving dogma, ritual and the superstition tied to religion, created by priests; the essential unity and the common foundation and purpose of all religions becomes even more clear.

The Buddists await the Fifth Buddha 

For HIndus, the return of Krishna, the "Tenth Avatar" and the "Most Great Spirit." 

The Jews, "Lord of Hosts" 

The Zoroastrians await the return of "Shah Bahram" and "Saoshyant." 

Christians, the return of The Messiah.

Moslems, The Mahdi

Even if one is not a religious thinker; there is a common thread here and a promise to be fulfilled.......

Every one is waiting for the physical reappearance of their particular "brand" of Messiah, how many can there be?

Who is this "Shah Bahram" to come?

What is He supposed to bring to lift up His ancient land and reclaim it from these "Wolves", the Mullahs and their  Tyranny?

Blame me (but forgive) as a Bahai for the leading question :)

warm regards


PS Below is the basis of my ardent hope and belief in the future of Iran, spoken ovr 150 years ago, By Bah'u'llah 

       "Let nothing grieve thee, O Land of Ta (Tihran), for God hath chosen thee to be the source of the joy of all mankind.

He shall, if it be His Will, bless thy throne with one who will rule with justice, who will gather together the flock of God which the wolves have scattered.

Such a ruler will, with joy and gladness, turn his face towards, and extend his favors unto, the people of Baha. He indeed is accounted in the sight of God as a jewel among men. Upon him rest forever the glory of God, and the glory of all that dwell in the kingdom of His revelation.  

"Ere long will the state of affairs within thee be changed, and the reins of power fall into the hands of the people.

Verily, thy Lord is the All-Knowing. His authority embraceth all things. Rest thou assured in the gracious favor of thy Lord. The eye of His loving-kindness shall everlastingly be directed towards thee.

The day is approaching when thy agitation will have been transmuted into peace and quiet calm. Thus hath it been decreed in the wondrous Book.

(Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, pgs. 108-111) 



by ThePope on

Ebi Jaan,
thx for sharing...

Anonymous Observer

Thank for the post

by Anonymous Observer on

very informative.  Keep up the good work.


کردار نیک....


با سپاس و درود بر تو حاج ابی جان؛ با ایمان به سرافرازی ایران بزرگ!

bajenaghe naghi

ebi jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

thank you for posting this educational text and video. I enjoyed reading and watching them. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks Ebi jaan for this jem of history refresher for Persians

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


ebi jan

by capt_ayhab on

زرتشت  به [انسان - تو] می‌گوید: "تویی سراغاز، تویی سرانجام"

همین سخن کوتاه و لخت تا به امروز به چهرهأی گوناگون، و همیشه تازه
خودنمایی کرده است. زمان بی‌ کران، که خود آفریننده "خداوند جان و خرد =
اهورا مزدا" است. جهان را به اهورا مزدا و تو وا می‌گذرد.  از این پس
اهورا مزدا آفریننده است و تو جلوهگاه او‌

سپاس فراوان دوست گرامی‌


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Thank you Ebi jan .


& you are one true son of Kiaan

by SamSamIIII on



 & thanks for the elightening short piece .


 Cheers pal !!!

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