Nothing really changes in the mindset of self destructing people


Nothing really changes in the mindset of self destructing people
by Iqbal Latif

Time flies by but nothing really changes in the mindset of self destructing people. Reaching out, talks, cohabitation, and peaceful living are alien terms for these self destruct men. Show me a man who malfunctions and you will see definite operational failures in his demeanor with fellow beings. This is ABC of life. Individuals in a collective become a ‘state’ and when a state is led by self destruct mechanism nothing comes out of the state.

President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority embraced reconciliation with the Islamist movement Hamas yesterday, agreeing to head a unity government to prepare for elections in the West Bank and Gaza. Is the agreement between Abbas, the leader of Fatah, and Khaled Meshal, the head of Hamas yet another spasm of hope or beginning of a new mêlée for political control of West bank by Hamas until free elections are held?

Public opinion polls indicate strongly that the Palestinians want national unity and reconciliation, Abbas had no other choice but to play to the voters wishes. Hamas and Fatah leaders have different roadmaps one through continued war other through making a fragmented state of Palestine and recoup the momentum towards nation building.

Hamas will do well to read Pinkers "The Better Angels of Our Nature.'' Enduring state of conflicts exhausts and consume nations, kills the incentive, annihilate any signs of recuperation or creativity and destine the young to a enduring begging bowl. No Palestinian deserves it.

Hamas entering this agreement can be easily explained. Syrian Assad impending exit has forced Hamas to relook at its policy of a continued war with Fatah. Hamas 'rejection' stemmed from the support it receives from Iran and the Syrians. That is now very shaky. Hamas hopes to win the Palestinian elections not only in Gaza but even in West Bank, this will secure their dream and long held wish of dominating the PLO. Abbas’s eagerness to let Hamas in is a significant victory for Hamas. In choosing to enter a coalition with Hamas, Abbas has chosen a new-fangled roadmap that may delay any meaningful settlement. In Palestinian politics has always been the race to bottom; the voter’s vote in the one who gets most bombs; most destruction; and heavier retaliation. Better life better human development index is not anywhere on the wish list of Palestinians leadership. This is the way politics is conducted i.e., perpetual struggle of minimum returns for the betterment of Palestinians.

The callous split at the heart of Palestinian national movement was an unpardonable internecine confrontation. The new development is anxiously welcomed since most unfortunately ‘Political Islam’ that Hamas believes has its own priorities; Peace and coexistence with Israel is not the main concern it is the maniac fixation with the annihilation of Israel.

Elimination of dissent is the primary object of Brotherhood as well as Iranian clergy; nothing can be resolved peacefully within the nations of Islam; hence bloodshed is a legitimate tool of statecraft. Assad used it mercilessly in Hama and Saddam deployed this to perfection during the Anfal campaign against the Kurds and Shiite genocide in the marshlands. Negotiations rarely work, muzzle of guns speak louder than reason, and the thirst of blood never diminishes.

The treacherous battle of Shiite and Sunni Islam in the heartland of Iraq is another unique example of this hysterical exposition of internecine abhorrence. People of peace and advocates of inter-sectarian unity have been totally sidelined. The mass frenzy of carnage has overtaken the hotspots of the Islamic world, and no one seems to notice that this is actually the consequence of continuous chastisement of 'hatred against mankind' that is now revealing its full impact on fledgling societies. The so-called blood-infested freedom struggles have come to a full circle and are now consuming the children of Jihad; the first victim of misplaced revolutions, rather, all revolutions, has been its own children.

Such naked and barefaced vengeance has seen very few parallels in modern history . . .

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal talks with President Mahmoud Abbas during their meeting in Cairo May 4, 2011 last year. The callous split at the heart of Palestinian national movement was an unpardonable internecine confrontation. The new development is anxiously welcomed since most unfortunately ‘Political Islam’ that Hamas believes has its own priorities; Peace and coexistence with Israel is not the main concern it is the maniac fixation with the annihilation of Israel. I wrote the following in 2007 and I expect until hearts and mind changes nothing will change for the Palestinians. It is high time that they get busy living with each other instead of busy killing each other.

I wrote the following in 2007 and I expect until complete change of 'hearts and mind' nothing will change. There was no need of all this bloodshed between the brothers. It is so sad and so grievous! Always there has to be Either a King or a Sheikh or a Clinton to put them brothers to stop being bloodily belligerent towards each other.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Orgy Of Obliteration Within Crescent Of Islam Iqbal Latif-Paris

A quick expanse of the hotspots in the Islamic world reveals a very repulsive and distressful drama unf olding very silently and unnoticeably. 6th of June marked the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Six Day War according to the civil calendar. So how did the Palestinians acknowledge this significant date? They tore each other apart this time, unable to penetrate through the thick walls, the desire for blood now turns to their own. Of course, this ongoing conflict provides a ready made excuse for all the problems of Arab societies ranging from the national to the deeply personal. As Egyptian columnist Wael Abdel Fattah wrote in the independent weekly Al-Fagr newspaper that Arabs blame the defeat for "everything" - from "price hikes, dictatorship, religious extremism, sectarian strife, even sexual impotence." The heavy fighting, pitting forces loyal to Palestinian Presid ent Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, against members of the Islamist Hamas movement, have not only revived fears of an intra-Palestinian civil war, but they have shattered the dream of the Palestinians gaining independence and ruling themselves as a sovereign nation at any time in the foreseeable future.


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The Issue '1, 2,3 and 4'- let the game commence......

by Iqbal Latif on

@The reason I used the phrase "shallow" in your work was because there was no understanding or mentioning of the background: 



I have set the background
as 'The Issue 1, 2,3 and 4' these are scripted and written in 2002 and one lately, let the
game commence......


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The Issue 4!!!!

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Failure of leadership! Martyrdom is only for lesser men!

Posted: May 31, 2002

by Iqbal Latif

“Abu Abdullah, cry like a woman for a Kingdom you could not defend as a man.”

(Aisha, mother of Abu Abdullah, the last king of Granada.)


If history serves any lessons, the Palestinians and militants across the Islamic world should take heed from the fall of the Muslim rule in Granada, Spain, in 1492. It provides a good example of the elimination of a system not keeping pace with the march of events of the period. The Muslim rule over the bulk of Spain spanned over seven centuries (711-1492) The orthodox Muslims say that Granada collapsed because the Muslims there had deviated from their faith and had become corrupt and luxury loving; they were weakened by internecine struggle for power. That is correct but only partly. The real reason was that the whole of Europe had entered a new era. New ideas, new technologies and new political systems were beginning to herald the new age. Reformation had taken roots and the concept of nation state was fast developing. This new concept was supplanting the system of different, often warring, tribal lords and kings.


The inability of Ameer Abul Hasan of Granada to see clearly this new reality and adjust his response accordingly in his domain that was already suffering from a triangular strife for power between him, his brother and son, ensured the end of the Muslim rule of over seven centuries. Similar patterns can be noticed in case of false glory of the Palestinians and global strains of militancy across the world flashpoints. The fluidity of Palestinians in specific and Islamic flashpoints in general today, is the result of the failure of policy and blunders of their leadership. The present leadership should stop this game of deprivation and realize that ground realities are different. The defeat of Granada was the beginning of one of the greatest Muslim tragedies. In 1469, Christian Spain had united with the marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. Their re-conquest of Spain was swift, they entered the magnificent palace of Alhambra in full glory and crosses were placed on the highest minarets. Abu Abdullah, the last king of Granada, and his family were exiled to the hills. As he looked at the majestic palace of Alhambra, a name still linked to Spain’s Islamic Era for the last time, tears came into his eyes. At this, his aged mother Aisha said scornfully, “Abu Abdullah, cry like a woman for a Kingdom you could not defend as a man.”  



Iqbal Latif

The Issue 3 !!!

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Hamas 'Pyrrhic victors' will do well to read Pinkers "The Better Angels of Our Nature.''


The Egyptian-mediated deal Gaza's Hamas Jihadist rulers pulled off the most lopsided prisoner exchange in Israel's history. Hamas will exchange kidnapped Sgt. Gilad Schalit for some 1,027 Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons. In a strange, tortuous rather wicked but counter argument one can argue ‘if this exchange does not reflect how little Hamas accord importance to a Palestinian life?'


Hamas has the pleasure of a ‘Pyrrhic victory’- a victory with such a devastating cost to the victor that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately cause defeat. If free 1 Israeli = 1027 free Palestinians, an equation that Hamas established! (Top Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said they haggled name-by-name with Israeli officials.) Most regrettably in this 1X= 1027 quadratic equation, the missing X is now legitimized and shall determine future pounds of flesh to be exacted!

Joy of this victory is so short lived that one more such victory would utterly undo them completely!


Hamas ‘logic’ to accord highest human exchange price for a single Israeli kind of ‘justifies’ massive disproportionate and indiscriminate response that Israel evokes when Hamas provoke their primitive 15th century missiles on North of Israel. This is tantamount to total lack of human respect, where one nation’s accords so much respect to its own and other blackmails to get the maximum out of the illegal kidnapped plunder, it is so self defeating.



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The Issue 2 !!

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Palestine - The new fashion of suicide bombing and Islam!

Posted: May 25,

In 1967 Palestinians introduced ‘ art of hijacking’ as a tool of political statement. It has added discomfort and huge cost of hundred of billions in lost revenues and lost time for millions of air travelers since. If we can’t have it, we will deny it to the whole world is the tall slogan of these extremists. Since than, the phenomenon of human sacrifice and hijacked planes have been further cunningly entangled and what we saw on Sept. 2001 was mix of that extreme wickedness that got new thrust as evil was perpetrated at a higher scale by combining a hijacked plane with humans who were suicide bombers. Is it not high time that these guys should not be appeased any further in name of ‘desperate survival?’ Has the desperate and evil art of hijacking made their aspirations of independent Palestinian state come true? The fact is that now hijacking has been hijacked by bigger criminals and combined with the zeal of ‘holy suicide bombers’, has made our world far more instable!

Millions of young man are watching and learning this dreadful art of carnage and world, as a whole is a loser. These new techniques of suicide bombing will not see the end in Palestinian, like plane hijacks gained momentum this will spill out of the borders of the region, may be we will have to go through same kind of through checks as we to go through for planes even for small journeys in buses. The world is being made of smaller and closed place. Free movement is the strength of global interaction we are being robbed of that systematically.


Iqbal Latif

The issue!!

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The bigots at work

By Iqbal Latif

Published Friday, July 28, 2006



No sovereign nation can exist with unsafe boundaries and missiles in the hands of uncontrolled militia 20 miles south of Haifa

PARIS -- Hezbollah conscience and Hamas's political pragmatism should take lessons from 1948, 1967 and 1973. All wars have only helped in making Israel a bigger and stronger nation and left them to live in squalid conditions. Palestinians and Lebanese do not deserve it. And what does Iran have to do with it? Iran is only using the Palestinians and the Shiites in Southern Lebanon for harboring their own agenda in the Persian Gulf.





The issue

by Abarmard on

The issue here is not whether you are correct or not. The issue is to bring about all angles of a problem, especially when you write a lengthy piece that tries to cover your basis. I may agree or disagree with your idea once you have created a piece that is honest in its approach.

There are individuals who are born criminal! That's a statement that can go variety of ways. You may be a sick person or you may be put in a situation that requires actions that in normal situations you will not agree to take. There is a difference between both scenarios.

Nothing holds by itself of any value or meaning. They take form once they are personalized. An ideology alone is neither good nor bad but the situation to use that creates actions that we can discuss. In politics we are more in that path, where a situation is not stand alone. There are social factors, external forces, economic realities, and simply guns and wealth.

If your point is that religion is bad, I agree. If your point is that religion is used for wrong purposes, I agree. However, when you specifically name a group, religion, nation, culture etc. then you are required to investigate farther than just slogans, at least in a lengthy piece of story.

The reason I used the phrase "shallow" in your work was because there was no understanding or mentioning of the background that is now this. In other words, in desperate situation people tend to lean to desperate measures. Be it faith, extremism, or what not. What's the desperate situation here for the measure? I want to hear that also, and then I know that you covered all the basis.

Iqbal Latif

Faith is a conversation stopper.

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"We have a choice. We have two options as human beings. We have a choice between conversation and war. That's it. Conversation and violence. And faith is a conversation stopper." Sam Harris  Hamas has ‘Islamicised’ Palestinian freedom. George Habbash and Hanan Ashrawi are all marginalized. Faith of Hamas stipulates eradication of unfaithful. Faith is a conversation stopper; it kills peace and promotes violence. Though, I agree my article is indeed very shallow. Thanks for your significant, kind and relevant remark. 



Wrong in many ways

by Abarmard on

Oh boy. It's so many flaws in your arguments that it takes two more pages than your own piece to respond to each sentence. My God, I wish I had the patience and time to do so but we shall leave it for another time.

Just to point out my difficulty in following your story. Firstly it is one dimensional. In other words the point of origin is ignored. Maybe my example will make clear why I don’t like your reasoning.

Suppose you are a black person in the US during slavery era and are forbidden to get education. You come to the US and see blacks are illiterate. You conclude that Blacks are ignorant and publish your piece in your country's paper. I ask you why you say they are ignorant and you mention all the things that you witnessed about the blacks in the US without mentioning the other side: that they are slaves, they have no rights, they are treated worse than animals in a society etc. etc.

That's your piece Mr. Latif and that's my problem with your piece. That’s why I think it’s shallow.

Iqbal Latif

There was no need for this 4 years carnage amongst brothers!

by Iqbal Latif on

 I wrote on Oct 10, 2004, under Et Tu, Allah? Islam has become a hostage to insane lunatics, out for revenge on their losing battles through the blood of innocent people. In the name of "Allah" all kinds of inhuman atrocities are being carried out. How come "Muslim blood" is being targeted, becoming collateral damage in the jihad against infidels? The present set of attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan are aimed at maiming terrorists own ideological next of kin; Muslims, killed by their own Muslim brothers in name of Jihad! What kind of Jihad is this? The moderate Islamists lament with pain, " Et Tu Allah?."