Iranians are legitimate target

by Fred

Referring to the Messianic Islamist Regime in Iran, Haitham al-Maleh, a member of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces said:

“They do not realize the gravity of the crimes they are committing by supporting this regime. Iran is not only a partner in the regime’s crimes but is also inciting the killing of civilians. I have thus requested that Iran’s membership in the OIC be suspended. Any Iranian civilian who comes to Syria is a legitimate target for the revolution, according to the Geneva Conventions.”

During the past 20 months in Syria, over 40,000 people have been murdered in an uninterrupted series of particularly gruesome pogroms. The overwhelming majority of the victims have been unarmed men, women and children murdered by the Syrian Battists, the special forces of the Messianic Islamist regime dispatched form Iran and its houseboy the terrorist Hezbollah in Lebanon.

All evidence points to the fact that Iranian people, who for the past 34 years have been victims of a barbaric Islamist regime, are rooting for Syria's emancipation from the tyranny of the savage Battists. The Syrian Freedom Fighters should not lose sight of this important fact.

One day, and it seems very soon, the emancipated Iranian and Syrian nation will help one another in rebuilding their shattered lives.


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Stupid Shiats!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Of all Islamists, Shiat islamists appear to be the most stupid type! From their first day of instalment, by british,  in Iran as safavid dynasity to fight Ottoman Sunni Turks, to their latest placement in power, by Anglo/US plot as "islamist Republic"  to fight spead of Soviet communism into oil rich persian golf, they have been nothing but gullible tools and enforcers of colonial powers strategies in Middle East.

Now, having expired their usefulness, with both Soviets and Ottomans long gone, they are being enticed into the slaughterhouse of Syria to be put down like any other dog which turns against it's masters.

Tabrik to ansaar taklif!  



asadabad my opinion is that those who are deceived and those

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

who deceive others on being for humanitarianism and then causing such suffering are in the process of being brought down to their Knees.  Under no circumstance would Russia's politics be getting played out like the article below shows if the west was not being brought down to their knees.  The USA is not approaching success, it is likely the biggest decline any one on IC has ever seen in our life times as is going to only become clear for most people in 10 years time as the USA continues to struggle with the consequences of pursuing unachievable aims rooted in greed.  That and being in a depression likely in 10 years time despite the media not reporting it.  //



asadabad, I oppose the IRI and don't appreciate being presented

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

as if I believe anyone other than the IRI killed Neda, that doesn't help others realize my point.

The IRI is not going out and telling the world that the USA and nato are against democracy and human rights and are busy putting extremists in power, as the IRI themselves are the beneficiaries of this policy, the members of the IRI are truly too stupid to know why the USA helped them come to power and why the USA loves extremism for the world.

// these are the actions of extremists.

// and these actions are those of the west, in libya, iraq, to afghanistan.


Extremists in Syria

by asadabad on

The only extremists in syria are the shiite terrorists from Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq who are murdering, torturing, and raping the Sunni Muslims.  Shiites are the most fanatical and bloodthirsty murderers.  History has proven this.  Ask yourself, how did Iran become a Shiite country?  Genocide.  Iran was a Sunni Muslim country just like Syria until shiites took control and started raping, pillaging, etc. until the population capitulated.    

It's ridiculous that the opposition in Syria is painted as "Sunni Muslim extremists" when their leader is a Syrian Christian.  Amir calls himself a "secularist" yet he repeats the same tired, old lies generated by the terrorist regime in Iran.  Amir, I suppose Nedah Agha Soltan was murdered by aliens too, right?    



Deceitful message Fred, Assad is better than the alternative

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

extremists at this point.  You are not conveying this because you yourself care not for democracy or human rights? 

There have been crimes committed on civilians by the rebel leadership you support and many rebels who are not of even syrian nationality. The team you back, have shown video tapes of throwing children of supporters of the regime out of windows, like the west you become perceived in the same criminal light for what is happening to Libyans and Syrians.

However you still have a point, since there is more and more true evidence independently provided of IRI backing Assad, then IRI thugs are obviously legitimate targets.  Though if one were to ask Iranians to choose between the worse of 2 evils, 1 being the vicious blood thirsty IRI and 2 being the Free World lead by Western Democracies who say they support human rights yet fully support extremism for everyone else, don't even pretend to be shocked that the consensus of iranians would support the IRI that I oppose.  The west isn't making any freedom and justice lovers job easier through its actions.  Human rights are worthless outside the west as a result of the wests ongoing crimes.

Talking about how one perceives another, Where is Zahak when one wants to here of some disingenuous bias on a subject against a truely democratic and lawful acting leader who improved the human rights of Iranians, like the late shah did?


Chert o Pert?!

by Demo on

Anybody would have well received the implied message in my first comment below except, of course, the 'traitors' like Asad himself.

And guess why the pseudo-Iranian below keeps calling me 'Demon' and is asking why the blogger oh his/her type is being followed daily? It is elementary dear. Elementary. A 'traitor' has no place to hide and is going to be chased after by the 'traitors-busters' even if he/she turns to Blogger, Leader, Imam, Peesh-Namaz, President, Shah, Geda, Vali-Faghih, or Slandering-Cat!

Keep drumming.       


Demonic Chert o Pert!

by Faramarz on




You are arguing against yourself.

The CIA Black Sites were set up with the assistance from Assad and so is the killing of the innocent Syrians (with the assistance from the Islamic rulers of Iran too.) So in both case, the criminal is the Assad Regime.

By the way, I have noticed that you follow Fred several times a day! Is he your "Peesh-Namaz", since you seem to be into copying and pasting others including me, Prophet Mohammad, etc.?


Thank you!

by Demo on

trawetsdor for your truth telling below. It speaks well for itself.


Spot on but...

by trawetsdor on

عمده ما شهروندان ایران سی و چهارسال است جنایات و خیانتهای جمهوری اسلامی را زیر سبیلی رد کرده ایم. سال ۱۳۵۸ رژیم گیج تر از مردم ایران بود و هنوز قدرت مطلق پیدا نکرده بود. آن موقع فرصت داشتیم جلو اعمالش رابگیریم ولی بی‌تفاوت سرمان را کردیم توی لاک خودمان تا این مارخورها افعی شد.

شما انتظار دارید تهدید سیاستمدارانه هيثم المالح ما را از خواب بیدار کند. ما برای مملکتی که سی و چهار سال است هرز می‌رود و فرزندانی که بدست رژیم شکنجه و کشته می‌شوند تره خرد نمی کنیم. تذکری که داده‌اید برای ملتهایی محترم است که به فردیت/حق/امتیاز/مسئولیت در صحنه داخلی و بین‌المللی واقفند نه در نیرنگستانی که مردمش وقعی به قانون نمیگذارند و دولتش چاقوکش به فرنگ صادر میکند. اگر قرار به پرداخت خسارت باشد اولین شاکی این قضیه بازماندگان قربانیان اعدام در پشت‌بام مدرسه علوی هستند و جدیدترین مدعی مادر ستار بهشتی که نان آورش را از دست داد.


As the World Turns!

by Demo on

Syria, a known former Black Site (i.e. CIA's Secret Prison) to interrogate/torture the unwated, is now the target of the so-called revolution by the CIA's revolutionary forces! 


A very painful lesson for Bashar Asad for helping US in its so-called war against the terror, indeed!

Keep crying!