JalehO has Got to Go!

by Faramarz_Fateh


Vote yes or no ..... let your voice be heard by the soul seller in Massachussets.

She can hitch a ride on Ahmadinejad's plane on his way back to Iran. 


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by Faramarz_Fateh on

The time for Islamic soul sellers like you who have sold your country as well as your soul for a few $$ has come.

However, like all your IslamoMafia bretheren, you will switch your alligence to the new regime and start dastmalkeshi for the new powers to be so fast that you'll create a vacuum by the swiftness of your change.

I don't want nor need power in Iran.  The young men and women of Iran are slowly but surely weakening the foundations of the filthy Islamic regime day by day.

Now go buy a ticket and go back to Iran



by Faramarz_Fateh on

I will try to continue to "curb" my emotions when responding to your comment, as usual disrespectful, with civility and objectivity.

Like you, I believe in freedom of speech.  However, when it comes to evil, one cannot be silent.  An exaggerated example would be keeping quiet if members of KKK contiuously use the internet to berate African Americans.  Or the Neo Nazi's to propaganda for extermination of Jews.

JalehO's blogs are written to justify and further the cause of evil; that is, IRI's regime.  Her blogs are talking points given to her by elements of the IRI for publication on high traffic internet sites.

To that end, I will do anything and everything to expose her and put pressure on her in any small way I can.  Obviously I am not the sheriff of cyber space and cannot dictate who can stay here or who can go.  Neither am I the secretary of Homeland Security Dept. with power to deport JalehO.

If I did, her ass would be on the first plane back to Iran.



by Faramarz_Fateh on

Since I brought on the situation with my wife myself, instead of telling you its non of your business, I will politely answer your question.  No, my wife and I are still married although not living together at the moment.  Not to worry, she is overseas, God willing coming back in February.

Thank you so very much for your genuine concern for my marital status.


I agree with samsamIII. Let

by vildemose on

I agree with samsamIII. Let her be. He/or she provides rare insight into the minds of extremists who rule Iran. The more we know about their thought processes the better we are for it. She is exhibit number one how a theocracy and a populist government can turn into a fascist police-state a la Hitler. She reminds me of that German woman in the movie "The Reader"; a compelling case study for internalization of artificial beliefs and conformity.


I modify my comment

by Souri on

Sorry I have been too strong there.

Just mention this:

This is not true, Madame. Sorry to break it to everyone. Jaleho is a lady, living really in Massachusetts, having friends among the good readers of Iranian.com who even know her from the young ages.



by minadadvar on

Jaleho is not a woman.

Jaleho is not Iranian.

I think Jaleho thinks that he should be a famous philospher, writer, movie peroducer, .....

The fac t is that "He Is,  A  No Body".  So, Please stop, paying attention to this "creature" and move on....




by capt_ayhab on

This is absolutely childish , ke chi beshe? is this your definition of freedom of expression?

Disappointing to see how we do not practice what we preach.



Sohraby, there is one thing easier:

by Q on

Live in the US. Hide behind a fake name so you can periodically visist Iran, have some good food, and collect the rent money that the IRI guarantees for you. And then come back and pretend you are a (secret) "freedom fighter".


Farmarz jan, they don't go back to IR

by Sohraby on

None of IRI supporters would go back to Iran because life over there is very hard and they must work and do something for the money that they earn each day. What would they do for living in Iran? Beating Iranians, torturing them, raping them etc. It is much easier to live in West and work online for IRI and get paid! 


Fateh, thank GOD, you have ZERO power

by Q on

Every day I see fascist statemenst like this I thank Allah, 1000 times that people like you do not have any power in Iran, and will never have any.

Samsam jan, You've got it right! I can't wait til you and OJ find the "real killers". Let me know how the witch hunt is going.

some "democracy" activists! It's good to know, it's all BS.



by Shepesh on



FF, why do you concentrate on Jaleho?

by SamSamIIII on


 As a matter of fact, I find her to be an honest to the form Arabo Ommatie seed of Qadesiyeh who is no closet hezbollahi like a ton of imposters on this site. You must welcome and encourage her honest stand and her transparent allegiance to the cause of Ommah unlike those cowards who hide among us as khodii to divide the lines.



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Mr Fateh, sorry

by Souri on

I got a question for you:

Did your wife already divorce from you?