How Useful Are Iranian Know-It-Alls And Their Advice? Part 7


How Useful Are Iranian Know-It-Alls And Their Advice? Part 7
by JahanKhalili

I'm never surprised when I find out I've been lied to about something, by Iranians.

Since Iranians worship prestige, they'll do anything to get it or keep it - including lying.

(They'll also do anything to lower someone else' prestige who they are competing with - including lying). 

I should have guessed it was a lie from how much they talk about it.

Yes, Iranians spend a lot of time talking about Cyrus the Great and his bullshit cylinder.

According to the fantasy they've created, Cyrus and his army of little Iranian angels and fairies must have gone around granting people their human rights, and spreading peace and happiness.

People were so happy that maybe even the spin of the earth's rotation might have been impacted by all the smiling, affecting the trajectory of the sun, the spin of the galaxy.... impacting the fabric of space and time, and the whole universe!

Alas, this fantasy seems to be false.


According to archeologists, the cylinder really didn't have all that much to do with anyone's human rights. 

Above is a false translation that Iranians in America - bless their truth loving souls - have put up on display for the Americans.


The actual translation can be seen here, from the website of the British Museum:


I'm no expert on this, but there appears to be nothing about human rights in the text, or a declaration, or a guarantee of anything.

The king enters into an area without a fight. People bow down and kissed his feet. In other words, troops march into an area peacefully, and are welcomed. Gods are returned to their sanctuaries. People are happy. The wall of Babylon gets strengthened...

I can't find anything like what the wise old Iranian know-it-alls were bullshiting me with.

But Iranians aren't interested in the truth about anything. Everything to them is a device, to be used for either self-aggrandizement, or for beating someone else down.

The pleasures of discovery or knowledge for its own sake are a waste of time to them.

Had they studied their own cylinder, they would actually have read the translation of what's in it.

I don't know a single Iranian who can tell me a single actual sentence from the cylinder.

I had to dig that up, and read the writings of those crazy time-wasting foreigners who translated it.

Iranians, of course, didn't discover the cylinder. It was discovered by evil foreigners, in Iraq. They didn't translate it, either. In fact, they still don't know what's in it.

All they know is that they've found a new device - a new sort of toy - which they can use to decorate themselves and show off with.

Iranians have succeeded in turning an important archeological discovery (which they had nothing to do with) into another gimmick for their latest round of showmanship.

They've succeeded in bullshitting enough people that the myth is now widely believed.

It seems that Shirin Ebadi referred to this myth in her acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.

George Bush repeated that rubbish here in a speech (which Iranians just sucked up, being desparate and needy for anything to make them look good):

So what's REALLY in the cylinder?

Don't ask Iranian know-it-alls. 

In fact, if you want the truth about anything, don't ask them. 



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So what's your excuse?

by JahanKhalili on

.... for not knowing what's in your own cylinder?

... must be my fault that you didn't even have a look. 


More lies

by JahanKhalili on

Of course you will stay consistent with what your culture has taught you, and lie to yourselves and others.

The alternative is for you to face up to this stuff, and you just can't do it.

You need that crutch - your identity, your reputation and the good opinion of other Iranians - to survive.

This shows that you understand nothing about America, or what it was really founded on. 


Come Now

by JahanKhalili on

Quit pretending.

You know you like reading my stuff.

You yourselves - deep down inside - are sick of your holy cows and secretly like to see them being slaughtered. 


Iranians Lied

by JahanKhalili on

... and you guys are OK with that.

I'm the one who has problems because I pointed it out.

Makes sense. 


so Baldrick

by amirkabear4u on

what is your CUNNING PLAN to solve these Iranians and their problems?

PS: so far this is your best blog to express yourself. Do you know what is the best or worst side effect of democracy?? People show the good or evil of themselves.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have a pretty good guess at what is bothering JK. The problem is if I say it I may get banned. 

Suffice to say "abandonment" may have something to do with it.


Ay baabaa

by Cost-of-Progress on

was daddy that bad to you?

Did he totaly rob you of your self esteem? Otherwise I cannot imagine how anyone can be so hatefull toward his own allbeit half heritage? He was wrong. I don't know you, but there's something good in everyone. You should direct this negative energy toward something positive.

Seriously, have you had a talk with dad? Does he know of your hatered? Therapy and treatment should be number one on your list of thing to do.

Mohammad Ala

Your hate towards Iranians...

by Mohammad Ala on

Your hate towards Iranians is clearly demonstrated in this blog.  Your blogs keep getting worse and your point(s) are lost.  You are contradicting yourself and using abusive words such as … bullshit cylinder… which is highly guarded at British museum.  Brits must know something that you don’t know.

I am not an expert in Cylinder and what is written on it, but I have seen a wall in Takhet-e-Jamishid where words translated talk about Human Rights. 

JK, this blog shows that you have problems with all Iranians which go against what you mentioned in your previous threads.... your mixed hate/criticisms are not constructive.