Of Hookers and Mojahedin


by gorgahoo

Back in the old days in my hometown, like most other cities in Iran, there were two kinds of hookers. The first group were those who had gotten in the business of prostitution as victims of circumstances, mainly economic. These hookers knew that what they were doing was immoral, illegal, and worst of all, degrading to their humanity. They therefore were ashamed and tried to keep their trade a secret as much as possible. To that end, they would go out only late at night and sneak into neighborhoods other than their own, and do their tricks under the veil of darkness and under the literal veil of their chadors. In short, they were not proud of their profession.

However, there were a second genre of hookers (aka gendeh, fahesheh, khanum, etc.) who, due to their length of being prostitutes, and due to a total lack of moral aptitude, had lost all traces of shame and not only did not hide their trade, they even advertised it openly by way of outrageous dresses, vulgar behavior and bad mouthing any one who dared challenge their way of earning a living.

Mojahedin's chosen path and policies during the last two decades, and especially last several years, have put them squarely in league with the second type of hookers described above. They have chosen to openly and proudly spy for foreign powers, be it Saddam Hussein, King of Jordan, King of Saudi Arabia, and the crown of all, George W. Bush's State department, Pentagon, and CIA.

Mojahedin's frantic and desperate activities to bring about bombardment of Iran's nuclear facilities is betrayal of their homeland by all accounts. Their speaker, Alireza Jaafarzadeh, proudly declares during an interview that the intelligence MEK has been furnishing CIA with have always been original and "actionable," i.e., they show pilots were exactly to drop their bombs. Yet, Mojahedin argue that they are not spies, because if they were, they would not be proudly announcing their intelligence gathering and disseminating activities to the world. By the same token, the vulgar hookers who made their profession known to everyone were not prostitutes either!

One does not have to be a fan of Iran government to believe that destruction of that country's nuclear facilities will be a blow to the nation as a whole. These physical facilities have cost untold billions of dollars to build; and the scientists, engineers and technicians who run them are technological Iranians of the rare breed who cannot be easily replaced or replenished. Opposing any non-peaceful nuclear activity can be done by means other than inviting the B1-B bombers.

At the risk of making this long-irrelevant group relevant, the Iranian diaspora has a duty in exposing and shaming Massoud Rajavi and his organization. And this should be done without any fear of their thuggish and dahan derideh attack tactics.


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''The Cult of the Chameleon'' video

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on


> Need facts ? evidence ? check this site out

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on


Some MKO ''achievements''

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

Some MKO ''achievements'' :

> responsible for sending young iranian-canadians from Toronto area to Camp Ashraf Iraq, families loosing contact with the brainwashed kids after a couple of months.

> death treaths and harrasment of ex-members in the Netherlands and Germany

Now lemme ask you guys one question, how in the fuck do these kesafat have the clearest, the brightest sat. tv picture ? Have you ever notice ? : MKO tv chanels look like Sony Plasma screens commercials. well, obviously they have money, but where do they get all that money from ? Considering that most of their ''members'' are on welfare all around Europe... if you have idea please share it.

Ba Sepas
Zende bad Bananas

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

The author wrote:

!However, there were a second genre of hookers (aka gendeh, fahesheh, khanum, etc.) who, due to their length of being prostitutes, and due to a total lack of moral aptitude, had lost all traces of shame and not only did not hide their trade, they even advertised it openly"

Well, which one is it?  Is it the length of  time of their being prostitutes or some inherent lack of moral fiber which made this second type of "whore"?  "Jendehs" see many ugly, ugly things every day.  It hardens a person over time.

Almost NO women become prostitutes voluntarily.  Poverty, marginalization, childhood sexual abuse, etc. compel this profession.  So noww here's a bunch of men (I assume most of you are men, including the author???) taking the social sector of women that is most exploited by patriarchy and using them as a metaphor for those you villify most.  And purporting to single out one group of those women who is somehow more "guilty" than the others of her marginalization.  This gives me...great...pause...

when I consider...the Mujaheddin.  I'm far from an expert. but my cursory understanding is that at the beginning, the Mujaheddin really WERE the MOST progressive of the Islamic left.  When things went sour after the Revolution (after the IDIOCY of the secular intelligentsia backing Khomeini),  the Mujaheddin were the ones who were willing to fight Khomeini.  And they fought dirty because Khomeini was dirty, and fighting dirty made them dirty...

and fighting made them suffer...terrible massacres of their youth...and exile...and in the Iraqui desert they perhaps began to see...mirages...and the rest is history...and you can all ignore the roots of that history if you like...

 but this is a website where I have seen countless people tear each other to shreds for ideological reasons and in real life real people have been slaughtered on these grounds...

and I have to say as a "khareji" that contrary to what most of you may expect, when I see you all turn your wolves' teeth that you normally turn on each other onto ONE SPECIFIC GROUP and demonize them, it is not that group, but your attack, that becomes immediately suspect. 

That is my impression, from a complete outsider, and you can do with it what you like. But I caution you, as a woman: the central metaphor and analogy of this essay, "good whores" vs. "bad whores" needs to be seriously scrutinized.

Because men create whores.  So did the "bad whore" Mujaheddin freely choose what they degenerated into...or was it simply five thousand years of patriarchy blowing up in everyone's face and the miseries of that ill-begotten, godforsaken "Revolution" that made them the most pathetic of the fallout?

Demonize them (and "bad whores")  if you like.  Do you think it will make angels out of you? 

NOTHING is black and white.  Not even black.  Not even white. Not even demons and angels.

THink about it.  SOMEONE.  Please...

Robin Jayne Goldsmith


Whatever Mojahedin are,

by Sohrab (not verified) on

Whatever Mojahedin are, Islamic regime and its leaders are a thousand times worse. The damages that Islamic Republic has imposed on Iranian people can not be compared with anything in the history of our nation and maybe even the world. They do not need to spy for Iran's enemies because they are the enemy. Iran has never been in such grave danger as it is now. Mojahedin may have some problems which should be looked at outside propaganda war and campaign of misinformation by Islamic Republic which is all because of their fear of this half dead organization! This article in fact fits Islamic Republic the best but, in this system they are all of the type 2 and it has been like that from day 1 all the way! Good job JJ.


I am amazed...............:o)

by Sasha on

 Seriously, think of it. Only on iranian.com can someone draw comparisions between the types of hookers in Iran and types of political groups or ideologies in Iran. 


Just when I think I have read it all................I am once again surprised and amazed.


 You know someone actually mentioned to me that Iranian politics and sexual fustration go hand in hand. I did not believe them until I saw this blog.


By the way gorgahoo excellent article and analogy. :o)


I think I will send a copy to my very lady like little sister, just to shock her. I just love to see her squirm. :o)








Right on!

by A shame not to be washed by time! (not verified) on

The comment: "Only thing that unites Iranian"
is hate for MKO is SOOOOO TRUE!

I am Disappointed by JJ position!
Must be the Jet Lag!


She Made Me Do It Syndrome

by Yek Irani (not verified) on

A group of men habitually beat their wives, girlfriends, or children. When asked why, they respond: “they made me do it”. At the minimum, these men have unresolved psychological problems, at most they are psychotic.
The same justification is going on in this discussion. Some posts justify the killing of Iranians by MKO like this: “IRI made them do it”. This is not correct. The main reason for the killing of Iranian by MKO was because of the psychotic state of their leaders (Rajavi and friends). These psychos wanted total control of the Iranian government right after the revolution. When they could not get it, they beat on the nation through terrorism. These psychos sent thousands of Iranians (both pro and against IRI) to their deaths.
This alternative explanation is more accurate than the “IRI made them do it” scenario. Just look where MKO Cult went and what they did after they were driven out of Iran. They joined hand with one of the most ruthless persons on Earth (Saddam Hussein). They even attacked Iran by their tanks, again causing the death of thousands of innocent Iranians. As the post says, MKO has become a whore for hire right now.


only thing uniting most iranians

by dariushabadi on

i've realized the only thing uniting MOST (not all, but MOST) iranians is hatred of the MKO.


So I say we establish a "Anti-MKO Republic of Iran", to which the government is solely based on hating on the MKO and nothing else.


Then we can have Jahanshah Javid be with his buddies the MKO in the opposition and Iranian.com can be the voice of MKO where truly nothing is sacred.


Satire of course. Funny if you think about that.


JJ, according to your own formula MKO is more dangerous

by Q on

you said it yourself, look to see who controls more power. Sure IRI has more power, but MKO is now funded and supported by America. Why do you think they are still around?


Surely you agree that America has more power than IRI?


Farzad Jan - 2 Party System

by dariushabadi on

It is ironic you brought up the American system, that gives us the choice between "bad" and "worse".


Even the only Muslim in congress we have, is pro-Israel. It reminds me of the guardian council vetting people on grounds of wither they accept vilayat-faqih or not. If you don't support the US constitution, if you don't support the Bill of Rights, AND you don't support Israel, you cannot get elected.


But thats because of strong lobbies. But lets go back to the federal system in the US, that is designed to only allow 2 party systems to survive.


The only candidate in the history of the US to run as an independent and get a large number of votes was Ross Perot. He got 38% of the POPULAR VOTE, yet he got 0 ELECTORAL votes.


IS that not ridiculous? 38% of America voted for him, and he got 0 electoral votes (because the votes were dispersed amongst the states).


So my question is this. If you aren't a rich mo-fo like Ross Perot, and you want to run as something not within the system (like REpublican/Democrat), how do you survive? If you can do it, i dare you to try. Try doing it without having your own BILLION dollars to spend, and even then that won't get you any electoral votes!!!!


The American system is between BLUE and RED, and in reality both are PURPLE. I don't see much of a difference between Bush and Kerry, Bush and Al Gore.


The difference between them is how fast they fall to their knees when lobbiest knock at their doors.


So don't come claiming here that the regime in America is adapt to change. We have MILLIONS of homeless people in America, and all these poor americans (and mostly african americans) dying in teh street, and even black politicans don't give a rats a$$ because this sysetm is corrupt and only feeds the rich and powerful.


Look who is talking of democracy!?

by Suri (not verified) on

You banned me any time I attemoted to post something, and you are talking of demcoracy? Of course, you won't let this one appear here. I just wanted to tell you what a liar, hypcrite you are.

Suri Dalir


question for JJ

by Nationalist (not verified) on

"The Mojahedin and other leftist forces, as well as groups that were not religious were banned and put aside and persecuted by the state"
Very true. But how many of them aside from MKO ended up doing Ajnabi's bidding? Does the repression by IR give MKO a ticket to become a tool of CIA, Saddam and Mossad and work against the Iranian people?
JJ, MKO is unique in this respect. It is true that great injustices were done to their low ranking members. However, their leadership is guilty of treason of highest order against Iran. No amount of persecution justifies this. Tudeh did not do this, nor did Fadaii, nor Nehzate Azadi etc etc.
Furthermore, if it wasn't because of MKO picking up arms, Khomeini would not have had an excuse to ban all opposition the way he did. What MKO did was to pave the way for the most repressive elements after the revolution to hijack it for their own sinister reasons. For this alone the MKO is a traitor, let alone their relations with foreign governments and no amount of effort from apologists will change this.


to dariushabadi

by Farzad (not verified) on


why do you still link Ayatollah Taleghani's death to MKO when he died of natural cause and Ayatollah Motahari was assissinated by Islamic faction named Forqan.

Why would we want to struggle against U.S. government, whether you like this system or not, every four years they vote for their candidates and every two years they vote for their representative. There is no guardian council to disqualified the candidates. Please don't be worry about the U.S., worry about our own country and its future, there is reason every year over 100,000 intellectuals leave Iran and come to Western countries.


Question to Dariushabadi

by Mina P (not verified) on

Was I correct in my post responding to JJ that MKO was following the Stalin Strategy of destorying mullahs and that is why they started assasinating them long before they were disbanned? I heard that in several occasions and was also attributed to rajavi's speech in Ashraf. But I could be wrong. I would appreciate your response.





by anti-traitor (not verified) on

Gorgahoo, you have done an injustice to prostitutes by comparing them with Mojahedins. Prostitutes sell their own bodies for living, and that's a personal matter. Mojahedins not only sold out themselves to Saddam and others but they betrayed their country and all Iranians as well. And that's treachery which is hundred times worse than prostitution.
JJ you are wrong when you say that there should be a place for Mojahedins in a future democratic Iran. Iran's future should be built by honest and loyal people (of different groups with different ideologies), not by traitors and murderers.



by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

JJ wrote: "If we want to be truly democratic the Mojahedin, Reza Pahlavi, Fadaian Khalgh and all other opposition forces must have the right to be involved in the future of their country."
Now a question for JJ, does (should) this analogy apply to IRI as well? Since killing is killing and the only difference between IRI and the MKO, Shahi, Fadaii, and others is the scale. OR should you or I should say WE better find (practice) a new way of thinking which is truly democratic. Surly in the Democratic Iran of tomorrow anyone who denounces and are against killing, torture, oppression on any human being and so on... can participate. Let's remember, solution for the future of Iran is not its past. I COULD BE A DREAMER!


to jahanshah

by dariushabadi on


- You said "I despise the Islamic Republic for taking away my right and your right ... to be a full citizen, to speak, to write, to oppose in any way they wish."

ANSWER) I agree with you, but name me a single 1st or 3rd world government whose people did not resist to gain such rights? You live in Berkeley, go study the struggle of Mario Savio and his free speech movement in the 1960's. Some people back then called for the US government to be overthrown, and that it was unreformable, and yet through his struggle he got legistration to back freedom of speech without regime change.

You need to stop being reactionary (which means hating something, rather than looking positively toward your future). You must not hate, but must start asking "how can i make sure I do not become like those whom i despise." And to humble oneself, you must ask "how are those whom i think i hate, better than I, and what do they have that I can learn from them?".

Humility is what the Iranian people need these days. They are all arrogant with hate or power, they need to come back to Earth and realize that they all have something to learn from each other. You don't always have to learn from the opposite of your enemy (as Saidi said in his poem), but can learn the good of your enemy as well.

You claimed the MKO committed atrocities AFTER they were forced underground.

ANSWER) Actually, the MKO started committing crimes during the Shah's time by assassinating public figures, US personal, etc. You condemn the IRI for their assassinations in europe in the 90's, yet you seem to now be justifying their the MKO's crimes in the 70's.


I would also like to add that while IRI is to be blamed because it is in total control, I would say that being such a large government that came out of revolution and still doesn't even know what other parts of the goverment are doing is a lot harder to put blame on anyone (since you are talking about a government that employs a million people who many of which are corrupt, etc.).

The MKO on the other hand is a smaller group and has more command over each of its members. They are also a militaristic command-chain group, to which every single small action must get higher authority (the IRI is not based on such command structure)

So MKO leadership is to blame for ever decision the group makes.


While the KKK roam freely in the USA, the Black Panther party does not. Why not? Because they took arms against the US government and were forced underground because of it. Same with the MKO. Double standards. Give me a break.


Those two beautiful people i spoke of (Ay. Taleghani, Ay. Mutahhari), were just two examples. Just became they had a beard does not mean you can denegrade their knowledge and their behavior. Yes, their were tons of other intellectuals that were killed in the REVOLUTION (the least bloody revolution in history). But I was speaking of intellectuals that were killed by BOMBINGS in which civilians aroudn them were torn to pieces as well.

The MKO killed hundreds of people before they all fled to Iraq and started killing people from there. You are telling me this gang must be pardoned and have free access to weapons inside Iran to reign terror again if they dont' get their way?

If you want a democratic FUTURE for Iran, why are you trying to kick out IRI and let the MKO have a say?


Regarding all your other ridiculous statements:

1) MKO also forces its women to cover their hair

2) MKO also takes away every woman's right to be a full human being (as well as every man's right too)

3) The MKO doesn't just imprison writers, it kills people who disagree with them within their own camps in Iraq

4) The MKO has already stated that only MKO members can be a part of the leadership of the future Iran. So what are you talking about saying one thing about IRI and not about the other?


And lets not forget that you live in a country (USA) that pretty much has a two party system, to which you are voting for 2 insiders that differ very little on things.

Why not struggle against the American government, somewhere where you live and have more access to, and see how far you get. Then teach about democracy to Iran.

As an Iranian, start creating protests and reak havoc on American streets, and see how the FBI will interrogate you, and how much time you will spend in prison on false charges such as "tax invasion".

Then teach me about democracy.


no no no jahan, Shah took 16

by Anonymoussasa (not verified) on

no no no
Shah took 16 billion dollars (60 minutes ) reported. return the money and interest to people then shah's son can be a citizen. then MKO no they killed innocent people and worked with saddam, they are guilty and not to be forgiven. teir children however did nothing they should be allowed to come back.


bario guy

by Assad Agha (not verified) on

Totally uncalled for. You are a Complete Moron.

Jahanshah Javid

Nothing personal

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hi Darius,

I do not "hate the IRI for whatever psychological or rational reason." I dispise the Islamic Republic for taking away my right and your right and everyone's right to be a full citizen, to speak, to write, to oppose in any way they wish. This government must and will take responsibility for thousands of innocent people it has executed. We are where we are because the clergy have a monopoly on power, just like the Shah and his clique did. This is unacceptable for any rational, healthy development of a society. The Mojahedin and other opposition forces are NOT IN POWER. They do not rule over every aspect of 80 million lives. Whatever crimes the opposition forces committed (and they have assassinated many innocent people after they were forced to go underground and carried out terrorist attacks) but when you add all the crimes committed by the Mojahedin and other opposition forces and compare them on a scale with what the IRI has and is doing, there's a huge difference. There's a simple formula for judging who's responsible for anything: The more power you control, the more responsible you are for whatever you do wrong. The IRI has total control, and therefore what it does to the people of Iran are its responsibility.
That you for mentioning the KKK. The KKK is free to speak and organize in their own country. The MKO is not free to speak and organize in Iran. If the MKO was free to operate in Iran along with all political forces and then committed crimes and carried out espionage, then you would have a point.
The MKO did not bomb or terroize anyone UNTIL they were banned and rounded up and their members executed.
Taleghani died of a heart attack and was not killed by the MKO. Neither was Motahhari. Those two "beautiful people" are no more beautiful than every other citizen of the country. Just because they have a beard and turban and can read and interpret the Qoran does not make them extra special with extra powers.
Yes, the MKO sided with Saddam. And I wish they had not and they are still paying for it today. But the IRI decided to invade Iraq, even after the vast majority of Iraqi forces were expelled from Iranian territory. The IRI continued the war for anothe 6 years and wasted the lives of hundreds of thousands instead of negotiating for peace.
Who's an animal? Those who force women to cover themselves or the MKO? Those who take away every woman's right to be a full human being with equal rights as men, or MKO? Those imprison writers and intellectuals for simply giving opposing views, or MKO? Those who deny the right of everyone (not just their religious allies) to be a candidate for president and parliament, or MKO? Those have assassinated opponents abroad, or MKO? Those who...


Thanks Dariushabadi -- I could not say it better

by Mina P. (not verified) on

I was compiling an answer to JJ's question, and frankly with all the crimes committed by the MKO I did not know where to begin. When I recall of all the beautiful iranians that were murdered by the Rajavi Cult, I could only cry and not able to write. I thank you for your timely response. God Bless You.



Jahanshah has become intoxicated with hate

by dariushabadi on

Aghayeh Jahanshah,


"Do not let your hatred of others sway you from justice" (from the Qur'an you abandoned so long ago)


While you may hate the IRI for whatever psychological or rational reason, you cannot say that the IRI is anything compared to the MKO and what they've done to our people.


That is like saying KKK is okay because US government has done horrible things that are worse than KKK the past 300 years (slavery, black apartheid, imperialism, exploitation, death camps, etc.).


No, the MKO put bombs in civilian areas, and killed GOOD leaders after the revolution (which is why we are stuck with these current rulers in Iran). Imagine the open minded human rights advocating Ayatullah Taleqani having a say in post-revolutionary Iran. Imagine Ayatullah Mutahhari having a say in today's Iran.


Do you think they could have put those two beautiful figures in house arrest if they spoke up? The IRI would be so much different if they hadn't assassinated anyone that was good and loved by the people.


MKO then sided with Saddam and helped bomb our country. Then they helped gas the kurds and shias in Iraq. Now they are under US protection just talking shit about Iran without any proof.


You compare these animals with IRI? They forced everyone to get a divorce and told everyone to put their kids up for ADOPTION until Iran was liberated. This is a CULT. IRI looks like heaven compared to what they did to their own followers in MKO camps.

Jahanshah Javid

After revolution

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hi Mina,

What happened after the revolution? The Mojahedin and other leftist forces, as well as groups that were not religious were banned and put aside and persecuted by the state -- by this very same Islamic Republic. What this government has done in the past 28 years to their own people pales in comparison to what the Mojahedian and other opposition forces have done.


Bravo Gorgahoo: Could kiss your writing hands (and pen)

by Mina Sahebghalam (not verified) on


Wonderful analogy of the dirtiest of all anti-iranian groups who claim to be for Iran. They take Arab monies and do the dirty job of Zionists or any other enemy we may have.. I would say Shaboon Bimokh and Ashraf Jendeh Pahlavi are profits and Imams compared with MKOs. The latter are like the hookers of the first type that you described.
To those who say, if we had democracy that would not have happened, I say, we had it right after revolution. And see what MKO membership did with that! They deserve the worst of Iranain Nation's wrath.

Jahanshah Javid

Yes and...

by Jahanshah Javid on

I don't like the Mojahedin's policies either. But we should not forget how they got to this point. Hundreds of their members and ordinary sympathizers were executed. If we want to be truly democratic the Mojahedin, Reza Pahlavi, Fadaian Khalgh and all other opposition forces must have the right to be involved in the future of their country.


just excellent You have done

by Observer (not verified) on

just excellent
You have done a great job using analogy to describe some truth.
Wonderful job. Simple clear and precise.



by Agha Mostafa (not verified) on

As we say in Farsi, "Koone Mojahedeen Goheeye". By that I mean, everyone knows what they are up to. They are Never going to be Accepted as any type of Political Alternative in Iran.