# of Palestinian mercenaries in Iran to surpass 10,000 by 22 Bahman

by Faramarz_Fateh

The IRI is importing Palestinian paid killers to be ready for 22nd Bahman.  Reports put their numbers at 7,000 with plans to put this number above 10,000 by Feb 11.

Please write to your political representatives in the U.S. as well as the secretary general of the U.N. demanding steps to safe guard rights of the protestors and putting IRI on notice not to use live ammunition for purposes of crowd control.



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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

NO nevr need to.

But thanks for not mentioning my name.


marhoum Kharmagas

maziar 58!?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

hehe, I had no mention of you in my comment, does that imply that you have multiple ids?

maziar 58

love it !

by maziar 58 on

Peder amorzide MAGAS KHAN

If any of my comment categorize me as monarchist  (hallcinated type) as you stated ; man oon naasheghi ra doost daram.

Also love Iran and Iranian youth  they deserve a FREE and molla less regime.

PAYANDEH FREE IRAN                         Maziar

marhoum Kharmagas

IRI versus Monarchists (to rpRoshan)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Disagreeing with hallucinations of Monarchists does not mean agreeing with IRI!  I consider majority of Monarchists anti-Iranian, and many of them racist fascists, including quite a few fossilized .... ones around here. This crowd is not any better than the most fascist elements of IRI such as Mesbah/Temsah Yazdi.



it's not only palestinians but

by rustameiran on

also the Mehdi Army fighters who have lived in Iran for a number of years and come and go just like Moqtada Sadr whenever the americans are chasing them around in Iraq. I personally knew a chap who spoke farsi better than me but his dad was an Iraqi akhond who had lived in Iran since the revolution. Using Basijis and other thugs might not get the result that they're after, since they can be identified by the people or refuse to obey orders. No need to relive the Arafat trip 3-4 days after 22 bahman revolution to get was was promised to him after he sent members of palestinian fadayeen to help fight the final street battles. There was one of them at the end of our street and appeared out of no where and no one knew where he went!!


If Q and Kharmagas are indeed IRI

by rpRoshan on

supporters, they need to taste, first-hand, the "fun" in Islamic fundamentalist torture, including their families. I want to see if these two characters would still be pro-IRI after a filthy IRI rapist sexually assaults their sisters or mothers for having an opinion vis-a-vis their country's future.

IRI supporters seriously need a dose of the Quranic principle: "eye for an eye." Having said that, I truly believe that KARMA, i.e., universal justice, will ultimately take care of (read: punish) IRI supporters (of all stripes) for all of their despicable deeds on Earth, specially against Iran and Iranians. 


Maziar khan

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Q and Kharmagas will be personally offering chaie and ranginak to all Iranians at the pro IRI rallies.  Come one, come all.  



Dear JJ, with all due respect

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I may have not heard of whats called facts, but I doubt if you have either, regarding the issue of Palestinians involvement in Iran.

In a relatively short time, the truth about involvement of Palestinians in the upcoming protests will come out.  I don't need to "khodamo jer bedam" to convince you.

But, common.  You are a far more fair and objective man to deny involvement of Palestinians in the Islamic revolution of 1979.  I hope you review your "sources" a bit more carefully because what you say is simply not true.

Just one thing to make clear here, I don't doubt that Iranian Muslim Basijs are as violent as any Palestinians if not more.  We don't have shortage of sub human filth in our nation.  I also have no doubt that there are very decent Palestinians.  My intention was not to broad brush all Palestinians into 1 group of paid killers.  



Come on people!

by Arthimis on

It is true that there are no exact documents to prove these Arab/ Terrorist Mercenaries are flying in by such huge numbers. Simply because any one who would attempt to gather such information live and on the ground in Iran can be arrested and killed in no time!!! You know that, so please don't deny it...

Every body with right mind and heart knows that during the past 31 years there are so many documents, video clips, tapes and Proofs about all these bastards coming inside Iran and working directly for Satanic/Islamic regime!!! Mainly for regime's top official security, crowd control, Anti-Riot, Terror and interrogation missions!

To deny these unfortunate FACTS,  is to commit TREASON against Iran and true Iranians (period).

What makes some of you skeptic experts so sure that this EVIL Regime is not going to commit more crimes against true Iranians???

I expect such comments from the usual I.R. supporters here, but the rest!!! It is a disappointment....

Iranian people, our brothers, sisters and children in Iran are facing an EVIL regime along all their criminal Basiji thugs + the imported Arab terrorist mercenaries, and here we all are DOING NOTHING, just drinking our Coffees, smoothies behind our computers and... Denying the TRUTH and crimes against humanity!!!

Pray to GOD you wont wake up someday when somebody close to you in Iran gets beaten, tortured, imprisoned or killed, before you come back here, cry and ask for forgiveness!!! 

Iran and True Iranians will defeat the Evil forces of Satanic Republic and will capture every terrorist in 22 Bahaman.

Those True Iranians inside Iranian Army and Even Sepah must join the People of Iran for their fight for Freedom.

Marg bar Jomhori Eslami va Daaro dastash...



by tabar on

This is just propaganda put out by a bunch of racist Persians who want to blame their problems on someone else, as usual.

Get real. The vast VAST majority of basiji and people against you are your fellow hamwatan. Lol Q is amazing :D

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

According to most commentators here and the chief included;

22 Bahman is going to be a fun family day......y'all just bring them patto and lunch boxes for the pin nic.               Maziar

P.S   yes the $200 daily paid mercenaries were Iranian villagers and some lebani and Iraqi refugees that was posted on BBC persian after the june election. 


baba bikhiyal

by XerXes. on

Why do Iranians (mostly shahis) always blame everyone but themselves for the problems we have?
Iranians will easily beat the crab out of one another without needing help from another country. boro baba haaletun khoshe.


FF is correct

by masoudA on

Next time any of you are in Iran - or if you know of people in Iran - ask them to go to airport and simply observe ONE of the planes leaving for or arriving from Beirut.   I was once in an almost empty Paris-Tehran flight that made an unscheduled stop in Beirut, where some 200 people boarded the plane - 80% of them elderly Lebanease who were going to Iran to visit their children!!! this was some 5 years ago. 


About time!

by MRX1 on

After all the money IRR spent on these roaches in Gaza , palestine, syria or where ever they are, it's about time that they start repaying some it back by providding services. I was begining to worry, I thought they were all moftkhor and tanbal.

gitdoun ver.2.0

hmmm, Maybe

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

I think there maaybe *some* Arabs from either Lebanon or Iraq that will serve as Contingency Reserves. But the bulk of the violence, arresting, killing, raping will be by the brainwashed members of the wilayat faqhi cult. (basij, ansar-hizbullah, revolutionary guards) My aunt was in Tehran during the election fallout in June. She said she heard a man cry out in arabic as he was being beaten down by a an angry mob who were attacking him with shoes !!


JJ writes...

by rpRoshan on

"You seem to believe that it is impossible for Iranians to betray their own people and torture and kill them. Well, I have news for you: the Islamic Republic is IRANIAN, the Basij are IRANIAN, the Revolutionary Guards are IRANIAN, the whole apparatus is IRANIAN."

I submit to you that these Hezbo savages are not real Iranians, but Islamists first and foremost. Real Iranians who practice the original Iranian cultural values (good words, good thoughts, good deeds) would not rape virgin girls the night before their execution so as to stop their heavenly flight. Real Iranians don't send Iranians girls to Arab lands as sex toys for profit. These are Arabized citizens of Iran to be sure, i.e., Islamists, but not really true Iranians per se.

Indeed, these Hezbo savages are Muslims FIRST, and Iranians SECOND. And they all admit to this hierarchy and are very proud to be Muslim FIRST and Iranian SECOND. Simply put, they love Islam more than Iran. In fact, Iran for them is only a tool, a vehicle to get them from point A to point B. As mullah Khomeini famously once said, "Iran can go up in smoke, so long as Islam survives."

These savages sincerely adhere to this wicked dogma. In fact, die-hard Islamists do not even recognize national boundries, so for them "Iran" means nothing. The Islamic Ummah, however, means everything. As such, this is how Hezbo terrorists should be classified: Islamists, first and foremost, even if they are Islamists with Iranian passports.



by rpRoshan on

Kharmagas writes, "This "genius" is the same guy who sometime ago claimed in 1979 the armed people in the streets of Tehran around 22nd Bahman were the Palestinians."

For your information, Palestinian sharpshooter were in fact arrested on the rooftops of Jaleh Square on September 8, 1979 (Black Friday) by the commander of the martial law, Gholam Ali Oveissi. The Palestinians had rented high rise apartments facing the square and intentionally fired at the Shah's army, which was caught off guard, and returned fire, killing 114 people (the mullahs claimed over 4,000 people were killed on Black Friday and many foolish Iranians believed them). That was the whole plan, as Khomeini had lamented, "We need the blood of shahids for our revolutionary tree to grow."

Also, several Palestinians were arrested in Iraq just a few days after the Cinema Rex fire, arrested by Saddam Hussein in fact, and they were clearly linked to the Cinema Rex fire. But there was so much confusion back then, so much misinformation, and so many baseless rumors, and so little rational thought, not to mention a concerted and aggressive campaign by the mullahs to blame the Cinema Rex tragedy on the Shah.

After all, the Islamic fascists wearing turbans in Iran had learned very well from earlier fascists, as in the Nazis, as in the Third Reich, as in the Reichstag Fire, which was set by the Nazis and blamed on the communists, which even fooled many Jews into voting for Hitler.  

Jahanshah Javid

Facts? Have you heard of them?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Faramarz, I do not believe any foreign force, Palestinian or other, has had any significant role in the armed forces or intelligence services of the Islamic Republic at any time. Rather it has been the other way around. Since the 1980s, it has been the Islamic Revolutionary Guards helping forces in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere.

You seem to believe that it is impossible for Iranians to betray their own people and torture and kill them. Well, I have news for you: the Islamic Republic is IRANIAN, the Basij are IRANIAN, the Revolutionary Guards are IRANIAN, the whole apparatus is IRANIAN.

To say that "10,000 Palestinian paid killers" have come to Iran to suppress the demonstrations without any proof is plain ridiculous. Have you even thought about how so many Palestinians have been transported to Iran without anyone (but you) knowing? Not even the Israelis who monitor every movement in and out of Palestinian territories and refugee camps?

If you want to determine the validity of a piece of information, check the source. Some, like yours, have no source at all. They go in the "kashk" category. Then there are those that come from sources with varying degrees of credibility and legitimacy built up over time, such as major news agencies and newspapers that make it their business to provide facts and factual analysis or else people will lose their trust in them and they will go bankrupt, fast.

There are also word of mouth, bloggers and opposition news sources which often make wild claims which are not necessarily true or false, but should be viewed with caution. Again there are some that are more credible than others because over time their stories have turned out to be more truthful than others.

And of course, there's the media in the Islamic Republic, especially Seda & Sima, IRNA, Fars News, Kayhan and others that are worthless, particularly when it comes to sensitive political news. They lie constantly.

So next time you make a claim like this, please include sources other than your imagination.


Dear Vildemose

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Unfortunately no links for you.

News like this will come to the forefront soon.  If not today or tomorrow, a few days after 22 Bahman.



JJ some questions for you

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Are you saying that no Palestinians have ever been involved with helping the IRI by beating and killing Iranians? Not in late 1979 and early 1980 and not now?  That is my multi part question #1.

Question #2: If not rumors, how do you expect to hear about a piece of information such as this?  Wire from AP, or headline news from CNN?

If scores of people who have come to the U.S. from Iran between June 2009 and now talk about men in para military attire who speak Arabic on the streets of tehran as they monitor, beat and injur and probably kill protestors, we should ignore the info?

Why would one believe otherwise after hearing these statements that you call rumors?

100s of other rumors, opinions and false pieces of news are discussed here on i.com on a weekly or monthly basis.  What makes rumors about Palestinians so sensitive?

A while back I wrote a blog called Iranian.com or Palestinians.com

Sometimes I have to double check the URL just to make sure.

marhoum Kharmagas

Ashe shour! (to JJ Khaan)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

JJ says: "These kinds of baseless rumors only damage the credibility of news from so-called opposition sources."

JJ, we Esfahanis say:

Ash inghad(r) shour shodess, ke khaan-am fahmidess!

Jahanshah Javid

Baseless rumors

by Jahanshah Javid on

There's no evidence at all that any Palestinians (or other foreign forces) have been sent to Iran to confront protesters. The regime has plenty of its own mercenaries. IRANIAN mercenaries.

These kinds of baseless rumors only damage the credibility of news from so-called opposition sources.


Q: shame on you

by Bavafa on

That was a highly classified information that you revealed.

But at least you didn't tell them about the alien that were bused in from Mars


P.S. Faramarz jan, thanks for the comedy you are providing here, in these tough days we all can use a laugh.

marhoum Kharmagas

Well said Q

by marhoum Kharmagas on

This "genius" is the same guy who sometime ago claimed in 1979 the armed people in the streets of Tehran around 22nd Bahman were the Palestinians (confusing Iranian Fedaaees, MEKs, .... with Palestinians). Perhaps he gets this kind of imagination when CoP does a job on his head!


You're always good for a laugh

by Q on

It is so funny that some "d" bags here think of themselves as Real Iranians while they support a regime that is anti-Iranian.

It's even funnier when some don't understand sarcasm and inadvertently end up making fun of themselves.


"real Iranians"

by Cost-of-Progress on

It is so funny that some "d" bags here think of themselves as Real Iranians while they support a regime that is anti-Iranian.  





Islamic Mercenaries

by Cost-of-Progress on

This is what it amounts to. Except that the arabs hate Persians, they always have. They do love Iranian money, though.

To the Islamic apologist arse kissers:

They even hate you, but you're too (naive) to know it.

Note: Naive was substituted for a more suitable, but politically incorrect reference.





There is more to this, FF, you don't even know the half of it

by Q on

reports say up to 300,000 Egyptians, 2 Million Pakistanis and up to 400 Million native Americans have been recruited and trained by the Quds force, ready to be deployed around the world. This is all in addition to the 2.2 Billion Afghanis who are monitoring Iranian.com on behalf of the Mullahs.

You can check with the "young people" in Iran. Whatever crap is said on the streets or repeated by TV stations in LA is the truth.

Anyway, I'm just giving you the news.

Take care.

PS. I just hope you're not a hezbollahi because only they ask for proof. Real Iranians know better.


Stop running FF

by HollyUSA on

from reality. Kareem is another loser like yourself shamelessly  piggy backing on the lives of the brave Iranian youth. That is precisely why you are not entertaining the subject seriously. You want to divert attention from what he is doing. Rest assured my friend, it is well on its way to exposure, large scale and soon.

And wrong on all counts buddy - I'm not middle aged, never had a Jewish boyfriend and I adore men ( not poor excuses for men like yourself ). Now be gone.


samsam jan: Thank you for

by vildemose on

samsam jan: Thank you for the informative post. I had no idea.