Evil Must be Vigilantly Confronted & Defeated


by Faramarz_Fateh


With the hope this version is not deleted


When you face evil, ideals of tolerance, civility, respect, debate etc go out the door.  One of the justices of the U.S. supreme court wrote "you'll recognize pornography when you see it" when they were handing down an opinion on pornography and first amendment  rights. 

Most people recognize evil when they come across it.  Hitler and Nazism were evil.  Child molestation is evil.

Lets say your neighbor is a child molester.  He likes having sex with children under the age of 5 or 6.  Over time, you realize this.  What do you in this case?  Report this guy to authorities?  Or take matters in your own hand and either kidnap and castrate the guy and then put his house on fire or maybe you simply shoot him?

Majority of normal human beings, report this guy to authorities as soon as possible.  No debate, no discussion of tolerance for behavior different than ours etc.  Child molestation is beyond sick; its evil.

Suppose this neighbor of yours had a friend who enabled the sick behavior; he would bring young children from the neighborhood to this guys home for cookies and ice cream.  What would you do with this friend?  Talk to him and conduct an open civil debate to reform him?  If you are a normal human being, the answer would be a resounding no. You would report his ass.

The current Islamic regime of the IRI is evil. 50 million Iranians living in Iran share this view; young, old, male, female, rich, not so rich.  The pro/enablers of the regime, inside or outside Iran are also evil.  They propagate evil.  They stand for hanging of youth from i-beams and cranes without due process.  They stand for oppression of women.  They stand for attempts at genocide of Bahais.  They stand for stealing of sacred votes of 50 million Iranians who went to polls with utmost civility to cast their votes. 

There is no room for tolerance and debate with these people.  They are evil.  They don't have a place in the U.S. nor the cyber space where the hide behind anonymity.  With vigilance, pressure needs to be kept on them to keep them exposed and quiet.


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absolutely typical

by javaneh29 on

of all the reasons why to IC is loosing some of its best.

Why do people feel the need to make personal insults?  Its so tedious. errr ....not the blog, just some of the responses. 




Anvar: I am applauding!

by Mehdi on

Especially because of your first comment. It is very true and it is very well written. And I find it very, very funny that people like the writer, completely and utterly miss your point. It is actually hilarious! These people are so certain about their own righteousness or their own superiority that they don't even vaguely understand what you are talking about - believe me it is very funny!

But like you said, there is no "real" evil people in the world. In fact, evil is only in the eye of the beholder! In other words, if there was only one person in this world, NOTHING could be considered evil. ANYTHING that that person did would be GOOD! Evil makes sense ONLY when someone else considers another person's actions. I am sure FF has already fallen asleep by now and is incapable of following this but...

You asked a very, very valid question. How is it that the writer and some other people are not evil (no matter how we define evil)? Are we genetically superior? If we claim that, then we are Nazis and we have actually JUSTIFIED those "evil" people. We just said they have no choice because they were "built" inferior. This was, of course, the excuse that the Nazis used to exterminate certain groups that they had arbitrarily labeled as "evil" or "inferior." FF, is well on his way in fully adopting the Nazi mentality! Of course, like his Nazi brothers, he has already very well justified it and is almost completely unable to see the truth. This is the famous advertising of the Israeli regime, of course, that they are only "defending" themselves when they murder children in Gaza. It makes sense, doesn't it? They first go into an area and with treachery and deceit and lying and tricks and force buy or take over people's land and then kick them out with brutal force and when they use their basic primitive ways of fighting back (firing rockets at innocent civilians, or suicide bombing), they label them as terrorists, inferior, less than human and such, and justify further murder and the whole world watches in indifference as the modern bombs of the "superior" and "un-evil" suppressive murdering regime flattens the villages and blow up the bodies of innocent children, along with the "terrorists." It is all, of course, justified, in the eyes of people like Faramarz Fatah. That is how they became evil in trying to deflect evil!


Nazis fighting evil?

by Mehdi on

Haha. That is very funny. But I think FF is 100% correct that evil must be confronted. I mean if nobody stands up to the most brutal killing regime in the Middle East, Israel, then who knows what amount of disaster will consume the whole area? Criminal, career-murderer  psychopaths such as Sharon, Natan-Yaboo, and the rest of the animals in that "tavileh" must be confronted. Why are you guys fighting the truth? FF is 100% right. Israel regime must be dissolved and Israeli people must be freed from the reign of this murdering apartheid oppression. Thanks!


Dear Sam Sam

by minadadvar on

Thanks for your feedback.

Your joke is fuuny.  However, I should confess, that although, my priorities are Iran and USA, I too, feel sad about the situation in  Palestine.  

You do not need analysis!!! LOL.

Have a good one. 


*che khabar e*, I essentially agree…

by Anvar on

(overlooked your earlier questions)  Trust me that I am too familiar with false imprisonments, home raids, unlawful confiscations, deprivations, torture, suppression, intimidation and other countless atrocities that have been going on in IRI for way too long.  I hope I didn’t leave the impression that we should wait for two or three generations before doing anything.  I suggested that it would probably take that long before we see a glimpse of the glory of Iran.  I certainly hope that it won’t take that long though.  Indeed, Iran has been in darkness for way longer than 30 years.

I agree that “The time is NOW to protect our people.”  I hope once their immediate safety needs are taken care of, they won’t see another individual’s features on the moon as they did 30 years ago.  That, is the kind of protection I’m suggesting future generations need.



Faramarz , keep pushing the buttons

by jimzbund on

I pushed a little bit hard and my previous post was deleted ! we are all trying to act civilized but have a heavy baggage form our past !say it as you see it .

jaavid Iran & Iranians



::)) Mina Dadvar

by SamSamIIII on


 You,re so good, I already booked you up to do psycho analysis on few other bloggers on this site suffering from paranoia & dementia . One of them paranoids I actualy found yelling "death to the jew inside" in front of a toilette door which had "Occupied" sign on it ...mistaking it for Palestine ..hiiihiihiiih , now can u do mine ;)

Cheers to all patriots who spoke my mind...!!!


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Dear Flying solo: You can

by vildemose on

Dear Flying solo: You can email anytime and I will be happy to discuss the issue with you.


Fateh jan EAD

by capt_ayhab on

You have been burning some serious mid-night oil lately!  Nagi ke kasi halish nabood ha.

Cheers dude, 



I agree with khar:D

by curly on

he just summed it up so well thx.

Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on



Dear Mina: Don't worry,

by vildemose on

Dear Mina: Don't worry, I've lost myself too...lol I'm all over the place it I shouldn't  try to write when I have a migrane headache. Irandokht;s and Jaleho's character flaws is hardly relevant in the larger scheme of things.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. Enjoy your evening.


Thank you vildemose for

by benross on

Thank you vildemose for introducing the movie. I heard about it but didn't get a chance to see it. I thank everybody participating in this debate. I hope I won't spoil it.

A nation wide historic torment such as ours, will never be brought to the 'justice'. Historic events of such scale just don't work that way. It takes extraordinary amount of saul searching, and yes, painful tolerance and forgiveness from all of us to allow the healing process begin. It should not and will not change our resolve to end a regime that unleashs sadistic bastards to rape and torture and kill innocent people. It should not allow a regime change or regime reform that doesn't cut off that potential completely. But at the end of the day, this has not done by a single individual. A nation made a revolution. A nation committed crime. A nation felt guilt.. and a nation will change the course of history. We will do it. But only if we do it all together.

As long as murder and barbarism is not justified, I don't see why not having arguments from all sides in our collective dialogue, understanding and healing process.


Dear vildemose

by minadadvar on

You lost me.  I am not calling anyone a monster.  In my opinion, these people have some psychological issues, that need resolution.

Again, I do not see any similiarities between the movie character and these individuals.  The movie character was passive, submissive, brain-washed and ignorant.  These people, on the other hand are arrogant, self-righteous, and grandiose. 

In terms of the current economic crisis.  I have no comments.  To me it is not relevant to the subject of our conversation.

Thanks again.  And sorry for not responding by  a more comprehensive and coherent statement.  I just finished working about half hour ago.  It has been a long day.


flying-solo: I talked about

by vildemose on

flying-solo: I talked about morally illiterate not literal illiteracy. I would have also agreed with you a few month ago before I visited Iran. I was shocked at how some of the most educated, secular-minded people in my own family and others around us were afflicted with the disease of what I ended up calling "collective relgious hypnosis" by years of being subjected to cleverly designed propaganda. They almost reflexively try to minimize the regime's corruption, mismanagment, immorality and so on. They have become not only prisoner of the mullahs but the prisoners of their own minds. However, when you point out their false logic then a bulb turn on in their head as if they've been programmed not to use certain parts of their brain.


Thanks for calling it as it is!

by Khar on

This not a matter of over exaggeration or (Ehsasaat) or "opinion" as some comments on this blog and others leads you to beleive, it is a matter of International LAW! No Civil society tolerates RAPE & MOLESTATION these crimes are considered CRIMES in the highest degree!!!!!!... Now, Why are you turning blind eyes on these crimes and asking Iranian people to tolerate it? And to understand it. Do you realize what are you asking?  Even Hitler & Stalin as evil as they were they DID NOT allow sexual RAPE of their own people! These are the fruits of the Islamo-Facism.

When this regime Molest, Rapes, Tortures, Kills, and IF YOU SUPPORT THE REGIME YOU ARE AS GUILTY AS THE PERPETRATORS OF THESE CRIMES! Period. 

به شرف مردم ایران که تنها چیزیست که براشان باقی مانده تجاوز شده!!!


Rape in IRI prison

by Janam_Fadayeh_Iran on

So what's important is just the issue, right? What about this issue?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

امروزه روز،بر همه واضح و روشن است که هر کس که طرفداری از رژیم اسلامی در ایران کند،مواجب بگیر آن ظالمین است ! چه مستقیم در ایران و چه غیر مستقیم در آمریکا و بقیه ممالک خارجه !

وگرنه این طبیعی نیست که کسی‌ دم از دموکراسی زند و بگوید که احمدی‌نژاد یا موسوی حاکمین خوبی برای ایران و ایرانیان هستند !

کسی‌ هم که مواجب بگیر است،مزدور است ! نوکر است ! خائن است !

خدا پدر پول را بسوزاند که بعضی‌‌ها به خاطرش مملکت سوزانند و دل‌ بشکانند !


Flying Solo


by Flying Solo on



minadadvar: Ok, let me

by vildemose on

minadadvar: Ok, let me explain where the similarity comes from.


The difficult message to me in that movie  was that not every one of the millions of people complicit in the Holocaust was a monster. Reasons were suggested for Hanna's (Kate's character)complicity, but she was never excused as we should never excuse acts of aggression on others.

In my view, Kat Winslet's illiteracy was a metaphor for collective German guilt as it could be applied to explain our own moral illiteracy to be able to excuse anything and everything short of perhaps cannibalism or may be that too..Who knows, may be, will even see  a future cas of cannibalism committted by IRI which some might justify on this very site...lol

To me, Michael (Kate's underage lover)l represents  a sort of post-IRI generation for whom many, if not most, beloved adult figures will be complicit in the atrocities committed by IRI when all is revealed post-IRI.

Some of our own refomers were  actively involved in those kind of behavior because they thought that's what their religion and country asks them to do, like Hanna who innocently replied to the judge, "What would you have done"?

Others both in IRI and Germany clearly have/had the intellectual and moral capacity to understand what is/ was going on but did nothing like the professor in the movie and those like Montazeri who actually  stood their moral  grounds at great expense.

All I'm trying to say is that we can't write off everybody as monsters in IRan. There are 20% of the population in Iran who think like Jaleho.. But they are also humans. As the professor points out in the movie, "we live by laws, not morality. And when the legal norms allow immoral behavior, many (most?) will act immorally --even horrifyingly so.

Look at our current economic crisis -- and the millions of people (banker's, lenders, homebuyers) who engaged in legally-sanctioned acts of greed that vastly exceeded any reasonable sense of morality. simple morality plays may make us feel better, but they offer no true solutions.


Dear vildemose

by minadadvar on

Yes, I have seen the movie.  It is a fantastic movie.  Sorry, I see no resembelence between this movie character and people like ID. 

I usually, do not respond to personal attacks and let them go.  No time/energy.  However, this woman really, crossed the line. 

Thanks for the comment.  


Not at all, Dear Faramarz

by Anvar on

I regret if my style of sharing ideas gave you or others any wrong impressions about the person of you.  I prefer to discuss lingering problems as opposed to incidental individuals.  If I were to critique you, I would say that you usually bring up excellent points except that, somehow, many of your blogs become ineffective.  Unlike the norm here, I try not to argue statement for statement.  I agree with the premise that you are presenting.  I was merely trying to propose yet another (long-term) solution.  

All the people who have just woken up to the cruelties of the last 30 years; do you think there was no evil 30 years ago?  300 years ago?  1300 years ago?  Why keep applying the same solutions that have produced the same results?  I’m proposing that instead of inefficiently arguing about every little insignificant thing or person (generally speaking), we ought to identify the root causes of the problems to reduce evil for the next 30 or 300 years.

Here are a few questions for you or anyone else based on the examples you used in your blog:  Why don’t you and I behave like the disgusting neighbor or the wicked enabling friend?  Are we genetically superior?  I doubt it.  Again based on your example (and not to toot my own horn); how come we hear about attempts of genocide against Baha’is, but never the other way around?  Are they inherently superior?  Not at all!  They’d be the first ones declaring there’s no superiority amongst humans.  So what gives?

I agree that the wicked ought to be confronted and exposed (not necessarily silenced), but I’m also proposing that we explore other solutions.  Perhaps, the ultimate answer will contain bits of ideas from all of us; including mine, and certainly yours.



mindadvar: Have you ever

by vildemose on

mindadvar: Have you ever seen the movie, "The Reader"?

Kate Wislow plays what amounts to a monster but the movie brilliantly portrays her profound humanity in a most peculiar way.

Basicallyt the movie is a series of profound moral dilemmas—not unlike what we are facing now as a nation--that resonate deeply in the concious of those who have oppressed: The role of guilt in victims, perpetrators, individuals and collectively, as well as justice, forgiveness, redemption, shame and, of course, conformity to a belief system or ideology and its role in our lives and societies.

It's a MUST SEE movie to understgand people like Jaleho and her groupies.



Faramarz Fateh

by Patriot on

I agree with you.

Islamic Republic of Iran is a criminal military state now.  Whoever supports it and its "appointed president" is taking a stand against people of Iran and humanity.

Unarmed Iranians were killed in broad daylight and in cold blood.  Innocent people have been arrested, imprisoned, tortured and raped.  Supporting Ahmadinejad is no longer a "political debate" about "elections candidates" or "policy".  It is about supporting murderers versus ordinary people.  As such there is no debate.  End of the story. 


Irandokht: You are delusional

by minadadvar on

This is in response to the venom that you unleashed on me, in FF's former blog.  I did not understand the intensity of your animosity towards me.  I assume, it is because, a couple of months ago, we had an angry exchange, in which, I said "you sound like Jaleho".  I do not believe for a second that you insulted me because,  I discouraged people from paying attention to your friend. 

I think you are delusioanl because:

You think that you are a caring person.  You are not.  You are one of most narcissitic charaters on this web-site.

You think, you are logical.  You are not.  You are highly irrational and intensely emotioanl

You think, you are straightforward/transparent.  You are not.  You are pretentious and a hypocrite.

You present yourself as self/assured.  You are not.  You have a pretty fragile ego.

You think, you are fair-minded.  You are not.  You are biased.

You think, by calling yourself "IranDokht", you turn into "One".  I have bad news for you, my friend.  It works the otherway around.

You preach.  God, you preach and preach and preach.  It is unfortunate, you do not listen to yourself.  My advice to you is "stop preaching and start practicing what you preach".  That serves you much better. 

In summary, You are not, who you think you are.  That is called being delusional.  It is not paranoid delusion.  It is delusion of grandiosity. 

Have a good day.

P.S.  I apologize to Mr FF and others for ranting.  

che khabar e

decency would compel any civilized person to suspend its support

by che khabar e on

The operative word being "decency".  You nailed it Mehrban.

And THAT is MY point of view.  :-)

Anvar.  I get what you're saying but you are dancing around a very specific issue here.  We're not talking about the birds and the bees or floors here.  We're not talking about potential or unseemly "thoughts".  We're talking about REAL LIVE ACTIONS, like rape and murder and oppression.  I'm all for peace on earth and love thy neighbors but can Iran really wait another generation or two to obtain that human nature and behavior you speak of? 

The answer is NO.

The time is NOW to protect our people.

And yes, evil is real and living and breathing in the IRI.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Mehrban, Gol Gofti, Excellent comment

by Anahid Hojjati on

I second Mehrban's comment under title of Decency and I especially like it where he says in his comment:" It does not matter if we agree with their foreign policy or want nuclear power or what the real vote tally was in the recent elections.  In the eyes of the decent people of the world IR by its own recorded and repeated violent actions towards its citizens has made itself illegitimate.  its supporters by default appear callus, cruel, untrustworthy and inhumane. "

Mehrban's comment is so good that as we used to say in Iran:"they have to write it with gold."



by Mehrban on

decency would compel any civilized person to suspend its support of a regime that has a habit of killing and raping its citizens.  Committing such heinous crimes, by any government makes what one thinks of their politics irrelevant.    IR has so often abused its citizens that its supporters have forgotten the gravity of such crimes.  It does not matter if we agree with their foreign policy or want nuclear power or what the real vote tally was in the recent elections.  In the eyes of the decent people of the world IR by its own recorded and repeated violent actions towards its citizens has made itself illegitimate.  its supporters by default appear callus, cruel, untrustworthy and inhumane. 


Dear Mr. Anvar,

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Are you proposing that I am or my actions (blogs) are evil?

If so, would you please elaborate.  

I don't believe I am advocating death, physical or financial harm or cruelty in my blog; I have called the Islamic regime of the IRI evil and the mullah's filthy.

Please enlighten me as to what part of these statements and call for action is evil and why I should be careful, more so than I have been.

I do agree with you that the root cause must be fixed and that will take 3 generations.  That however is another blog of its own. 


Don’t Curse the Darkness – Light a Candle

by Anvar on

Evil must certainly be confronted and it’s been said that evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

However, there is a proper way and an improper or unethical way to proceed.  I personally do not believe in the existence of evil, per se, and I hope I’m not getting too philosophical for this particular blog.

If enlightened and non-superstitious: We properly label lethal floods or earthquakes as natural phenomena and don’t attribute anything evil to them.  Similarly, we understand the animals’ instincts and don’t label vicious attacks by the wolves as evil.

Human beings are essentially sentient and spiritual beings.  As such, we have higher expectations of them.  When they fall short of their potential and exhibit unseemly thoughts or behaviors, we get disappointed and think of them as evil.

I believe that we ought to collectively focus on the roots of the problems that hold human beings back.  First we must eliminate illiteracy, superstition, backward thoughts and beliefs, prejudice, and other negatively harmful factors.  Then we must provide basic human needs like food, shelter, education of all sorts, just and consistent laws, equality of rights and genders, free market of ideas, and other positively conducive factors.

Within the span of two or three generations and with some care, nurturing, love, and sacrifice we can certainly raise the standards of human thought and behavior. 

Of course, if after all that, some people still act like animals, the lawful authorities must act to protect others.

As a minority, I don’t need much convincing to believe human cruelty exits.  However, in our endeavor to get rid of ‘evil’ we must be careful not to become one.