Hojjatol Islam Hosseini with hand gun in Namaz Jomeh!

Hojjatol Islam Hosseini with hand gun in Namaz Jomeh!
by Faramarz_Fateh

The spiritual/political leaders of IRI are so afraid that they carry hand guns to Namaz Jomeh


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i remember the AK47s from mambar!

by Anonymous8 on

this was normal during the 80s. Rafsanjani and montazeri did it all the time. i can find picture easily.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Sargord, Congregational Friday Prayer is proceeded by Khotbeh (sermon), and it's Mustahabb for Imam to hold a rifle while standing and preaching to the crowd ; then it's followed by noon prayer . In our Farhang Islami va Talimaat Didni book says 

" امام جمعه خطبه ها را در حالت ايستاده و تکيه داده به سلاح ايراد مي کند، تا اعلام كند که جامعه اسلامي، در همه حال ؛ حتي در حالت ايراد خطبه هاي نماز، آمادگي رزمي خود را حفظ خواهد كرد. "


*Both statements were thaught to us in Iran*


It really is shocking

by caramel on

I just can't imagine a politician or a leader, let alone a well known religious figure, addressing his nation while holding a rifle. That is extreme. Frightening. I have no knowledge whatsoever in firearms, but the rifle Rafsanjani is holding is so obvious. I can't believe some would deny it!

Pope, thank you for the youtube link. It showed the aggressive nature of this regime.     


The desperate anti Iran major once again

by Fair on

tries to change the main point to some irrelevant point. Namely, the Friday prayer leader of Tehran is holding a rifle while delivering a sermon, which by the way is a common occurence. Instead of addressing why the heck this goes on, he asks stupid irrelevant questions like "what make and model the rifle is". Why waffen SS major? Do you want to buy it or kick the tires? You don't fool anybody when you try to impersonate a military person.


Because like your idol the Islamic Fuehrer who they follow, they are stateless terrorist agents that are anti Iran. Unless you have a better explanation. Do you?

I didn't think so.




Shazde Asdola Mirza

Pahlevan jan: this Sargerd couldn't tell a rifle from a gun, if

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

it hit him right in the bag-pipe.



by sanazi on

Pope, I watched the clip/link you provided. That was terrible! Why is Rafsanjani giving his Friday Prayer lecture while holding on to a rifle?  Do all mullahs in Iran have rifles when giving  Friday Prayer speeches? These people are a not only a disgrace to Iran, but also to Islam. No wonder why Islam, a religion of peace, has such a bad image. A mullah on the podium with a rifle is disturbing!  


Shazde, That's a good one

by Pahlevan on

HaHa; This guy is known by many names "sargouz pirouz", "tahgord dirouz", and now "sargerd" ... but one thing is for sure he is no military expert.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Way to go POPE - this "Sargerd" must be exposed

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

There is no place for terrorist-lovers like him on this site, or hell, anywhere in US.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

So you have no further input on the Fake photo and you cannot positively ID what Hashemi is holding in the video.

The rest of what you say is irrelevant rambling intended to mask your inability to properly address these two issues (one of which you brought up personally).

Pathetic, when you think about it. But hey, better luck next time!



by ThePope on

Man, you're one pathetic noob , it's unbelievable.
You leave me no choice but to answer your chert o pert (for once).

The irI $uppoter says:
"Do you really think that assault rifles are not used in combat?"
"Do you think that bolt action rifles are not used as combat rifles?"
LOL! Nice stupid response. Did anyone on this thread say assault rifles are not used in combat?! How the hell did you come up with such irrelevant response? You're just desperately trying to change the subject. 

And more irrelevant sher o ver:
"The G3 is considered a sturmgewehr. And, while classification can
depend on application (with minor accessorizing, it can be outfitted
for the LMG role), it remains an assault rifle ."  Blah blah blah...
What are you trying to say? What the F is your point? That by accessorizing(!) a battle rifle(ex: G3) it can be [used as] a light machine gun or an assault rifle? Ok, so what? And who cares?! Or, maybe you are trying to say that the G3 is not a battle rifle, but rather an assault rifle!!!

And he blabs on:
"Also, keep in mind, different agencies and military organizations can
adopt their own specific terminology to better suit their needs."
Ah, ok genius! So a battle rifle and an assault rifle are the same thing!!! It's just that different military organizations use their own terminology...!!!!  You know, the more you try to sound smart and informed, the more you make an ass out of yourself. 


sargerd, yeh baar baareek shodi and I avoided you. This second time, you left me with no choice but to respond to your dumbass comment. Now that being said,  I'm going out to enjoy my Saturday night, and you can just continue on with your usual zer zer... But please, sar-e khar nasho...  

P.S.  sargerd, if only you had a sooraakh on your forehead, you could have earned more $$$ from your evil masters....   ;-)




Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Pope, do you really think that assault rifles are not used in combat? Do you think that bolt action rifles are not used as combat rifles?

The G3 is considered a sturmgewehr. And, while classification can depend on application (with minor accessorizing, it can be outfitted for the LMG role), it remains an assault rifle.

Also, keep in mind, different agencies and military organizations can adopt their own specific terminology to better suit their needs.

So, any additional input on the fake photo? Or a positive ID for what Hashemi is holding? Or, failing that, are you simply going to dumb down your commentary, with spite and irrelevance? If so, I'll take satisfaction in the fact that you've been reduced, yet again, to this low of a level.



by ThePope on

O, aaghaaroboro!!
The guy can't even tell the diff  beyn-e kelaash o jeh-seh!!!
And he's a "military man", masalan...

The schutzstaffel says:
"...AK-47 or G3A6, or any other assault rifle..." !!!!!!!   LoL
Can someone please explain to this self-proclaimed one ghopeh "officer"(!) that a G3 is NOT an assault rifle, but rather a combat riffle.

Faramarz gol gofti, according to him that's not a riffle,,,; it's lolipop* that rasman-jaani is holding.    


here's a link for him to practice his "military photo interpretations".... 


*K. khar-e golpar torshi (for irI's $upporters ;-)

Sargord Pirouz

This is too easy

by Sargord Pirouz on

Look at the curved forearm, the oversized hand, the definition and shape of the receiver, the shading on the slide barrel assembly, the manner in which the automatic is gripped, the cocked single-action function- is that enough for you?

(I've done a fair amount of military photo interpretation in my day.)

Pope, I'm at a loss in determining what exactly Hashemi is holding. That's a very odd fitting at the end of what he's holding. It isn't a recognizable front sight for a AK-47 (Iranian designation: KLS) or G3A6, or any other assault rifle in the Iranian military inventory. Furthermore, whatever it is, it does not possess any visible muzzle brake or flash suppressor. I cannot say what it is- can you identify it? And if so, specify make and type.


The desperate major once again

by Fair on

Doing everything possible to defend the indefenisible. If it looks bad, it muse be either a fake or a Zionist plot.

The only thing fake is waffen SS major's rank. He is a pathetic propagandist and defendor of the rapists in power in Iran. The "opposition" has way more credit than Shaban bimokh pirooz can ever dream of having after the drivel he has posted here without end.




Pope, according to Pirouz

by Faramarz_Fateh on

thats not a rifle.....its a lolipop that Rafsanjani is holding.  


The only thing that is fake

by Hovakhshatare on

is you SP.

Pretending to be whatever, including a human.



by ThePope on

Faramarz jaan, thx for this hillarious pic...
Even though for me it's normall 'cause I've experienced these things (armed mullahs) first hand.

Wow, they've evolved, no more Makarovs! Anyway, nicely done...

For 30 yrs now these savage mullahs have been delivering namaaz jomeh speeches while holding assault riffles in hand...

Is this fake too?



A response to you "sargord"

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I will do my best to hold this discourse in as civil of a manner as I can.

First of all, I am not part of the reformed movement.  I am for elimination of Islam and anything Islamic from the political and ruling fabric of Iran. Iran and Iranians deserve nothing less than a completely secular democracy.   Reformers are almost as bad as who is running Iran now. So, please  

Secondly, what combination of educational, professional or vocational accomplishments makes you a credible source for such a quick analysis of this picture?  Are you a forensic digital scientist trained at the CIA that can easily distinguish doctored photos?  Did you work as a software developer at Adobe, the company which developed Photoshop? 

Or, are you the typical misinformed "legend in his own mind" type Iranian male with next to nothing in accomplishment who has a strong opinion on every subject, from military to aeronautics to politics to history to ............

My bet is on the latter.

Finally, a hand gun in "cocked" and ready to fire at slightest action is actually PROOF that this low life scum representing a human being is there to shoot.

Since you don't have any credit to lose, nothing has happened to your reputation by posting your response. 


Fake or not

by Cost-of-Progress on

There's enough real stuff out there for the world to see.




Sargord Pirouz

It's fake

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yet another photoshop job. They even have the pistol's single-action function cocked!

Yet another discredit to the opposition, which in turn reflects badly on the reform movement in general.

Faramarz, in the future I advise you think twice before offering up more self-inflicted damage to your "cause" like this one.