This is for Neda and all those who have been murdered by the regime


This blog is in her honor and all those who have been murdered by the regime.

Please everyone post a message for her and all those have been murdered by the regime. Lte them know you are thinking of them and they are and will be not forgotten. Show them that they will be the new symbol of Iran

Her and 100ths like her their deaths is the symbol for our freedom and free Iran.

Their murder by the regime is the beginning of our movement we will continue this movement and carry their name every where anywhere.

Neda you are my little sister, you are my compatriot and I will dedicate every hour now to post your name everywhere.

Please everyone post a message for her and show her that she will be the new sysmbol of Iran

My sincere condolences to Neda's family and all the martyrs in the recen days murdered by the Iranian regime.

On Tuesday June 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST (NY Time) Wherevere you are
in the world please pay a two minutes (2 minutes) silenece as a respect
to all these Iranian heroes. Please pass it on to whomever you know., Mr. Jahshah Javid please dedicate Tuesday on your website to these young martyrs. I am aksing fr your help and support in this matter.

thank you 


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by pete1234 (not verified) on

I am over 70 and live in a land far from Iran, but if I had been a better person Neda might still be alive.



by Robert Appledorn (not verified) on

Horrific to see a young girl like that die because of this the world WE want to live in?, is that the country YOU want to live in?, i say this to all the people in Iran, Free yourselfs from tiranny please, do not let the death of this young girl be forgotten, use it to see what your country exists of, their own people killing and woman hating dictatorship!! may Allah/God take her in His arms and make up all the time you lost after losing Neda..i will never forget her name after what i saw and after what happened..I wish the family and friends especially much strength in these dark days.. Rest In Peace Neda...


For Neda

by v. (not verified) on

Noosh Afarin

این شعر وآهنگ تقدیم به بانوی ایران زمین ندا

Noosh Afarin




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