Why Israel and Iran should love each other? Lessons from history!


Why Israel and Iran should love each other? Lessons from history!
by Iqbal Latif

Internet-meme campaign is redefining Iranian-Jewish dialogue. I was inspired to write by reading Mira's Sucharov column in Haaretz of today ' The Fifth Question' that highlights how Internet-meme campaign is bringing forth the unity of purpose in securing peace on 'people to people level.' Common citizens through internet are bypassing state policies of 'disgust and war mongering' and connecting directly to express love for each other.

Connectivity is bypassing confrontational, argumentative and possibly fatal policy of the intransigent leadership of Iran and in a way of Israel, who is ever-enthusiastically playing in hands of ideological bigots. Ronny Edry, an Israeli graphic designer has shaped a slogan badge that could be attached to a personal photo. It says very expressively that “Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We 'Love' you.”

'People to people' contact is restyling and rewriting the dirty precedent of Machiavellian Middle Eastern politics of the past. 'People to people' internet based connectivity is helping common man to cross prevalent opinionated bondages to 'love' who we’re told to hate. Ronny Edry’s Face book page “Israel-loves-Iran” campaign, launched last March, is now getting two million views per week. Ronny Edry got concerned with heightened 'war of words' as he witnessed Netanyahu and Barak long-windedness to escalate Israeli proclivity of a war with Iran. He posted a YouTube and explained, “For there to be a war between us, first we must be afraid of one another. We must hate. I’m not afraid of you. I don’t hate you. I don’t even know you.”

Iranian badges were fashioned in a rejoinder, and the movement has since developed into a unadulterated viral campaign. Such grass root level cyber contacts do not help change the 'landscape' of hardcore entrenched hatreds but help to bring people to people contact closer and break the ice that is very important. Peace is all about building the notion of love in hearts souls and minds of people. I think it is sad to see that we don't teach enough 'history of nations' to each other's children, we don't know much about each other, we should know each other well, we are bound with thousands of years of love and benevolence, this connection has a resonance of history and genes in it. The children of 'cradle of civilisations' should be taught their past very well. This will avoid them falling in the traps set by ideological demagogues.

Perhaps, it may be in all probability immature and adolescent thinking, ordinary Israelis cannot pledge to ordinary Iranians that their government won’t engage in a destructive war and launch a preventive strike to stop Iran from becoming a nuke state. This can turn out to be rather counterproductive as it can be easily described as a 'trick of never to be trusted Jews' by some conspiracy theorists, but there is no doubt that sincerity of purpose on both sides is obvious.

This is 'citizen diplomacy' at its best, without frontiers and without tone of diplomatic formality that slay the fortitude of any communiqué between nations. This is a small example of how people are reaching out to 'You Tube' and 'Face Book' and connecting beyond the established track of professional anchorman. This is breaking the existing norms of human dialogue and taking them to a new level, living room to living room connectivity will bring eventual peace on this earth, this is just a start. A loose structure of 'global consciousness' is emerging, this is how 9 billion of us will connect in not a to distant a future.

The message across to the governments is potent, the blinkered leaderships of the two sides should appreciate 'cross-border person-to-person interaction' beyond the venom of the loud-mouthed actors of the state. Look at the recent reprehensible Ahmadinejad statement 'Tumour' of Israel will soon be destroyed. How can one can argue as to the legitimacy and need of such a drivel; what was the point in this recent statement. Why should a nation on a brink of a possible preventive strike pour some more oil on the fire? Even increasingly tranquillized officials of EU believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad statement on Iran's stance toward Israel is “outrageous” and “hateful.” Ever undemonstrative and calm UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned Ahmadinejad's anti-Israeli statements.

Words to exterminate obliterate each other are not in short supply in this war between Iran and Israel obstructed with seriously 'suspect roots of history.' How does present day Iranians with Aryan/Zoroaster's roots become part of a dispute of a chronological discrimination that is 2500 old and has its roots in forced exodus of Moses to the promised land by Pharaohs? Historical distortions leading to hate need some reprieve and reinterpretations to save its mutilation from the hands of bigots and warmongers. An occurrence that includes Ramses and Banu Israel should not bring the 'Fars' in. This dispute is beyond intellectual capacity, the history suggests if not anything else that 'Jewish permanence' in the promised land was ensured by Cyrus the great. For some time, I have been thinking of stressing on highlighting some elapsed paragraphs of forgotten history to emphasize that how close Israelites and Iranians are, they should be bound with each other with love than hatred. I see no reason for any hate or nuke exchange, the 'cousins' descendents of 'Isaac and Ishmael' should decide to live in peace. I wish Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad may read this passage to enlarge their myopic vision of the times gone by.

In 586 BCE King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon conquered Judah. The Babylonian subjugation entailed not just the obliteration of Jerusalem and its Temple, but the destruction of the absolute infrastructure which had helped Judah for centuries. The most important victim was the State philosophy of "Zion theology," the thought that Yahweh, God of Israel, had chosen Jerusalem for his dwelling-place and that the Davidic dynasty would reign there forever. The deportation and exile of the Jews of the ancient Kingdom of Judah to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem and Solomon's temple followed.

It was not until 538 BCE, only after Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon and took over its empire, that Cyrus the great issued a proclamation granting subjugated nations their freedom. Jewish exiles in Babylon, including 50,000 Judeans, led by Zerubabel returned to Judah to rebuild the temple, a task which they are said to have completed c. 515. Judah remained a province of the Persian empire until 332 BCE. According to the biblical history, A second group of 5,000, led by Ezra and Nehemiah, returned to Judah in 456 BCE although non-Jews wrote to Cyrus to try to prevent their return. Yet it was almost certainly only in the middle of the next century, at the earliest, that Jerusalem again became the capital of Judah. The Persians may have tried out originally with ruling Judah as a Dividic client-kingdom under ancestors of Jehoiachin, but by the mid–5th century BCE Judah had become in practice a theocracy, ruled by hereditary High Priests and a Persian-appointed governor, frequently Jewish, charged with keeping order and seeing that tribute was paid.

Israelites should love Iranians, they have a long history of co-existence and help. I can relate here history of banu- Israel for last 1450 years and can vouch that Jews had their best deals from Omar bin Khattab, Salahuddin Ayubi, Selim 2, Salman the Magnificent. There is no reason for this hatred amongst people, Holocaust was not conducted by Middle Easterners and neither any of these nations were crusaders. The people of the two faith should go beyond the bigotry of their present religious and political leaderships and connect.

The only era of peace Israelites have seen has been either under the Persians or much later after 638 CE, when the Byzantine Empire lost the Levant to the Arab Islamic Empire. In 332 BCE the Persians were defeated by Alexander the Great. After his death in 322 BCE, his generals divided the territory between them and Judea became the border between the Seleucid Empire and Ptolemaic Egypt, but in 198 Judea was included into the Seleucid Kingdom. In 64 BCE the Roman general Pompey occupied Judea and Jerusalem and made the Jewish kingdom a client of Rome. In 131, Emperor Hadrian renamed Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina and constructed a Temple of Jupiter on the site of the former Jewish temple. Jews were banned from Jerusalem and Iudaea Province was renamed Palaestina, from which derived "Palestine" in English and "Filistin" in Arabic.

Continued persecution and the economic crisis that affected the Roman empire in the 3rd-century led to further Jewish migration from Palestine to the more tolerant Persian Sassanid Empire, where a prosperous Jewish community existed in the area of Babylon. Early in the 4th century, Roman Empire split and Constantinople became the capital of the East Roman Empire known as the Byzantine Empire. Under the Byzantines, Christianity, dominated by the (Greek) Orthodox Church, was adopted as the official religion. Jerusalem became a Christian city and Jews were still banned from living there.

After 638 CE, the Byzantine Empire lost the Levant to the Arab Islamic Empire. Omar allowed and encouraged Jews to settle in Jerusalem. It was first time, after almost 500 years of oppressive Christian rule, that Jews were allowed to cross the threshold and worship liberally in their holy city. Until the Crusades took Palestine in 1099, various Muslim dynasties controlled Palestine. It was first ruled by the Medinah-based Rashidun Caliphs, then by the Damascus-based Umayyad Caliphate and after by the Baghdad-based Abbasid Caliphs.

According to Gilbert, from 1099 to 1291 the Christian Crusaders "mercilessly persecuted and slaughtered the Jews of Palestine." Assistance came in 1187 when Ayyubid Sultan Saladin overwhelmed the Crusaders in the Battle of Hattin, taking Jerusalem and most of Palestine. In time, Saladin issued a decree appealing all Jews to return and settle in Jerusalem, and according to Judah al-Harizi, they did: "From the day the Arabs took Jerusalem, the Israelites inhabited it." al-Harizi compared Saladins decree allowing Jews to reinstate themselves in Jerusalem to the one issued by the Persian Cyrus the Great over 1,600 years earlier.

After Mamluks and Fatimids, Palestine was conquered by Turkish Sultan Selim II in 1516–17, and became part of the province of Syria for the next four centuries. In around 1563, Joseph Nasi secured permission from Sultan Selim II to acquire Tiberias and seven surrounding villages to create a Jewish city-state. In around 1560, Suleiman the Magnificent gave official recognition of the right of Jews to pray there.

Why should Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad speak something that even the greatest 'warriors of Islam' did not want. Why this hate, where does it originates from, the Artabised version of Shiite mentality should not warrant destruction of a 'nation' that has its own cultural inclinations and bearings for 5000 years old. To speak and predict the ultimate demise of the "Zionist state" is utter non sense and invitation to self annihilation. Most of these oft repeated statements are fundamentally a reiteration of statements made in the past by the leader of Iran's revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini. In its destructive capability with its undeclared Nuclear assets, Israel is million time more in position to exterminate than Iran ever shall be in near future, why to invite the wrath of a nuclear war in the region by these silly statements. Whose idea is this and what purpose do they serve?

Not short of words these statements from Vilayat-e-Fikah and their mouthpiece are adequately countered by Israeli officials with corresponding ferociousness, a June 7, 2008, remark by Israel's Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer: “If you so much as dream of attacking Israel, before you even finish dreaming there won't be an Iran anymore.”

Lets love, in its uncontaminated sincerity, Edry’s campaign forces turns the attitude towards love and hate on its head, he poses a question to the conscience of everyone how about changing the goal post instead of hating out enemies lets love them. The movement went further ahead and added new memes: “Ready for Peace,” says one. “Not Ready to Die in Your War,” says another. The confusing factor as to it who is the “you” in “your war”? Edry explained to Mira, when Israelis post their photos with the phrase “Not Ready to Die in Your War,” it’s a clear case of domestic dissent government directed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in case of Iranians posting it, it is directed at their government. People should take part in the movement because they sense destruction from the outfall of this looming war, and they should, because if that war happens, it is going to be very dreadful for the region.


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Immortal Guard

So you are saying basically that...

by Immortal Guard on

You will be selling us limousines instead of diamonds!

As to the root of my anti-semitism I don't think that anybody comes to this world with anti-semitic genes!

Iqbal Latif

The looted Peacock throne and exquisite Kohinoor!

by Iqbal Latif on

 Jews: @ ''Their money to a great part to the Indian treasures that Nader Shah gave them and they brought to New York. ''

Dear IG, don't worry too much about looted monies and the homecoming of the capital. Reclamation of  stolen treasures is far more important.


Nadir Shah gave away someone's wealth not his own, so let's keep the record straight, Power comes from the barrel of the gun. The pillage and rape is sometime replicated by other stronger nations too, this is human unfortunate innate trait. Looted money by the Islamic invaders of the sub-continent will be given back soon, on this point I agree to you, Nadir Shah gave his loots to others.  Power brings arrogance and intrinsic allotment of loots. Nadir Shah did that, if Jews do it what so bad about it?

 Don't you worry these stolen treasures by Nadir Shah from rape of Indian sub-continent will be soon returned. Muslim invaders raped every place without immunity I don't think Jews have been so insensitive.  India is seeking UNESCO support for an international campaign to recover its priceless antiquities that were once taken away from the country through foreign invasions, a senior official of the Archaeological Survey of India said. Sengupta, who attended the Cairo conference of chaeological heads of countries last month, said India had expressed its wish to get back the stolen treasures like the exquisite Kohinoor, taken away by the British and now in the Tower of London, besides Birmingham Buddha, Amravati railings, Saraswati idol (stolen from Bhoj temple) and many other lost valuables. He said the whereabouts of fabled Peacock throne, looted during raid by Nadir Shah and taken to Persia, were not immediately available. 

When Muhammad Bin Qasim occupied Sind, he sent treasures from the temple to Basra along with a letter saying that the value of the treasure was more than what has been invested in the conquest of Sind. After the Arabs came the Turks.  Mahmud Ghaznavi invaded India 17 times and took away the wealth as war booty to Ghazna. He was followed by Muhammad Ghauri whose slaves finally established their rule in India. Ibrahim Lodhi in the battle of Panipat in 1526, he generously distributed the late king’s treasure amongst the grieving family. He sent gifts to Kabul and was so pleased by the acquired victory and wealth that all the inhabitants of Kabul got one shah rukhi as a gift from him.  For the years to come, the Mughal rulers accumulated wealth in their treasury and ruled India without any danger or fears of any foreign invasion. 

After, the Mughal decline Nadir Shah Afshar invaded India in 1737 and looted the centuries old accumulated treasure of the Mughals. According to an estimate, he acquired the equivalent of over Rs30m from the royal treasury and about Rs15m in the form of jewelry. He took away the peacock throne, the value of which was Rs 30m. He extorted another Rs150m from the royal karkhanajat or factories. 


Immortal Guard

Well Rabbi you are superior to an Ayatollah!

by Immortal Guard on

Well Rabbi you are superior at this time and age to an Ayatollah. I am filled with awe and admiration for all your accomplishments particularly when it comes to the way you have conditioned the Jewish masses. But I see Ayatollahs as the modern representatives of the Magi!

But I think when it came to Persia you made a huge mistake. You basically let the genie out of the bottle.

  1. Historically Persia was a major force in the expansion of Islam. Those who are familiar with the secret history of Persia know the role Persians played in the Conquest of Spain by Muslim forces, The Crusades and Saladin and also the Fall of Constantiople and the demise of the Byzantine Empire at the hands of the Turks. If you need any references then I can provide you with them.
  2. Geographically the cultural, historical and linguistic borders of Persia go beyond the current borders of Iran. Iran can act as a major hub and assembly point in the Middle-East.



Iqbal Latif

“The Merchant of Venice” - Roots of your anti-Semitism.

by Iqbal Latif on

Dear IG, I was intrigued by your revulsion of Jews as a liberal, I thought to investigate, let me lend a hand to you, I have diagnosed your problem, origins of your  anti-Semitism lies in Shakespeare's“The Merchant of Venice'' add insatiability, gory vendetta, ferociousness, and abhorrence of a far flourishing race.


With a bloodthirsty Jew at its centre, “The Merchant of Venice” is Shakespeare’s most divisive play. Anyone who thinks this 400-year-old Shakespearean character is forgotten and superseded is mistaken. No one has hijacked this mass characterization of Jews through a personality to ignite hatred amongst people more than despotic totalitarians within the Islamic world.

Shylock is explicitly demonized through the rhetoric of the play. On the political scene within the Middle East, this demonization is followed with letter and spirit. Israelis are like 'Shylock' and stripped of their names. Israelis within the present global political drama like Shylock are only referred to as "the Jew" but often with derogatory adjectives, such as "dog Jew"; Shylock was reduced to something other than human - sometimes Shylock is not even described as "the Jew" but an animal, for example Gratiano curses Shylock with "O, be thou damned, inexecrable dog!" whose "currish spirit govern'd a wolf"; and finally, Shylock is equated with “the devil.” What a shame that radical politicians and extremists have instinctively taken this image of Shylock and applied it to a populace who has gifted mankind with more Nobel Laureates as a percentage of population than any other race.


Though many in the Islamic world may not even be familiar with the character, but the way the message of hatred of Jews has been sold to the Islamic street is that every injustice is referred to be originated or consummated by the Jews. Perhaps there is very little conclusive evidence of Shakespeare's anti-Semitism, apart from ‘The Merchant of Venice.' Anti-Semitic slurs do not emerge to be significant in Shakespeare's terminology or his philosophy, with the exception of The Merchant of Venice. In the play, Shylock is rarely referred to by name, but instead is referred to as "Jew."

George Soros has been called a lot of names. Socialist billionaire. Soft-money Marxist. Left wingloony. Even self-hating Jewish anti-Semite. The billionaire philanthropist, who depleted millions to oust President George W. Bush, has heard it all. Soros, now famed as Bush-basher was despicably characterised recently as a Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. If you wish to destroy someone, call him a Shylock kind of Jew, and that seals his fate. Some form of anti-Semitism has been engrained in parts of our minds, may be we all are taught the Shakespearean character too well so that subconsciously we think of Jews as the cause of all evil, despite the fact that this mass characterization is most unjust and misplaced. Soros has been called many a name but nothing hurts more than this accusation, the name connotes so mu


Shakespeare wrote “The Merchant of Venice” in 1596, based on the plot of a 16th-century Italian novel, “Il Pecorone” (“The Dunce”). It came on the heels of Christopher Marlowe’s, “The Jew of Malta,” which was written and first performed in England sometime around 1590. Marlowe’s main character, Barabas, a Jewish merchant, is unrequited evil, and the play was wildly popular.


The “Jew of Malta” attempted to create a memorable character, however, it influenced the prevailing anti-Jewish feelings in Shakespeare at the time. Marlowe, Shakespeare's contemporary, authored The Jew of Malta, a bloody farce in which the villain is a Jew who, ridiculously bloodthirsty and fanatical, is dedicated to killing Christians and wreaking havoc. In the story of “Merchant,” Bassanio, a young Venetian gentleman, needs money to win his beloved Portia’s hand. His good friend Antonio, a Venetian merchant, goes to the Jewish moneylender Shylock for a loan. Antonio, who publicly denounced Shylock and other Jews in the past for loaning money at exorbitant rates. But Shylock offers Antonio this loan at no interest. Instead, if Antonio does not repay him in time, he will cut off a pound of his flesh. Meanwhile, Shylock’s daughter, Jessica, elopes with Bassanio’s friend Lorenzo taking a significant chunk of her father’s wealth with her. Enraged by her betrayal, Shylock focuses all his energy on revenge. When Antonio defaults on the loan, Shylock demands his pound of flesh. Although the play and Shylock’s character are full of contradictions and ambiguities, Shakespeare clearly presents Shylock as a “bad Jew,” not as a “representative Jew,” in the same way he presents Richard III as a bad king, and not a representative one.


Palestinian cause has become the biggest hijacked issue by the authoritarians of the Arab world who refuse to grant basic rights of electing their leadership in free elections. The results of these flowerings in the Middle East have resulted and shall result in a new characterization that Shylock was a “bad Jew,” and not a “representative Jew.” The real concerns for everyone are freedom and access to ballot box for every inhabitant from Morocco to Brunei. The Jewish democracy can serve as a beacon of hope for all the Muslims how to coexist with each other. Amen













Iqbal Latif

Jew-bashing is not a modern phenomenon!

by Iqbal Latif on

This mass characterization of any Israeli and respectful member of Jewry is the worst of injustices and the extreme form of prejuidice. No one dare speak, should anyone take the courage to highlight injustice, he becomes a target of universal ridicule, derision and accumulated ostracization. But some good man should stand up to be counted and say, “Enough is enough! Let’s find the enemy within!”


Dear IG, This hatred I don't understand.. I have been writing on these lines for 30 years, in my whole career not a single Jew has ever spoken a word in favour of me. They just watch me, I dont even know if they do. They don't talk, they just don't believe that someone can talk for them like this. I don't support the Jewish people because they are my friends I don't even know them I support what I think is justice and I condemn the perversionm travesty and wilful misrepresentation of facts. This revulsion of Jews can only stems from intense nuisance of 'Shoorish Islami' not an 'Inqilaab.' The notion of Inqilaab has been bastardised by Mullahs big time. Revolution breeds 'gens' who change the vision of people and nations.

Jew-bashing is not a modern phenomenon, it has been built within the psyche of western intellectual philosophy and, undoubtedly, Shakespeare inadvertently played quite a role in that. It can be argued whether Shakespeare even knew a Jew, or hated one, or if he ever even met one. Jews had been expelled from England in 1290, more than 250 years before Shakespeare’s birth. Only a few remained in London in his time, practicing their religion in secrecy.

Islamic societies today are gripped with frenzy; the root of all evils is considered to be Jews and, very conveniently, despots of these societies have an 'enemy to sell.' The freedom of people has become subservient to calls of Jew hatred. Characterization of Shylock is unswervingly prejudiced by the historical feelings towards Jews in the west, "the images of Jews as blood-thirsty murderers of Jesus who grab innocent Christian children for slaughter in bizarre Passover rituals” seems to provide a potent back-drop for the demonic appellations that are heaped upon Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.

Radical Islamists have seemingly taken the revulsion for Jews more than anyone else; the Jew of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is a depiction that is traded, it is most marketable. Creating an enemy that, through some ideological misinterpretation of events, has a reason for hatred too helps perpetuate tyrannical regimes. The accusations of betrayal of Jews in the early times of the prophet help flourish this frenzy. It is most helpful for perpetuation of an autocratic society and the most convenient way to curtail the freedom of hundreds of millions by shifting the responsibility of denial of their self-determination on the doorsteps of schematic Jews who betrayed the prophet and nullified the treaty with him and now persist to plan the enslavement of the entire ummah. This is a perfect backdrop and story to sell and it sells very well. Perhaps, the betrayal is a matter of conjecture. But to emphasize too much on betrayal and omit the main structure of the treaty is most inequitable.

The Prophet held a treaty with Jews when he came to Madinah. The treaty, created in 622 CE, mentioned that, “…the Jews shall contribute (to the cost of war) with the Believers so long as they are at war with a common enemy. The Jews of Banu Najjar, Banu al-Harith, Banu Sa'idah, Banu Jusham, Banu al-Aws, Banu Tha'labah, Jafnah, and Banu al-Shutaybah enjoy the same rights and privileges as the Jews of Banu Aws.” The treaty clearly outlays that co-existence with Jews is possible and future can be referred to the day of judgement peacefully. “The Jews shall maintain their own religion and the Muslims theirs. Loyalty is a protection against treachery. The close friends of Jews are as themselves. None of them shall go out on a military expedition except with the permission of Prophet Muhammad, but he shall not be prevented from taking revenge for a wound.”

The word "Jews" appears in 19 verses in Pickthall’s translation of the Qur’an. The Qur’an makes clear that those Jews who follow the covenant shall fear no grief on the Day of Judgement, and that the Covenant is genuine. [al-Baqarah 2:113.3] “And the Jews say the Christians follow nothing (true), and the Christians say the Jews follow nothing (true); yet both are readers of the Scripture. Even thus speak those who know not. Allah will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differ.” [2:256] “There is no compulsion in religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way. Whoever therefore rejects the forces of evil and believes in God, he has taken hold of a support most unfailing, which shall never give way, for God is All Hearing and Knowing.”

Rarely are these quotations invoked in Islamic world to conciliate the ongoing tensions. Why can’t these golden principles enshrined in the scriptures govern future relationships between Jews and Muslims? Why only the violations of treaties for which Jews were adequately punished by the Prophet be visited? Why should Jews continue to carry the cross forever? A crime cannot be perpetually punished even if it is unilaterally decided that a betrayal was committed. 


P.S. I hope I am called a Rabbi! I take pride in that but great dishonor if known as Ayatollah. 

Immortal Guard

Be the winner but ...

by Immortal Guard on

Be the winner but when it comes to Persians you cannot claim the moral high ground.

You can continue to regard -people as cattle and some amongst them as intelligent animals but you cannot claim the moral high ground if that has any real meaning at all to you. Some regard morality as a notion pleasing to the average man like it is portrayed in the movies and some stories but void of any real-world significance.

I, as a Persian, advocate a homeland for all the Jews. Hopefully they will emigrate from all over the world to that homeland and live in peace and finally their paranoid insecurities after a few generations of living in peace will go away. That way they won't see the need to meddle in the affairs of the Goyim and lead a parasitic subsistence on them either through clever manipulation or outright hostage-taking or mutually assured destruction such as for example their hospitals and threatening Hollywood movies etc.

I hope that they will then stop manipulating financial markets through banking and stock markets and wreaking havoc on innocent people's lives. I hope they will stop practicing psychological and economic warfare.

And as a Persian I wish the Jews would have been man enough in order to do war on real enemies such as Egypt instead of betraying Persians.

In a way I think the Jews should love Persians. One could say that they owe:

  1. Their existence to Cyrus the Great then if it wasn't for him they might have perished.
  2. Their money to a great part to the Indian treasures that Nader Shah gave them and they brought to New York.
  3. Their peace with their Arab neighbour Egypt because of Mohammad Reza Shah. 

But on a more cheerful note just enjoy some music Rabbi:





Iqbal Latif

Fascism has one quality: it breeds hatred for a fellow human.

by Iqbal Latif on

@Israel's image of invincibility was quite dented in the 2006 conflict with Lebanon:


Is this the way image of invincibility was dented?  Trans-national violent players within the autonomous nation of Islam have robbed sovereignty of nations. The problem is that the 'definition of victory' in the bird-brained megalomaniacs is not to win a war, but how much beating one can take. The yardstick of 'Hezbollah' success is measured by the number of days they can absorb Israeli firepower after crying for 'ceasefire'. How senseless a strategy of war or winning can it be if it is purely based on the number of days one can take a beating? The more days they survive in the bunker, the merrier they are?

Nasarullah and now Meshaal claims victory based on the conjecture that where the great Arab armies could not stand more than five days against Israeli forces, he and Gazans has withstood 26 days of shelling. The brunt of the actions of these trans-national free radicals is borne by the nation they are entrenched in. Afghanistan suffered heavily from the presence of Alqaeda and Taliban; these shackles of ideological tyranny have hijacked any chances of a nation's civil society to opt for anything else. In 2006, Lebanon was an unwilling bed partner being forcibly robbed of its sanctity by another player of vicious composition – the Hezbollah. Gaza's emboldened by Hezbollah's 2006 act repeated the feat in 2009 of self obliteration with even greater self meticulousness. Why? And for What nobody seems to have a answer to this.

Every time anyone within the Islamic world has pursued this 'insane' agenda of annihilating Israel they have suffered terrible defeat. Sharon quoted a Mohammedan Hadith (which the Sunnis also preach) that is prevalent clerical sermons: The last hour will not come unless the Muslims fight against the Jews, and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and the stone or the tree would say: "Muslim! Servant of Allah! Here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him!"

It is questionable authority from these erratic adages that vendettas we see around us are legitimize in the mind of the faithful. Fascism has one quality: it breeds hatred for a fellow human being based on a creed and ideology; if Zionism takes pride in exclusion, so does Islamic extremism. 'Political Islam' that preach HATE for a nation or a religion is akin to fascism, there are no two ways about it.

Decent living encourages responsible attitudes; at times there is some virtue in cowardice instead of vainglory if it protects and encourages life and learning. War encourages decimation and annihilation; war needs to be planned far from civilian habitats; missiles cannot be fired from villages and compounds where civilians and children are placed, this is a respected doctrine of the most brutal and vindictive warriors. Children and women cannot become shields for cowards who protect their missile launchers amongst innocents. The responsibility of bloodshed and civilian collateral damage lies on those who, instead of leading the war from the front end, are hiding in caves and basements.

What I always grieve is the deaths in West bank and Gaza strip, but I cannot help but cry about the scores of senseless deaths of Israeli children and women by the suicide bombers from Al Aqsa and Hamas-based brigades. To lament for one civilian blood and then turn a blind eye to the other is ruthless and bigotry of intense order. On the political scene within the Middle East, Israelis are like Shylock and stripped of their names. Radical Islamists have seemingly taken the revulsion for Jews more than anyone else. Creating an enemy that, through some ideological misinterpretation of events, has a reason for hatred too helps perpetuate tyrannical regimes. The accusations of betrayal of Jews in the early times of the Prophet help flourish this frenzy. It is most helpful for perpetuation of an autocratic society and the most convenient way to curtail the freedom of hundreds of millions by shifting the responsibility of denial of their self-determination on the doorsteps of schematic Jews. Jews are as human as Muslims and Quran reputedly asserts that blood of one innocent is killing of entire humanity.

Hezbollah or Hams had no reasons to instigate these wars. Lebanon as a sovereign nation has very little territorial dispute with Israel. Nasarullah as a Lebanese has to protect the interest of his nation, however, when regional interests and ideological supremacy become the rule of the game then the masters dictate the policy. To awaken a sleeping lion and get his own people decimated is logic only a Jihadist can explain. In this day of knowledge and reason, to see this kind of fatalism is nothing but indicative of self-cursed scorch earth policy that breeds in the body polity of Hezbollah; a cancer that needs to be uprooted for the good of Lebanon. 

Iqbal Latif

In game of death everyone is a loser, humanity the most.

by Iqbal Latif on

@Now this will be a long-term, slowly grinding process. If Israel lashes out at the end against Iran with nuclear weapons then I would say that all the Israelis in that region will die but half of Iran's population will still survive!


In game of death everyone is a loser, humanity the most. No  one has ever won a war, eventually peace have to be made between the conqueror and the vanquished. Lessons of history on war are quite clear. Human life is pinnacle of evolution and a story that extends over 14.7 billon years of star dust becoming sentient and aware. Every one of us is so unique, we as humans should look at the earth like an astronaut looks at our big blue pearl. No boundaries and no dogma. It is n t a number game, if one life that is lost for a cause that is not associated with helping other humans is life wrongly wasted. Why should anyone die, why humans cannot settle this without this frightful lingo. 


Immortal Guard

Rabbi Iqbal Latif! YOU ARE A HAMMER!

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I like your chutzpah!

Basically you admit the hypocrisy of the "We love you Iranians slogan." Israel will go to any length in order to defend itself and to protect its interests. Those who understand history know your capacity to do harm and damage whether it be the mass purges of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia or the Nazis wearing black leathers and dark glasses.

Well no need for you to outline the Israeli attitude or strategy. There is an article by David Hirst called the War Game:


Israel's image of invincibility was quite dented in the 2006 conflict with Lebanon:


Now this will be a long-term, slowly grinding process. If Israel lashes out at the end against Iran with nuclear weapons then I would say that all the Israelis in that region will die but half of Iran's population will still survive!


Iqbal Latif

Ayatollah Khamenei 'Allah' v/s Rabbi Ovadia Yosef 'יהוה -YHWH'

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@ Conceal and confront is the age-old Jewish modus operandi!


It is now Ayatollah Khamenei 'Allah' v/s Rabbi Ovadia Yosef 'יהוה -YHWH'

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef : Jews should pray for destruction of the enemies of Israel, with an emphasis on Iran and Hezbollah.

Khamenei: ‘Tumour' of Israel Biggest Problem for Islamic World.


Dear IG, Reality and Truth hurts, let me pop in the dagger of reality!

The wealth and strength of nations today is not in numbers or gold reserves or dollar reserves, rather, these are weaknesses of a nation; a nation with low literacy and low R and D with a lot of petro-dollars is destined to fail. It is knowledge and cutting edge technology that has defined the great powers of this century and millennium. Based on these two standards, let's accept that Israel is well ahead of the Islamic world and Iran in particular after the revolution that stymied any evolution in that culturally rich and great nation. What a waste of great aptitude and talent! The mullahcracy in Iran destroyed the rich heritage of 5000 years in 28 years. Isn't it a shame?

In capability of destruction and accuracy, Israel can target every Arab and Muslim city without any need to worry about 'Mutual Assured Destruction.' Is 'Mullahiac strategy' all about self annihilation? It is not about 'Mutually Assured Destruction' it is going to be 'Assured destruction' of one party who does not have an arsenal of 250 nukes. It is idiotic, dim, foolish strategy of Iranian Mullahs to build a nuke and informing the one who has 250 that we are going to Nuke you first. Naturally this pre-warning is enough to make a strong case of pre-emptive strike.

If Khamenei thinks that Allah is with him, Shas spiritual leader also thinks that he called on his followers to ask God to wipe out "evil ones who threaten Israel," in their Rosh Hashana prayers. Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef called on his followers last night to include prayers to God on Rosh Hashana to destroy Iran and their Hezbollah proxy in Lebanon. According to the report, Rabbi Yosef received an update from National Security Council head Yaakov Amidror detailing the importance of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, and calling on him to pray for the destruction of Iran.

Why play a 'game of chicken' with a nation that has the most modern weapons of death at its disposal and is now ready to live within its border and has shown great interest by signing peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt. Why can't the road to peace be further explored? Why can't Haifa and Beirut and Tehran become sister cities to prosper for the benefit of Middle East? Why cant Iranians go to Haifa or Israel to study the latest technologies. The gross hypocrisy resident within mainstream mores of Islamic polity has led the nation of Islam into a collective rage of vanity and powerlessness. The enemy within is rarely found to be the culprit.

This cutting edge technology is what we see as a big advantage that Israel has, in its disproportionate response to aggression towards its territories or people that what matters. Do not expect a measured response. If Israeli interests are targeted in retaliation of pre-emptive strike on The Natanz Nuclear Facility, and those interests mean security of the population of Israel, they will react to safeguard their -people and territories; they are insightfully sensitive about it; they can be called callous but their state policy is to safeguard the territorial integrity of the land that they think is their right from the times when Moses led them from the bondages of Pharaohs.

The approach is clear: either this message of Peaceful co-existence is taken in or spewed out by the Middle East at its own peril. Look at the madness of Fatah and Hamas and the way they have chewed each other to bickering collection of villages in West Bank and Gaza strip. Sadly, 'the heartbreak of Islam' is genuine. Islam is at odds with itself. It is no longer supremacy of one nation over the other, or control of one ideology over the other, today, it is about which nation is more advanced and connected to the aspiration of its populace. Freedom of minds dictates the strength of nations. Nations who deny pluralism and equal opportunity to their people based on colour, creed and belief will not survive this age of knowledge. Only Muslims today can help their faith grow towards modernity. Only Muslims can construe all the brutal statements against Jews and Christians as parts of a precedent past. Only Muslims can define jihad not as a conflict against non-Muslims, but rather, as a delicate and inner struggle against wicked and self; only they can eliminate the credence that women are inferior to men and that non-Muslims are second-rate to Muslims. Only they can accept secularism, liberty and egalitarianism as part of their culture.


Immortal Guard

What the people feel does not count!

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What is important is what the leaders do!

After all all the economic and psychological warfare that the Zionist Jews have lead against the Iranian people they still have the audacity to say to the Iranian people that they love them.

After all the brutal economic sanctions instigated at the behest of Jewish bankers in the United States, after all the demonization of Iranians in Hollywood movies owned by the Jews, after all the computer virus attacks on the facilities these guys still have the audacity to profess their love for Iranians.

I guess this is one of the tactics not mentioned in this book


Conceal and confront is the age-old jewish modus operandi!


Mr. Latif

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I have found your blog very informative and to the point. If people in the region , Iranians and Israelis in this case, take a closer look at their history they would realize how absurd this talk of war is. The enemity between Iran and Israel is fabricated by extremists from both sides, not ordinary people. unlike I.G here on this site - whos hatred of Jews appaer to be personal more than anything else - most Iranians know the importance of state of Israel's existence. So they would not want to see its demise.

The grass root movement of Israelis Love Iranians and vice versa has historical roots that can not be broken by hateful rhetoric from leadeships of these two countries.

Anonymous Observer

Here he comes... :-)

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C'mon IG - here's a quarter.  Post a Jew hate comment. :-)

Immortal Guard

Learn the Persian-Jewish history!

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Whenever Persians were strong in history they helped the Jews. Once Jews became strong in history they harmed the Persians. They betrayed the last Shah of Iran in order to make peace with Egypt. Please do not fall for their propaganda. As the saying goes: "A Jew cries in pain while he stabs you in the back!".

Hey blogger you forgot to mention the treasures Nader Shah gave the Jews which they brought to New York and got them started in banking!

First Amendment


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I find your blog multifaceted, and picked its last paragraph..........An attack on Iran will engulf the region very fast, before it inflames the South Asian region........and from there we'd be on the  threshold of the WWIII..........

Opinions differ on who caused, instigated, or started the first and the second world wars.............but there's solid evidence to point fingers at the filthy Zionists for the "third one".........May God Almighty save all Jews, Muslims, Christians, and anyone in between or outside...........Don't believe in God's existence?.......Create One for yourself.......you'd need Him badly when the lights go off...................

Thanks again, for yet another elucidative blog.