Happy Ramezan (Ramadan) to all Muslims of the world.

by Faramarz_Fateh

Lunch is on me!  Buffet, Orchid Restaurant, Bristol Exit off of 405   12:30, tomorrow Friday Aug 21 2009


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Islam is not against culture

by jamshid on

I can't believe that some people say Islam is against non-Islamic cultures. Let's take a look at history:

Arabs invaded Iran around 14 centuries ago. They killed and massacred those Iranians who resisted. They enslaved Iranian women and took them away from their homes and husbands to Medina, to be raped and to serve as sex objects. They enslaved (literally enslaved) Iranian men and sold them in slave markets.

They looted Iran's riches. They burnt the libraries and all of Iran's scientific and literature achievements, forever lost since there were no mass publications tools back then. They persecuted Zoroastrians. They imposed taxes and "jazieh" on non-moslem populations.

They called Iranians "mojavas" or "ajam", both derogarory words, and treated them as second hand citizens. They imposed their religion AND culture on Iranians, and made life terribly difficult for those who did not want to convert. When an Iranian man on horse met a walking Arab, he was supposed to get off his horse and offer it to the Arab "master".

They consistently destroyed anything Persian (or Egyptian or Syran, etc.) in favor of Arab culture, language and religion.

This was not the Arab's fault. It was the fault of their religion. A religion that "commanded" moslems to kill the non-fidels, permitted" them to (literally) enslave the women and men of the defeated nations, encouraged them them to impose heavy taxes on non-moslems, and "commanded" them to impose Islam by force of sword.

So as you can clearly see, and as stated by a blind contributor (who wants to show the way to everyone else by waving his white cane), Islam indeed did contribute to the betterment of our culture in a number of ways; there are just too many to count.

P.S. Unknown to her, our Jewish lady friend in here had influnced me to stop writing about Islam for the good of the cause of unity against the IRI regime. But sorry when there are people who claim "Arabs made our gene pool more beautiful" - Mehrnaz Shahabi", or "Islam made our culture more beautiful - Q", I just want to vomit and can't stay quite.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Craig, a lot of what Faramarz says..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

is construed by many people here as hate-speech against them. Whether it is or isn't and to what extent, that is not even important. The fact is that many people take it that way, and obviously his wife agrees. His blog in March was not about an ordinary marital problem like my wife thinks we should take separate vacations, what should I do? This was about him telling the community that he was leaving for good, to save his marriage, specifically by stopping writing these types of blogs.

People who had felt very offended by these blogs went on that thread in March to give him heartfelt support and wsh him well. He came back writing the same types of blogs. Someone here said they are hate speech, they got burned for it, and that is fine with Faramarz.

Faramarz owes it to the people he has offended who supported him to :a) write a new blog explaining that he has resumed writing these types of blogs, explain whether the decision was made with or without his wife, and thank people who supported him on the first blog; b) include some kind  of dsiclaimer from that hearts and flowers blog on his new anti-Islam blogs, or

c) zip it (which if I am not mistaken is what he also owes his wife).

THERE IS NO DEFENSE. He told the community he promised his wife not to do it and how important it was  to her and now he's doing it, which IS a public humiliation of her. IT DOESN'T MATTER what the 'real' story in their marriage is (and the real story is that any Bahai would feel the same way she does...); the situation HE created is one in which people are thinking 'that poor woman'. I guarantee you I am not the only one. And HE and HE ALONE is responsible for the image people have of his wife as in a pitiful state. AND HE DOESN'T CARE.

And he doesn't care that he's offending the same people who supported him when HE needed them.

And that's really the only story that counts here. Not whether his wife 'really' nags him about buying groceries. What HAPPENED HERE is the WHOLE STORY.

And it's an ugly story.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

If his wife is complaining to him about the way he conducts himself on this website and he does it anyway, that's between him and his wife! If he solictied advice, I might or might not give it, but I certainly wouldn't be offended if he didn't take it! It seems like you are hurt? I don't know if you've ever been married, but I have... and I've even been divorced! Martial problems can be very complex and people all deal with them differently! I know I didn't follow anyone's advice when my marriage was in trouble. And, neither did my ex-wife! It's impossible for any outsider to know what's really going on when a marriage starts going bad, no matter how close they are to the couple. So my advice to you would be to offer any (well intentioned) advice you want to, but don't be offended if people go their own way. And my second piece of advice, is don't assume that you know the truth, when you have only heard one side of the story! Particualrly when it comes to marital disputes! And if you ignore this excellent advice of mine, I promise not to get mad at you :)

And PS-If his wife is really on his ass about things he does on the internet, I think it's pretty safe to say that's just the tip of the iceberg! On the other hand, he may have been using a minor criticism as rhetorical device, no?


rosie is roxy is roshan

No, you are not getting the point at all. It has nothing

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

to do with any of that. It has to do with the blog in March and what I have already said several times below, most clearly in my last post to you, about why this is degrading. I can't keep explaining it or I WILL sound like the nutcase he wants to make me out to be, compulsively drumming this drumbeat, and honestly I couldn't possibly figure out how to say it more clearly than I already have.

ex programmer craig

OK Rosie

by ex programmer craig on

I was too lazy to study up on the back story, sorry! But if he's a "fallen" Muslim, he gets to make fun of Islam doesn't he? That's the way it works in Christianity at least! Also, I've never gotten the impression that Iranians are particularly devout Muslims! At least, not compared to Arabs I know!

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

what u said of islam can be applied to Religion in general from a holistic analysis.

Religion is a tool, invented by humans and used to control the conquered populus while human civilization expands

rosie is roxy is roshan

Craig (on Peyton Place, aka the Fateh Family)

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

No, it has nothing to do with that at all. You have to scan up my posts from the beginning (there's a lot of them but they're very easy reads)..and read the relevant link to Faramarz's blog in March that I first posted to Q, and scan over the MANY comments on that blog's thread just to get a sense of them.

Here again, for the fifth time, is the  link to the blog he wrote in March. His wife is the Bahai. Not him. How could he be a Bahai, a Bahai would never post this Ramazan joke here in a million years. But again, it's not the JOKE I really have a problem with, it's the back story. (And the featuring). 


Faramarz either thinks we who rushed to his support in March are either so stupid that we don't remember or so shallow that we didn't care. By continuing to write these blogs, every time I read them I think of 'his poor wife' and I 'feel sorry for her' and all those kinds of cliches. AND IT'S HIS FAULT I FEEL THAT WAY and HE THINKS IT'S FUNNY! That is why it's a public humiliation to his wife and a disrespect to those of us who supported him in 'saving his marriage'.

He has made his marriage into a public monkey house in the zoo complete with all the bad smells and broken peanut shells and grotesque noise and now he is saying that I'm the monkey! HE THINKS IT'S FUNNY.


If he and his wife have reached some kind of ARTICULATED 'understanding' that it's now 'okay' for him to write these blogs, then he owes us an explanation of that, and an honest one about just how MISERABLE she feels. I agree, it SHOULDN'T be anyone's business, but HE MADE IT EVERYONE'S BUSINESS. I may be the only one saying it, but if I'm the only one THINKING it...well I'll be a monkey's uncle.



Religion is a disease of the mind

by AK69 on

- "If rulers of the religion in 635 AD misused the faith to impose their native arab culture on their subjects then the fault lies with the ruler and not the religion itself."

"This is done so there be Unity amongst alllll Muslims of different races across the Planet."

islam is a tool, invented by the Arabs and used to control the conquered populus while the Arab/islamic Empire expanded.

i do aggree with you that one cannot fault a theory for the actions of those that implement the theory. however, there is a bigger picture here that needs to be understood.


Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

This is something you will just have to live with watching the rest of us celebrate this diversity.

Now, that's just ridiculous. There isn't any place on earth where Islam is the dominant religion that "celebrates diversity". Especially on Ramadan you deserve to be given a wedgie from hell for saying that, since in most Muslim countries everyone is forced to comply with work conditions and business hours and fasting (publicly at least) during the month of Ramadan whether they are Muslim or not. That isn't celebrating diversity, buddy! That's forcing people to comply with religious practices that aren't their own!

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

What's up with your comments about his wife? If he's Bahai, it's a pretty good bet she is not a practicing Muslim. Muslim women are not allowed to marry outside of the faith, only the men are. Why do you assume she is Muslim just because she is against Islam bashing? I'm against Islam bashing too, and I'm not Muslim.

gitdoun ver.2.0

islam is not against culture.

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

islam is not against culture. infact in the religion itself there is nothing mentioned that pertains to culture whatsoever. Islam however does address vice and social justice. If rulers of the religion in 635 AD misused the faith to impose their native arab culture on their subjects then the fault lies with the ruler and not the religion itself. If some civilizations in Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Algeria etc etc entered “their Dark Ages” , as all civilizations go through their cycle of rising and falling, and were in a weakened state during the Advent of Islam then those communities easily fell to the imposed Arabization of the Ummayid Dynasty or Abbasid Dynasty  but if u look at more developed and more robust civilizations such as Persia this did not take place; although a blend of influence did of course take hold.


Second now on your anger of islam dominating socially, legally, and politically. Islam like Judaism , is of the religion of Prophet Abraham, and so these two religions offer not only spiritual guidance but also legislation for social justice. So if Islam dominates socially, legally, and politically the root of this began in the Torah. Infact culmination of Torah studies in these areas done by Rabbinic Scholars is compiled in the Talmud (Judaic jurisprudence of practical and social laws)


So if you are lamenting about Quran then be equally lamenting of Torah as there is nothing in the Quran that did not start and originate first in the Torah.


Lastly, your false claims that Prayers in Islam or the Quran having to be in the Arabic language is a blatant lie or said in sheer ignorance. In Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence) there is no obligatory ruling or any requirement that prayers or recital of Quran having to be in Arabic. Infact the exact opposite has occurred. You see Quran translated in Swahili , in Japanese, in Korean, in Farsi , in Spanish, in Russian, in every possible language. And next to the translation is the original script of the Quran, which was in Arabic. Moreover, Prayers and Pslams of Islam have also been translated to various Native Languages across the world as well ! And so as you can see there is no contradiction between Islam and one's native culture. Again I can not emphasize this enough Prayers/ Namaz or recital of Quran can be said in any language according to Islamic Jurisprudence, it is completely permissible.   The Vietnamese Muslim can recite prayers or recite Quran in Vietnamese. The Uzbekistan Muslim can recite prayers or recite Quran in Uzbek. The Indian Muslim can pray or recite Quran in Hindi or Urdu. The Iranian Muslim can pray or recite Quran in Farsi. The Mexican Muslim can recite his prayers or recite Quran in Spanish. The Russian Muslim can pray or recite Quran in Russian. The American Muslim can recite his prayers or Quran in English. so on and so forth


The only exception, again according to Islamic Jurisprudence, is when one attends Friday Congregation or Hajj Rituals involving a Congregation the prayers are be recited in the Original Language recited by Prophet Mohammad, which was Arabic. This is done so there be Unity amongst alllll Muslims of different races across the Planet.

Even in the pilgrimage to the Kaaba prayers and supplications are said in ANY LANGUAGE, outside of Congregation rituals. No where in Islam , in the Quran, in Islamic Fiqh, or in Islamic Tradition/hadiths has there been any ruling or an iota mentioned that prayers/Namaz or supplications said outside the Arabic language is sinful or unlawful.  ---now if Muslims choose, of their OWN FREE WILL, to say prayers in the Arabic language .... then that is of their own accord and wish and so who are we to tell them not to do so ???


--if your going to state a rebuttal please refrain from ad hominem attacks and take a scholastic tone so this dialogue can be fruitful for all people interested--   ~~thank you

Babak Khorramdin

برادر حسین .اوباما هم تبریگ گفت

Babak Khorramdin

a closet mooselem



"Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave."



Islam is against ALL non-Islamic cultures

by Sassan2 on

It would take too long to list all the reasons why, but principally, the reason Islam is against all non-Islamic cultures is because Islam is not just a religion, it tries to dominate EVERY single aspect of one's life -- socially, legally, politcally, and of course, it dominates one's religious life. 

Point is, why do we need Islam? It's like why do we use the word "vatan" when we have the Persian "Mihan." We have a native belief system that promotes "good words, good thoughts, good deeds." Why do we still follow the belief system of our rapist invaders? Why? Why do we have to follow a bedouin belief system that requires us to say our prayers in Arabic?

Doesn't Allah, the all-knowning, all wise God, understand Persian, French, Spanish, or English? Think about it, this is the crux of the matter for me. I believe that Islam was an Arab movement, inspired by those ambitious Arabs who wanted to build an empire. And what's the best way to integrate the many diffferent peoples that you conquer? By taking away their native identities! By erasing their native cultures! By taking away their native languages.

Language = Identity

Otherwise, why can't we say our prayers in Persian? Why does it have to be in Arabic? Doesn't Allah understand Persian? Why does he favor Arabic over Persian? Why does God give preferential treatment to the Arabs and their language? Again, does God not understand my native language of Persian?

Islam succeeds the most when it erases the native culture. Its greatest success is played out in places like Egypt and Syria, both of which had distinct cultures before the Arab invasion. Now, it's all gone -- history! 

Did you know that the Palestinians had their own native language before the Arab invasion. But they, too, have lost their native language, and thus, have lost their unique identity.

Today, the Palestinians, the Syrians and the Egyptians are all a part of the generic Arab world, as are the Lybians, the Morrocans, the Jordanians, etc., -- all of which had native languages and cultures that have been erased by the invading Islamic/Arab movement.

In fact, the same exact thing would have happened in Iran, if it had not been for the massive strength of the Persian culture and its historical triumphs under previous Persian empires -- and of course, Ferdowsi, who practically preserved the original Persian language in his masterpiece, Shahnameh, the Persian Bible. 

The truth is, the Islamic/Arab movement that started 1,400 years ago has in fact chipped away at a great portion of our native identity. We are not who we once were, and according to Hedayat and many others, this is very sad. Thus, we must protect what's left of our unique Iranian identity. And we must do all we can, as best as we can, to regain what we have lost.

This is NOT a racist argument. Islamists deceptively try to make it about race, but it's not -- simply because Islam is not a race. I'm not advocating ethnic cleansing. I'm talking about cultural cleansing. There is no need to be more Arab than the Arabs in order to prove our Islamic metal.

We're Iranians and should live as Iranians and die as Iranians! Anything short of that credo compromises our cultural identity.  


gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

why is Islam directly opposed to Iranian culture ???

Iraneh Azad

Some Fake Reformist IRI Supporters are in outer space

by Iraneh Azad on

And ere still trying to destroy our culture with their revisionist views of Islam and Iran.

Ferdowsi is cursing you IRI supporters from his grave.


Q.. Que Que LOL

by AK69 on

- "No Jamshid, Islam contributed to betterment of our culture"

No Jamshid, Islam tried to destroy our culture. This is fact, based on actual events in history. What Q is saying is revisionist history.

Q... Do you lovey dovey the ole'islamic regime? Please be honest; I am new and I don't know you and want to know why your comments always seem to be pro-IR? TIA & KMPA 


Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan

Little Tweet

Look forward!

by Little Tweet on

Don't look back unless you're going in that direction & Good Luck Gitdoun 2.0 we all need that!

gitdoun ver.2.0

ramazan is here !!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

Ramezan begins tomorrow (sat) here in Los Angeles. i hope everyone's fasts and prayers are accepted, god willing. my hopes, personally, at the end of this month i can attain that seemingly hard to attain virtue of Patience.  --wish me luck!


No Jamshid, Islam contributed to betterment of our culture

by Q on

as have many other influences throughout history.

This is something you will just have to live with watching the rest of us celebrate this diversity.


"Our golden days of

by jamshid on

"Our golden days of literature , art , science , architecture , etc...all happened during the Islamic khalifet in Iran."

You meant to say:

"Our golden days of literature, art, science, architecture, etc...all happened DESPITE the Islamic khalifet in Iran."

That makes more sense. Now imagine how much more golden it could have been without the Islamic Khalifet persecutions of Iranians.


Ali UK

by Sassan2 on

writes,"Our golden days of literature , art , science , architecture , etc...all happened  during the Islamic khalifet in Iran. "

This has been discussed long and hard before and I shall not get into it again, but if you really believe in the above quote, you're a classic baffoon, or rather, a tootee, repeating the nonsense that you've heard countless times by Islamists! What the hell does the fact that we achieved our greatest scientific feats during the Islamic Khalifet have to do with the RELIGION of Islam, per se?

Do you ever hear a Christian today praising the glory of Chritianity because the age of Enlightenment or Renaissance happened under Chrisitan orthodoxy in Europe? It's asinine beyond belief!

Wake up, and stop talking like a tootee, repeating nonsense! Iranian scholars, in fact scholars around the world, usually achieved their monumental successes IN SPITE of religion and religious persecution, which usually goes hand in hand in the case of Islam and the Islamic Khalifet.

In fact, most sholars like Rumi (molana) were persecuted and chased out of Iran (he died in present day Turkey). Moreover, Iran has had scientific and literary accomplishments throughout its history! When Alexander conquered Persia, he ordered thousands of books of science, medicine, philosophy, alchemy, astronomy and poetry to be translated ito Greek and sent to Greece to his teacher (Aristotle) and they burned the Persian copies, so that we have no evidence of it in Iran.

I would submit that traces of Iranian sciences, astronomy and philoophy later surfaced in Greece under the auspices of Greek Studies. Sadly, every time we have been conquered, a piece of our identity and heritage has been destroyed forever. 

As such, to say that our greatest achievements were under the age of Islam is not only baseless and foolhardy, but potentially false. We'll never know the extent of Achamanian (Hakamanish) achievements that were destroyed by Alexander.


It starts tomorrow

by Anonymous8 on

but thanks even if you are such a hater.

islam will overcome.


Medical Rebuttal

by capt_ayhab on



rosie is roxy is roshan

Faramarz, if I don't say something, your last post

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

sits on top of mine,  saying I'm crazy for posting too much. And if I do say something, mine sits on top of yours, saying I'm crazier for posting more. I'll take crazier on top.

I had an idea. Out of respect for all the people who supported you on starting your new life's journey, why don't you put some kind of disclaimer on your blogs, something like..


For those of you who read my blog in March saying I was leaving here so my wife wouldn't leave me due to my Islam-bashing, I have decided to only post Islam-bashing blogs behind my wife's back no matter what a public betrayal it is BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T STOP


....I have convinced my wife to stay with me even though I keep on posting Islam-bashing blogs no matter how much it hurts her BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T STOP.

Thank you all for supporting me in maintaining the integrity of my marriage.,



by Anvar on

Thank you for your well researched summary about the concept of Fasting in various religions.  Most of the times, people tend to focus only on the differences amongst religions.  It would be nice to also pay attention to what they may have in common.  It is intriguing to see that many religions, which span thousands of years, share so many similar ideas.



Rosi Roxi, time for medication dear?

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Rosi Roxi, did you miss a couple doses of your meds dear?

You have posted way too many posts for my brief blog.....sort of unusual for someone with a life....I would have expected a reaction like this from Zulfiqar_110.....you are not him/her are you?

Anyways, I haven't spoken to my wife yet today....but when I do, I'll be sure to tell her you sent your regards.


By the way, we'll miss you at lunch today. 

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

Please don't misunderstand me; I am very much in agreement with your most recent statement (not the one about Mona). I'm merely saying that Mona Tahiri - and her alter ego, "Ravian Bilani" - have a tendency to go around looking like overzealous, totally blind Baha'is so as to give them a bad rap. I just wanted to give people the context and background information behind all that.

You're right, there isn't much to be diverted from here. I think what should occur, though, is a dialogue between you and Faramarz. There has been more bashing than dialogue on this blog, and I think it would be great for the Iranian.com readership in general if they could glean some constructive dialogue (so as to reach mutual points of understanding) from this blog. You have already taken that first step with your last reply; I hope that those on the other camp will address your queries in kind. That's what dialogue is all about!

I will not interfere in this blog again. Thanks for your time. :)

rosie is roxy is roshan

Another county heard from. Adib Masumian, Mona Tahirih

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

may be mentioning the Bahai because of all my mentioning of the Bahai due to this lovely Hallmark Card Faramarz posted here for his Bahai wife:


Or maybe because she just felt like it. As for the link, I couldn't open it but I am sure whatever conspiracy theory it espouses is true.  Because clearly Mona is attempting to "divert the blog" from one of the most momentous discussions ever held on this site: about buffets and Hindu fasting rituals and Faramarz's marriage, and setting the exact date and time for the purification of Iran from the Islamic plague next month.


Adib Masumian

And Mona Tahiri...

by Adib Masumian on

...wouldn't know anything about that, considering she's not a Baha'i herself and is trying to come across as imprudent or overzealous. See here for an explanation:


This is nothing more than a sad attempt at diverting the blog.

At any rate, Faramarz Fateh is not a Baha'i, so why would you bother imposing Baha'i standards on him? You might as well ask a Christian to observe Ramadan.