Roadside torture chambers

by hooshie

A friend of mine called me yesterday and told me a disturbing story. His cousin who had attended the demonstrations in Tehran on Saturday was arrested by the regime militia and together with a number of other captured domnonstrators (4 to 5 of them) were bundled into the back of a van and driven to an unknown location later to be found as half-built or ready to be demoslished housing estates on the side of a motorway (bozorg raah). There a group of masked torturers were waiting for them. They were pushed into a number of dark and dingy rooms where more masked men were waiting for them. The captured demonstrators were subjeted to sever beating, kicking and beaten by truncheon. The unmistakable fact was that some of their torturers were not Farsi speaking: they were speaking with each other in Arabic or a mix of other dialects.

The battered and bruised demostrators were later released in the middle of nowhere. This adds substance to the rumors that some 5000 Palestinian and Syrian crowd beaters have been imported by the regime to counter act any possible crisis of conscious among the security or policemen.


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hamsade ghadimi

there's no shortage in iran...

by hamsade ghadimi on

there's no shortage of iranian thugs for hire doing the dirty work of the regime. while i agree that arabs for the most parts favor iri, i doubt that iri has a need to hire them for these tasks. the iri has spent a lot of money (funding palestinians and hezbollah) and exerted a lot of effort (israel rhetoric) to gain a following in the arab world. during the iran iraq war, i remember how palestinians were cheering for their 'abu hossein' and wiping out the iranians. and i've read comments by lebanese hezbollahis on facebook sites (showing iri's brutalities) that we should listen to 'ali akbar.'

i won't dismiss or simply accept rumors from iran, and i'm sure that there are arabs just like any other ethnicity that are humanist above all of their beliefs and prejudices.

Farah Rusta

We don't hate Arabs but they hate us

by Farah Rusta on

Just take a look at one of David ET's blogs and see how a group of them encourage Ahmadinejad to stmap out dissent. This may be a rumor but if it is, it is a damn plausible one. 



Based on my own experince

by Bavafa on

I have little doubt that people are being rounded, kicked and beaten (which I wouldn't call it torture), this is more like bringing people to submission by terrorizing them. But bringing Arabs to do the work is far fetched and has little to no credibility. I think spreading rumors of such nonsense does not serve the people of Iran that are fighting the thugs any good, unless it was meant to discredit the people and their struggle for freedom.



You will see more of it

by MRX1 on

Even if this event turns out to be a rummor, I forsee lots of events like this happening in the future. This regime will DO ANYTHING to stay in power. Don't be surprised if they get mercenaries from lebonan, palestine or where ever to do thier dirty work.


This adds substance to the rumors ?

by Aboli (not verified) on

How? What you state here is a rumor too, which like any other rumor, may or may not be true.