US State Department says Sufi Muslims are the biggest persecuted minority in Iran

US State Department says Sufi Muslims are the biggest persecuted minority in Iran
by Freethought111

"In March, over 200 Gonabadi Sufis were summoned to courts around the country to answer allegations that they were insulting Iranian authorities. In April, eight other Sufis were re-arrested on charges of disrupting public order – charges for which they had been punished with flogging and imprisonment."


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Tell that to the State Department

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They wrote it.



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This sounds more like an anti-Bahai diatribe than a pro-Sufi rights article!

Regardless, I hope the rights of all persecuted minorities, religious or otherwise are brought to the attention of the World, so that their mistreatment at the hands of the Islamic Republic can be brought to an end.




by Freethought111 on

That is true, but this is about the minorities who are especially being targetted. On this site and elsewhere we are led to believe that the Bahai community in Iran are the most persecuted. The US State Department's own assesment proves otherwise.

The Republican Party in the US have begun latching onto the "Baha'is
are the most persecuted in Iran" meme, in order to justify anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia in the US in order to drum up sentiments for a war against Iran. So they plead
before Congress and pass resolutions to help those "poor, innocent Baha'is" from "the evil,
rigid Muslims who want to kill them all." Apparently certain Baha'is on Facebook have been posting a video of a certain
Republican congressman pleading on behalf of the Baha'is of Iran, to
censure Iran's government for persecuting them. All of the comments
about the congressman in question were about how "righteous" and "courageous" this man is. Nevermind that
this same man is on record for saying, "I’m OK with discrimination against young Arab males from terrorist-producing states. I’m OK with that." (//

While persecution by the regime of any minority is to be deplored, nevertheless the narrative being peddled by certain actors in the US Congress and in the media is that the Baha'is are the most persecuted minority in Iran. The facts speak otherwise and the US State Department itself has found this to be the case. 



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It is The whole of Iranian People who are the most persecuted entity in Iran by the Islamic so called government. Trouble is, most cannot and will not do anyhting about it!