Yes AIPAC, please save us!!!


Yes AIPAC, please save us!!!
by Fesenjoon2

They say AIPAC is planing this and that. Youve heard the spiel literally a thousand times before. 

Well I say, God speed to AIPAC!!

AIPAC is planing to rid us all of the retards that have been ruling Iran for the past 33 years. They actually will do the Iranian nation a service by raising the average IQ of the Persian race. Just look at the fools that continue to rule Iran. (I especially love the Napolean slogan!)

What have the "reformists" and greenies and west residing Islamists done in the past 33 years? Answer: They cant do shit. End of story. So it's time to send the big boys in to do the job. Do Republicans want a war? Let them have one! Liberate Iran from Zahak and his dark rule!

Yes AIPAC! Clowns like Trita Parsi and the IRI groupies on IC wont tell you, but living under shit like this is not zendegee. It is jendegee.

Living under a regime whose leaders think with their penises instead of their brains (see image above) is not something I would wish to preserve for future generations!

Iranians and their 7000 year history have yet to learn from the US and it's puny 300 year history. They have yet to learn that:

"Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils."

As an Iranian, I would rather see Iran bombed to smithereens, and arise once again from the ashes, anew, like the Qoqnoos (Phoenix).

This is not life Iranians have. This is shame

Please AIPAC, put Iran out of its miserable existence. Only you can do it.


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umm, no......

by Fesenjoon2 on

Actually, I dont like the fact that the people who put up those signs have killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians in the past 30 years, and there are still total buffoons that come here defending and protecting them. 

Sadegh Bozorgmehr


by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

So you don't like the signs people hang on fences therefore Iran must be "bombed to smithereens"?


Dear VPK

by Cost-of-Progress on

As a trained professional, I have learned to look for the "root cause" of failures.

While there are many aspects of why our ancient culture is in trouble, one of the root casues of our problems lies with our inability to separate religious dogma with practical solutions that enable us to move ahead in the world.

In the past 32 years with the advent of political islam in our ancestral land, we have come close to loosing what we as Iranians have cherished for centuries and eons: Our identity and a bright outlook for the future.


درجامعــه ای که ارزش ها عـــوض میشوند عوضـــی ها بــــا ارزش میشوند

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

COP is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Dear COP you bring a voice of sanity here. Just a reminder that I never accepted the Islamic garbage or the AIPAC. I do not want a savior. I might ask for help if I needed it but not to be saved the price is way too high.



It has been obvious from day 1

by Cost-of-Progress on

be it the day we embraced an alien cult as our official "religion", or the day we accepted an antinationalist man as our "savior", we Iranians are "kaaseye daagh tar az aash".

Let us now return to our regularly scheduled program of saying "marg bar in, va marg bar on".   


آره واقعا!


بستگی داره اون خرسه کی باشه. مثلا اونی که صدها ساله که دنباله روی سیاست یهودستیز و جهودکشان اعراب جاهلیته یا اونی که سی ساله داره شب و روز عربده می کشه اسراییل باید محو شود!

خدا واقعا خرش را شناخته که بعضی ممالک پس از هفت هزار سال سابقه درخشان تبدیل به مستراح تمدن بشریت نوین شدند. خدا را شکر که شاخ ندارد که بقیه ممالک را آزار دهد. دعواهای آژانس انرژی اتمی هم سر همین موضوع است البته!



just sayin...

by Fesenjoon2 on

the average IQ of The Islamic Republic of Iran is so low that they didnt even count that "daheye fajr" is actually 11 days.

So, lets keep these bright people around and protect their rule for another 30 more years, so that they can successfully turn back the clocks to the 7th century. 


Yes AIPAC, please save us

by Abarmard on

دوستی خاله خرسه. بلا نسبت همگی خر که شاخ و دم نداره

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Disenchanted

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are right about the name calling but not about who is who. There is much deception at work in the corridors of this place.

IC is like a mishmash of regular people; frustrated people and agents. Nobody knows for sure who is who except for themselves and the other half dozen aliases they use :-)

Here are my words of visdumb:

  • A regular person will say what they want
  • Hence they may take a side but they are not an agent. 

But agents pretend to be something else to confuse me.

  • A Zionist agent will pretend to be a Basiji
  • A Basiji will pretend to be a Zionist agent.


  • A Basiji may ask for an Israeli attack on Iran knowing it will anger Iranians. This will make them mad and supporting Israel.
  • A Zionist may keep talking about importance of Palestine. So Iranians will be fed up with Palestine.

How do you tell the genuine from the double secret agent? 




A response, if I shall?

by Fesenjoon2 on

Your observations dont have enough resolution my friend.

The folks who are hired to do the shenasaee of the opposition know better English than me and you, trust me. I've lived in DC. Some of them not only know excellent English, but also speak/read/write Hebrew.

I agree with you. The cyber baseeji once in a while will make a muffled disgruntled noise about some news event, or upload a green avatar (hamrang e jamaa'at shodan) to fit himself in. The "Israeli agent" on the other hand wont lie, because he doesnt believe in camel-riding Imam Ali BS such as Taqiyeh. That is, if we are to assume the fidelity of your powers of observation. Look harder my friend. In the end, you might not like what you see, because you might realize that those who keep beating their chest with the slogan of vatanam vatanam, will end up being the first ones to abandon it when the time comes, while those who passionately argue for drastic fundamental changes are people who have actually sacrificed themselves for it. :-) 


An observation if I may?! ;-)

by Disenchanted on

you see, people call each other names on this site all the time & some! That is part of the trade. Baseeji vs zionist and rest of it. But i have noticed those who are called Basiji more often than not come out and criticize iRI policies and condemn their oppressive acts. However the people who are called zionist and Israeli never say anything against Israel, on the other hand they cheer Israel to attack Iran and praise the racist warmongers in Tel aviv!.....Now, honest to goodness, really...., I mean really, who is most likelly to be a zionist agant, or cheerleader and who is the basiji?! Just an observasion! huh...?!....As for, although my English is broken, I don't think those folks can read & write English as much! :-) save other issues that even a blind can see :-)...Just saying!


and it's not just AIPAC

by Fesenjoon2 on

"Nearly half of Americans now say they would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities to stop its uranium enrichment."


Im also in that half. The Islamic Republic has been itching for war and shahadat for the past 30 years. Theyve been calling DEATH TO AMERICA for as long as this country (IRI) has existed.

Well, let them have it! 

Let them taste shahadat. 

Let them realize in their utter stupidity that Israel and the US Navy are not the tribe of Bani Qurayza.

Let them realize that there will be no Mahdi Sahib al-zaman saving their asses with a white horse, knee-deep in blood, followed by a submissive Jesus.

Let this war destroy the filth called Islam, that has brought nothing but war and insanity to Iran for the past 1400 years.

Let us Live free or die! 


areh o eenaa!

by Fesenjoon2 on

oon yaroo,

ei baba, what can one expect from the followers of a prophet who was a registered sex offender? //

Both him and his damad (Ali).

Remember, the country is called The Islamic Republic of Iran. In their constitution it specifically states the country to be based on Islam (A religion in which slavery and pedophilia were rampant). Only that kind of ideology can give you twisted fanatics that kill their own people, hate jews and demean women.



by Rastgoo on

You and your thinking have almost non-existent support among Iranians.  I say "almost" because I know of a few other so called Iranians who do talk like this while tucked in comfortably in the west through the usurption of the oil money earned by the poverty stricken Iranian masses.


Disenchanted joon

by Fesenjoon2 on

raast meegee, I for one am also not surprised to see paid employees of to be prowling around on IC trying to whitewash 33 years of executions, hangings, and tortures of the Islamic Republic.


Pendar-e naapaak

by Fesenjoon2 on

Demonizing the jews again, are we? Tobeye gorg marg ast.

This is what you are protecting every day by posting rubbish in support of the ayatollahs:



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What it takes to free Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I had written a long response but then thought: why bother? This has been discussed endlessly in other blogs. We all know pros and cons of it. In particular that whatever it does will not help us get rid of Islamic Republic.

Then I realized this blog is deliberately inflammatory. As if it was written to get Iranians angry. That makes me wonder if the blogger is not trying to generate sympathy for IRI. This is a trick they use whenever under pressure. 

Get people to think Israel is about to attack and reap the benefit. Get Iranian Americans worked up and start phoning representatives. Pressure Obama to get off the back of IRI. I may be wrong but it does not pass the smell test.


who knows?

by Fesenjoon2 on

It might have already started!

Go US Navy!



What happened to Fesnjoon1?

by aynak on


It  still sound pre-Beta.






Just because this is called

by Disenchanted on

it doesn't mean that anyone who writes here is Iranian or has interests of Iran in mind. You know... Peaple can log in from all over the world and express opinion. That is ok and it is supposed to be like that. The tricky part is when someone disguises him/herself as an Iranian and says things that sounds a lot like not just an Israeli but a right wing Israeli at that! .....well, I am not surprised for one!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Israel would be making a giant mistake to attack Iran or IRI

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

  • Anyone who thinks AIPAC is going to rescure Iran is nuts. Most Israelis I know don't like AIPACor Bibi. Iranvatan makes good points. 
  • Israel has neither the interest nor the power to free Iran. It is pure whishful thinking to imagine they will do it. The one nation with power to do it is USA.
  • If Israel uses nuclear against Iran it will dig its own grave. Not by an Iranian response. But a slow death by international isolation. No amount of US or AIPAC money will help. People all around the world will reject them as a nation.


I dare to answer...

by پندارنیک on

"What kind of person would be calling for the utter destruction of his country...?"

Probably a warmonger Jew in Israel............


Fesenjoon: Chickenhawk

by Rastgoo on

Congratulations, you are now officially a member of the spoiled rotten chicken hawk club.  What kind of person would be calling for the utter destruction of his country to reach whatever immature and ridiculous goal that you have?  And you are full of caca for claiming that you were a prisoner in Iran and were tortured.  The reason is simple you lack the basic element of a prisoner of conscience:  That is a conscience.  You simply don't have one.  So why don't you take your chicken hawk spoiled rotten AIPAC propaganda and post on their site.

Oon Yaroo

Fesenjoon2 Jaan, Wasn't Fatemeh Ali's Daughter!?

by Oon Yaroo on

If that's true then you just accused Ali of incest which is prevalent amongst Muslims?

Or, am I confused which is highly likely!?


jew envy?!

by Fesenjoon2 on

Bulls eye, AO.

That's exactly what it is.

And yet, the fools will never see that Iran and Israel are innate allies. 

This is Tel Aviv (honoring Koorosh and Iran):


This is Tehran (honoring suicide bombers calling for the death of Israel): 




Seriously, AIPAC can remove the Fascist Islamic Apartheid Regime

by iranvatan on

So let us say we are been attacked by their Nuclear Bombs (because that is the only bomb can detsroy what they believe in) who like to take the Nuclear  Facility out.

Then what  next. Do you think the Fascist Islamic Apartrheid Regime is removed? Do you think they will come and surrender because they have been bombed? Just Aerial and attack from the Sea...

What about the Nuclear waste and the consequences of Uranium depleted bombs as well as other Toxic chemical elements.

Seriuosly AIPAC gives a damn about you or Iran

No one neither this Fascist regime or past Fascist regimes have cared about Iran or Iranians since they are all puppet of the West.

If Iranians don't realize that Iran must be rescued only by Iranians without any foreign elemnts they will fall in the same trap as they did for the past 400 years.

This time we must do it ourselves at all costs without any foreign help or any Western Puppets like Mujahedin, Pahlavi or any other clown.

People must Unite and form a council and plan and strategize combined with tactical planning.

We are not even close that... 


One Iran for all Iranians


Mohammad Ala, once again you are making false accusations

by AMIR1973 on

I did not use "profanity", and there was therefore no "profanity" of mine to be "removed" by the administrator. You are lying in a serial fashion. Period. Otherwise, show your evidence by linking to the posts where I said you should be "reported" and "deported" (another of your false accusations against me). Who do you think you are accusing me and others on of being "bogus"? Who are you to judge others as being "bogus"?

Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon dude

by Anonymous Observer on

AIPAC is an excuse. These people all share one basic ideology: Antisemitism. That's all. AIPAC and Zionist are just code words for Jew. They are products of a system that has Antisemitism as its core ideology. They wake up thinking about Jews, spend their day thinking about Jews, and go to bed thinking about Jews. I actually think that a lot of it is envy too. They see Jews as being powerful in the world while they are looked at as a bunch of terrorist fanatics--rightfully so I may add.

Plus, AIPAC, a Jewish lobby organization is advocating a preemptive strike on a country that has vowed for he past 33 years to wipe Israel off the map?!!! How dare they?!!! You mean they're not looking out for Iran's interest while the IR is wining and dining Ismael Haniyeh and admitting that it has supported armed terrorist groups against Israel for the past 33 years?!!! Those murderous Jews!!!!


Just read these posts and that is a few of you now multiply 1000

by iranvatan on

I have been in the backgrounds and I have hopes that we can free Iran someday.

But Iran is only free when the people are free.

You guys miss a great issue and that is Poverty, Corruption, Mis-Management, Murder and Rape by past and current regime.

Now the people will be attacked.

It is sad that other Iranians want to see Iran to be bombed and they think that is the solution.

It is also sad that the other group doesn't even have solution.

It is more sad and shamefull that both groups who pretend they are nationalist and love Iran can not even sit down and talk and come up with soluition.

It is untersting they all pretend they are doctors, educated and attack each others credential and credibility.

Loud voices and screaming at each other without listening.

It is not your fault, it is how yu have been thought, educated and raised like all of us.

We can NOT tolerate or respect each other BUT we Love foreigners and will die for them just ask your parents.

You are all ignorant, stupid, cowards and traitors. And teh West knows that and they have been taking advantage of yu Persian Cowards. You are their puppet and their tool.

You have not only failed yourself but your nation.

Why are you even concerned about Iran. Just live your life here in United states or where ever you are and live Iranian people alone, they really don't need your help.

When you can not unite and speak with one voice then better to Shut Up...what you think... 


One Iran for all Iranians

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Something is wrong with you.. you cannot read or miss what is said.

Your profanity and accusations were removed by IC administration, ask JJ.  If you do not remember what you said (hint: Islamist and few other bull) then I cannot help you.  You need professional help.  This is my last reply to you.  You will be disregarded.