No comparison between Pahlavi Iran and Islamic Iran

by Faramarz_Fateh

A while ago a couple years into the second U.S.-Iraq war, a whole bunch of American congressmen and senators started going on political talk shows to renounce and denounce the war as a mistake.  Without exception, these sons-a-bitches who had given Bush carte blanche to attack Iraq would start their talk by saying "I fully supported and still support the war in Afghanistan but the Iraq was a mistake because blah blah blah.  Of course non of these asswipes would say anything about the fact that 17 of the 19 so called terrorists of 9/11 were Saudis not Afghans and so bombing of the Saudis (Riyadh, Mecca etc) would have been much more appropriate.

I have started to see a similar situation amongst us Iranians who live outside Iran.  Other than the Shah-o-maniacs whom are now mainly 65+ in age, every time a middle aged Iranian wants to denounce the freaking Islamic Republic, they get an urge to make an editorial about the Shah and Iran of second Pahlavi era as a preamble; as if there is even a comparison possible.

While its true that things were not all rosie during time of Mammad Reza, it is inconceivable to make any type of comparison.  From the extent of political oppression, to stealing of the oil money, to anything else.

The Islamic Republic is several orders of magnitude worse than the Pahlavi regime.  No doubt Iran and Iranians deserve better than either of the 2 and they will eventually get what they deserve. 

But enough of the comparisons.  Have enough courage to denounce the IRI without the need to piss on Pahlavis.



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Good catch, This game

by SamSamIIII on


 & fake comparison is played by 2 group of Ommaties to legitimize the alien nature of Ommatie regime by somehow associating IRI's  beastly/non Iranic traits as just another  traditional defect present in all prior regimes. it,s like comparing German occupied Vichy France vs  Charles de Gaulle government .kinda like Aazam Taleghanii vs Joan of Arc :).

The 2 groups;

1- Hezbo al lahiis (Direct beneficiaries of Qadessi regime)

2- Hezbo al Lobbies aka(bani abbas reformists, IRI lobbies/pimps in diaspora, 5th collumn commies & ommatie tribe)



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