Of Hookers and Mojahedin


by gorgahoo

Back in the old days in my hometown, like most other cities in Iran, there were two kinds of hookers. The first group were those who had gotten in the business of prostitution as victims of circumstances, mainly economic. These hookers knew that what they were doing was immoral, illegal, and worst of all, degrading to their humanity. They therefore were ashamed and tried to keep their trade a secret as much as possible. To that end, they would go out only late at night and sneak into neighborhoods other than their own, and do their tricks under the veil of darkness and under the literal veil of their chadors. In short, they were not proud of their profession.

However, there were a second genre of hookers (aka gendeh, fahesheh, khanum, etc.) who, due to their length of being prostitutes, and due to a total lack of moral aptitude, had lost all traces of shame and not only did not hide their trade, they even advertised it openly by way of outrageous dresses, vulgar behavior and bad mouthing any one who dared challenge their way of earning a living.

Mojahedin's chosen path and policies during the last two decades, and especially last several years, have put them squarely in league with the second type of hookers described above. They have chosen to openly and proudly spy for foreign powers, be it Saddam Hussein, King of Jordan, King of Saudi Arabia, and the crown of all, George W. Bush's State department, Pentagon, and CIA.

Mojahedin's frantic and desperate activities to bring about bombardment of Iran's nuclear facilities is betrayal of their homeland by all accounts. Their speaker, Alireza Jaafarzadeh, proudly declares during an interview that the intelligence MEK has been furnishing CIA with have always been original and "actionable," i.e., they show pilots were exactly to drop their bombs. Yet, Mojahedin argue that they are not spies, because if they were, they would not be proudly announcing their intelligence gathering and disseminating activities to the world. By the same token, the vulgar hookers who made their profession known to everyone were not prostitutes either!

One does not have to be a fan of Iran government to believe that destruction of that country's nuclear facilities will be a blow to the nation as a whole. These physical facilities have cost untold billions of dollars to build; and the scientists, engineers and technicians who run them are technological Iranians of the rare breed who cannot be easily replaced or replenished. Opposing any non-peaceful nuclear activity can be done by means other than inviting the B1-B bombers.

At the risk of making this long-irrelevant group relevant, the Iranian diaspora has a duty in exposing and shaming Massoud Rajavi and his organization. And this should be done without any fear of their thuggish and dahan derideh attack tactics.


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Funny how the so called

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

Funny how the so called ''new generation'' considers that hate is a has been notion.
Hello o, read, keep yourself informed.Realize what these avazi mojaheds have been up to during the last 3 decades, and you'll come the same conclusions. Sometimes I feel like some of you guys are in John Lennon's ''Imagine'' song... Bidar shin baba. Being able to distance yourself from your family view points is a good thing , specially with us iranians, but you can find common grounds with amoo jan when it comes to politics, this is not a negative thing. (but def not about those fake boobs persian anchorwomen...anyways amoo jan).

Mojaheds are fucked up aight,period.

P.S :
Keep it real : mast on all rice stews.


To: Ariana

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

You would'nt be so nice and generous towards the MKO if you knew about thier Facist leader, about how they take over the lives of thier members, about the "forced confessions" gained under torture from thier members in camp-e-Ashraf, about thier fighting for Saddam during the war, about thier capturing and turning over young Iranian soldiers to Saddam for imprisonment and murder, about thier current lobbying and spying for the US Neo-cons to bomb Iran, about.....
"Taa nabashad cheezaki, mardom naggooyand cheezha"


To: Ariana

by Anonymous765 (not verified) on

"Pathetic" but very true.



by Ariana_1979 (not verified) on

Most of these comments are pathetic and how sad for the future of our country. I really hope you guys are from the previous generation as I know our generation is wiser and more educated to talk shamelessly as you people have done here with your comments. Such bad language, such hatred, such lies....


Calling the whores is being too nice

by Anonymous765 (not verified) on

I submit that any Whore would have more self respect than these immoral treasonous murderers.


I heard ..................

by . (not verified) on

I have heard that Masoud Rajavi has ordered all good looking gilrs and women members of MKO to become prostitutes to be able to make up for the money lost from Saddam and other Arabic governments. Some women have objected to that and are departing the MKO group altogether. Maryam Rajavi has gone to bed as a prostitute with her body gaurd to heed to Masoud's orders. She subsequenctly had a "news release" about it in Paris.


This group has gone really

by Mosyu Monafegh (not verified) on

This group has gone really wild and the responsible character is mr. rajavi. They truly have "Herd" mentality completely hypnotized by the leadership. Saddam's ruling were exactly the same.

Great analogy - No disrespect is intended to female population on earth!


Hello there ^2

by Anonymous>2 (not verified) on

Well well, we just found a MKO residual! It must have been painful to get beaten up from all sides and not having the courage to respond. You couldn't take it anymore, right? As you can see, it's not just mullahs and mullah suporters who despise MKO. Sorry dude!

Rosie T.

Reply to . (not verified):

by Rosie T. on

What side do you think I'm on?  I don't recall having ever taken a specific side on any Iranian issue, other than being against the mullocracy and George W. Bush.  As for the MKO, who can side with them? They're obviously insane.  I just don't approve of DEMONIZING them on the periodic MKO "lunch breaks" many of you take so you can have a cleaner conscience when you go about your usual business of biting each other's heads off. 

What single side do you think I took in either of my posts on this thread?  Do you know what a side is?  Are you sure?

Are you sure you've read me or did you just scan me?
If you're seriously interested in my opinion, even if only to be better educated by you, someone else asked me to clarify my position and you can find my response there.  It basically delineates exactly where I stand.  But it is probably the longest blog thread entry I've ever written so be forewarned.  It is under Jahanshah Rashidian's current article on justice in the IRI. It is called "What Gives?"

I have to ask again, what side you think I'm on.  I'm looking around my room.  It has four sides.  I'm wondering if you and I have a common definition of what a "side" is.


3rd kind of hookers, the pathological ones...!

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

The mullahs, their family members, and their supporters!


To Masoud Rajavi

by cia (not verified) on

Masoud, I hope you have access to a computer and internet in your hole in Iraq and read this page. Can you see how people hate you? People from all spectrum of ideology and political tendencies (even outside Iran!). This is what you get when you sell out your country to enemies. Hope you will suffer even more for the rest of your miserable life. I usually don't wish bad for anyone, but you have proven to be an exception!


To: Rosie T (Re: Who is Evil ....)

by . (not verified) on

I don't know about your other activities and background -- I have read your lenghty explanations --, but you are usually on the wrong side of key political issues on iranian.com. Not to say that all shahis and all "members of the $75M Club", and agents of Israel are on the wrong side, but they mostly are. So please try to learn more about the persian culture and iranian politics (especially atrocities by US government in the 50s, 60s and 70s starting with the coup in 53) before taking sides. You sound like a baby when you "open your mouth" (so to say) on these issues! But I am sure you are intelligent and therefore can learn and contribute in a better way.

Rosie T.

To Roudabah:

by Rosie T. on

Would you please be specific as to whom you are referring to as the "MKO supporters" you  find on this thread?
Thank you,
Robin Jayne Goldsmith


Re: Rajavi, a Loyal CIA Employee

by Shahbanoo Asghar (not verified) on

Interesting web page with dates of events.
Some issues thou:
1. When US shot down the Iranian passenger plane, Massoud Rajavi said in his news conference that the plane has crashed by itself because "mollah's planes" are old!!! He even stated the age of that plane to be 18 years!!!!. This was also the original US government story before they admitted to shooting the passenger plane down.
2. On September 11 , 2001 right after the attacks on WTC, the Rajavis said in a news release (throu their TV station) that it was the work of Iranians and that they have "evidence" that IRI was behind it. This woule be consistent with Israeli stories (before Al Qaeda information was released by the US government). MKO never revealed their evidence or pursued their stories.

These are few of the discripancies that I know there are. Otherwise, it is a good dateline of events.


MOK as Hookers that they are

by Roudabah (not verified) on

As I read the comments by MOK supporters it becomes evident how marginalized and desperate these sewers of society have become. 3o years has passed and they feel now in their middles age era they are obsolete and no where to go to, nothing to show . They have been cheated by their self proclaimed leaders while he was swapping wife and riding in limo enjoying a lavaish life, they were cleaning toilets in Europe and hoping for becoming some body. Their destiny is indeed one of the sad ones.But as we say in Persian "when ever you catch a fish it is fresh". try to selvage your lives what ever is left of it.

Rosie T.

Who is "evil"? -- To "Goush beda"

by Rosie T. on

Here is an interesting view on who is evil:

It is the cosmos itself which is a battleground between forces of good and forces of evil.  Both are presided over by a sentient power Both are mighty but the forces of good are destined to win; however their winning is dependent upon each individul's winning this battle inside hi or herself.  This is done trhough good thoughts, good words and good deeds. 

According to this interpretation no organization or government can be intrinsecally wholly evil, and the solution lies in individual choice.

Spiritual Muslims are familiar with this struggle.  They call it "the true Jihad."

You speak  of three governments or organizations.  The evil US of which I am a born citizen has perpetrated many evils upon the world but it is also the home of the Declaration of Independence, Thoreau, Lincoln, Walt Whitman, Woodrow Wilson, jazz, Martin Luther King, Jr.,  and Teri Schiavo.  Israel (and I am a non-Zionist Eastern European Jew) is  a traumatized populace whose terrible actions cannot be construed without taking their tragic history into account.  To ignore this history and to demonize them is counter-productive.  They will never hear you, they will never change, unless they can trust that you understand their tragedy. As for the MKO, I have written my views on them below.

If you really want to make a change in the world you must show understanding toward your adversaries.  It is the only pragmatic solution; otherwise they will never hear you and you will just perpetuate the cycle of war.  I have also found in my personal experience that achieving such understanding brings great inner peace.

As a European American Jew I chose to live in Germany for a time.  As a moderate leftist, it is extremely difficult for me to fathom the actions of such people as Nixon and Kissinger napalming in the name of democracy, but I have had to try to somehow understand their paranoid fear of Communism, legitimized by the attrocities of Josef Stalin.  It is even harder for me to understand the actions of the Neocons, among whom number many Jews of backgrounds very similar to my own.  Since I can't understand them, and the situation is too dire, I don't waste my time hating them.  I just try to do whatever I can to stop them. 

I simply don't find good and evil to be useful concepts in terms of confronting my adversaries.  Nothing is black and white, not even black and white. Not even demons and angels.

The only demons I allow myself to call fully evil are my own within.

And finally I would ask you, since you find the US wholly evil, and I am a product of its education and indoctrination, do you find me wholly evil too? 



.شما هم کون همدیگر رو مرتب پاره کنی

Anonymous21 (not verified)

دعوا سر لحاف ملا....شما هم کون همدیگر رو مرتب پاره کنید ....و خدمت به ملا....ومردم بدخت ایران چشم امید به آزادی و یک حکومت مردمی و افسوس.......


Rajavi, A Loyal CIA Employee

by soorati on

It's all so obvious who Rajavi is, since it has been all so well documented.


After assassination of 6 Americans in 1971, Rajavi was the only central committee member of Mojahedin who was "Pardoned" from death by the Shah under pressure by the US !!! simply because he was the CIA plant to take over the group. Compare his timeline with Saddam's, who also was a devoted CIA employee, and how close they were afterwards.


The grand scheme of containment of Soviet Union through Islamism, had necessitated replacement of the weak and unreliable Shah with an Islamist system in Iran, and Afghanistan. The plot did not go exactly as planned despite Rajavi playing a pivotal role in 1979 establishing of IR and assisting in elimination of other leftist and nationalist groups. His fights against Kurds and Torkmans, while refusal to fight against Saddam's Iraq, is a clear indication of his loyalty to CIA backed establishments vs . independent national or ethnic groups.

Despite his full support for Khomeini, Khomeini was not supportive of Rajavi's bid for presidency and reluctantly accepted Banisadr. CIA's Rajavi could not match the influence of the British faction of the IR and had to accept defeat, leaving with Banisadr to France. Still hoping to gain back Khomeni's support and trust in 1982, he sent his best friend Mousa Khiabani and his wife Ashraf Rabii to a pre-planned trap in Tehran to be killed by IR forces. Some believe it was also a tactical move to eliminate a more popular figure in MKO and also open the way to marry Banisadr's daughter.

With Rajavi being ordered to join forces with Saddam, Banisadr refuses further cooperation, opening another window to marry Maryam Abrishamchi, after her divorcing the other central committee member!!! Talk about prostitution ring.

There from, he just joins his buddy and CIA coworker, Saddam, and the rest is history. The same way that Saddam was hunted down like a dog and swung in the hands of his employers, Rajavi's fate will not be much different.

Why JJ is so supportive and an apologist of this group is anyone's guess. After all he is another guy, and may be the group's prostitutionist nature attracts him ;-))


To: Another lost Iranian in France (Re: Need facts ...)

by Asghar Paneersaz (not verified) on

THANK YOU for providing this video clip link to all iranians with an open mind to see what sort of "cult" the Rajavis are.
By the way, while watching this video, it just occured to me that in a way the current US administration may also be dominated by that "cult" mentality. I think "W" is stupid to be its leader. Do you think its leader is Doodool Cheeny, or someone else? Who?



Winners vs Losers...............:o)

by Sasha on

The Winner is always a part of the answer.


The Loser is always a part of the problem.


The Winner always has a program.


The Loser always has an excuse.


The Winner sees a green near every sand trap.


The Loser sees two or three sand traps near every green.


The Winner says, "Let me do it for you."


The Loser says, "That's not my job."


The Winner sees an answer for every problem.


The Loser sees a problem in every answer.


The Winner says, "It may be difficult, but it's possible."


The Loser says, "It may be possible, but it's too difficult."


                               - Anonymous





USA is Evil. MOK is NOKAR of The NOKAR of the Evil : Israel.

by Goush beda (not verified) on

Ishaq a man Aleem Dara.

Shahra Arazu ...
Tanga delet ...
Bia breem Iran ...

Goush beda...
Goush beda....



by Sasha on

 "Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination, on cooperation, not intimidation."

                                - William Arthur Ward






MKO is a representive of pure evil.

by Sibil (not verified) on

I don't think any nation or country has ever had an organization that did what MKO did to Iran and Iranian. Mr JJ, These bustard, up to this moment, is still betraying their country and their people. I hate these mother fuckers with passion. God damn all of them.


Naazokbin.........keeping it short? :o)

by Sasha on


 I do have a question? How do you get your name blue and not be a verified account user. I ask because it would be nice to change the color of the text when I post my comments. Blue is such a nice color, don't you agree?


Now,  to serious matters. Yes, I will take a look at the information you have provided and draw my own conclusions as I always do.






The Original "Whores"

by Naazokbin (not verified) on


Since you seem to have enjoyed the analogy, read this and find out who the original "whores" were. The highlights are mine.


Iran Table of Contents

Once installed as prime minister, Bakhtiar took several measures designed to appeal to elements in the opposition movement. He lifted restrictions on the press; the newspapers, on strike since November, resumed publication. He set free remaining political prisoners and promised the dissolution of SAVAK, the lifting of martial law, and free elections. He announced Iran's withdrawal from CENTO, canceled US$7 billion worth of arms orders from the United States, and announced Iran would no longer sell oil to South Africa or Israel. Although Bakhtiar won the qualified support of moderate clerics like Shariatmadari, his measures did not win him the support of Khomeini and the main opposition elements, who were now committed to the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a new political order. The National Front, with which Bakhtiar had been associated for nearly thirty years, expelled him from the movement. Khomeini declared Bakhtiar's government illegal. Bazargan, in Khomeini's name, persuaded the oil workers to pump enough oil to ease domestic hardship, however, and some normalcy returned to the bazaar in the wake of Bakhtiar's appointment. But strikes in both the public and the private sector and large-scale demonstrations against the government continued. When, on January 29, 1979, Khomeini called for a street "referendum" on the monarchy and the Bakhtiar government, there was a massive turnout.

Bakhtiar sought unsuccessfully to persuade Khomeini to postpone his return to Iran until conditions in the country were normalized. Khomeini refused to receive a member of the regency council Bakhtiar sent as an emissary to Paris and after some hesitation rejected Bakhtiar's offer to come to Paris personally for consultations. Bakhtiar's attempt to prevent Khomeini's imminent return by closing the Mehrabad Airport at Tehran on January 26, 1979, proved to be only a stopgap measure.

Khomeini arrived in Tehran from Paris on February 1, 1979, received a rapturous welcome from millions of Iranians, and announced he would "smash in the mouth of the Bakhtiar government." He labeled the government illegal and called for the strikes and demonstrations to continue. A girls' secondary school at which Khomeini established his headquarters in Tehran became the center of opposition activity. A multitude of decisions, and the coordination of the opposition movement, were handled here by what came to be known as the komiteh-ye Imam, or the Imam's committee. On February 5, Khomeini named Mehdi Bazargan as prime minister of a provisional government. Although Bazargan did not immediately announce a cabinet, the move reinforced the conditions of dual authority that increasingly came to characterize the closing days of the Pahlavi monarchy. In many large urban centers local komitehs (revolutionary committees) had assumed responsibility for municipal functions, including neighborhood security and the distribution of such basic necessities as fuel oil. Government ministries and such services as the customs and the posts remained largely paralyzed. Bakhtiar's cabinet ministers proved unable to assert their authority or, in many instances, even to enter their offices. The loyalty of the armed forces was being seriously eroded by months of confrontation with the people on the streets. There were instances of troops who refused to fire on the crowds, and desertions were rising. In late January, air force technicians at the Khatami Air Base in Esfahan became involved in a confrontation with their officers. In his statements, Khomeini had attempted to win the army rank and file over to the side of the opposition. Following Khomeini's arrival in Tehran, clandestine contacts took place between Khomeini's representatives and a number of military commanders. These contacts were encouraged by United States ambassador William Sullivan, who had no confidence in the Bakhtiar government, thought the triumph of the Khomeini forces inevitable, and believed future stability in Iran could be assured only if an accommodation could be reached between the armed forces and the Khomeini camp. Contacts between the military chiefs and the Khomeini camp were also being encouraged by United States general Robert E. Huyser, who had arrived in Tehran on January 4, 1979, as President Carter's special emissary. Huyser's assignment was to keep the Iranian army intact, to encourage the military to maintain support for the Bakhtiar government, and to prepare the army for a takeover, should that become necessary. Huyser began a round of almost daily meetings with the service chiefs of the army, navy, and air force, plus heads of the National Police and the Gendarmerie who were sometimes joined by the chief of SAVAK. He dissuaded those so inclined from attempting a coup immediately upon Khomeini's return to Iran, but he failed to get the commanders to take any other concerted action. He left Iran on February 3, before the final confrontation between the army and the revolutionary forces.

On February 8, uniformed airmen appeared at Khomeini's home and publicly pledged their allegiance to him. On February 9, air force technicians at the Doshan Tappeh Air Base outside Tehran mutinied. Units of the Imperial Guard failed to put down the insurrection. The next day, the arsenal was opened, and weapons were distributed to crowds outside the air base. The government announced a curfew beginning in the afternoon, but the curfew was universally ignored. Over the next twenty-four hours, revolutionaries seized police barracks, prisons, and buildings. On February 11, twenty-two senior military commanders met and announced that the armed forces would observe neutrality in the confrontation between the government and the people. The army's withdrawal from the streets was tantamount to a withdrawal of support for the Bakhtiar government and acted as a trigger for a general uprising. By late afternoon on February 12, Bakhtiar was in hiding, and key points throughout the capital were in rebel hands. The Pahlavi monarchy had collapsed.
Source: U.S. Library of Congress

The question is: Why was it okay for the members of the Khomeini camp to go to bed with "imperialists" and it is bad for the opposition to do so?


Where MKO Get Their Money

by annonymous (not verified) on

I know a thing or two about Mojahedeen.
They get, or used to get, their money from Saddam, Saudi Arabia,late King hussain of Jordan, and now,they get money, arms, protection from U.S. colones in Iraq.
Mojahedeen are doing to Iran what Toodeh Party did to Mossadegh. Mojahedeen's agenda is not saving Iran but to have political power for Prince Masood Rajavi, the traitor who kisses anybody's ass to reach his goal. "Hadaf vasileeh raa tojih meekonad."
Rajavi is a traitor to Iran and Iranian people. I hope to see him on trial for his crimes.
By the way, I am not a supporter of IRI. I love Iran and democracy. I do not believe Mojahedeen care about democracy. I will write more later. I know these "vatan forooshan"


Mojahedin or IRI

by Anonymouspb (not verified) on

Even though I hate IRI I rather they stay in power than unknown Mojahidin that god knows what they have in their minds for Iran. They are not clear what plan for Iran. NEVER talk about it and never clearing things up with people. Maryam says right of women but if you pay attention every female member in Mojahdin is wearing Rosary, Now they wear red or clor ful scarf. It really doesn't matter IRI and Mojahedin are the same shyt. At least by now we know what kind of shyt IRI is.



by Solution Finder (not verified) on

I think the solution is to avoid antagonizing the Mojahedeen as much as possible. As admitted in the documentary video (link provided by "Another lost iranian in France"), the more we antagonize them the more they feel they need to "defend" themselves and the stronger their "faith" in Rajavi becomes. Funny enough the same is true for the IRI. I think instead of spreading hatred about them, we should all try to avoid antagonizing them as much as possible.


Re: Some MKO ''achievements''

by Helper (not verified) on

I overheard a few of them talking about the source of their money. I heard something about the price they charge for your wife (or may have been your sister) is very high! They can affor anything! I hope this helps your information gathering ;)


No It's Mojahedeen's Fault?

by Not A Muslim (not verified) on

Now it all makes sense! I was wonderin how our country wa turned into a piece of shit that it is now. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Thank you for clarifying. I was about to make the mistake of thinking it was the individuals in charge who did it, of course. That would have been a terrible mistake! Thank you so much for saving me from this huge mistake. How could I ever thank you for that? I know, I know, maybe I will kill a few Mojahed to pay for my potential mistake. Would that clense my soul?