Journey with me unto the Divine Throne

Journey with me unto the Divine Throne
by Freethought111
The following monograph by me entitled Journey with me unto the Divine Throne was to have been published in a volume entitled Alchemical Traditions (ed.) Aaron Cheak, which was to have included a collection of studies and essays on alchemy in all its modern and pre-modern cultural facets from traditions across the world. My piece is a study and a semi-critical translation of a piece on alchemy by the Bab. In May of 2011, through a series of circumstances, it was revealed that the publisher (but not the editor) has ties to the New Right European Neo-Fascist movement (see here & here) - and per the publisher's own admission to the Haifan Bahai organization as well - so I and several other contributors to the volume soon withdrew our submissions. I subsequently self-published my piece in its present draft on Scribd here and soon after that it was recast by Tom Cheetham on his Legacy of Henry Corbin site, here.

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